How did Ben Caballero – America’s #1 agent – smash his own $1B record? Hint: Builder Platform

When Ben Caballero became the first individual real estate agent to break the $1 billion production number in 2015, very few folks really understood how Ben did that. This year Ben will obliterate his own record with a stunning 35% increase in business. Ben CaballeroThat’s a number north of $1.375 billion and a total of more than 3,400 home sales, up from 2,491 in 2015.

Ben has won the Inman Innovator Award, was honored on stage by Gary Keller at Keller Williams MegaCamp (even though Ben is CEO of HomesUSA.com, a non-KW firm), and has been atop the RealTrends Thousand as published in the Wall Street Journal for several years straight – for both total sales and total production.

Ben has produced more home sales than any real estate TEAM in America. Heck, his numbers make him the #1 real estate agent in the World.

How does he do it?

Many real estate agents cry fowl when they see Ben’s name at the top of production lists because what Ben does is VERY different than what any other top producer does. Like others, Ben has a system. Unlike others, Ben targets only new home builders — 100% of his business — but also built his Cloud-based platform that powers his business . He also is the only name on every listing he posts on the MLS for his more than 50 Continue reading