Tech Helpline Offers A Great Suggestion for Agents: Make Internet Explorer your old browser

Tricia Stamper is the Director of Technology Products at Florida Realtors and helps run both Form Simplicity, their popular paperless transaction management software, and Tech Helpline, the #1 help desk for real estate agents and brokers. Tech Helpline is really the Tricia Stamper Florida Realtors“Genius Bar” for real estate if you look at a) how popular it is (600k+ Realtors reached in North America) and b) ask anyone who has had to use the service in a crisis to save a deal what great service they provide.

Tricia posted a Blog the other day that is the dream of software developers — not just in real estate — but everywhere. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and all the various outdated versions often provide insurmountable challenges for developers to create online software that doesn’t provide the best user experience because of IE.

I share with you her wisdom here:

“The real estate industry today is Internet dependent. Agent and company websites, company intranets, MLS access, and back office systems all require agents and brokers to go online to manage these resources. So must the American homebuyer too, as more than 90% of all real estate home searches begin online.

IEPerhaps the most important software tool that enables the Internet is the one that’s also taken for granted: your Internet browser. For years, real estate agents’ favorite browser has been Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Unless you were a Continue reading