cmlsThe Council of MLS held their annual conference in California last week. It was most well attended show in its history. They did a great job of blending outside perspectives from leading technology firms with mls-to-mls sharing. Kudos to the CMLS board of directors and the California Regional MLS led by Art Carter and their staff who were the hosts. It may be the most well run conference in real estate. Even the vendors were happy, especially those on the innovation track. My understanding is that the legal meetings went really well. SourceMLS is off to a great start. And, the message this year from The Realty Alliance was that MLSs are doing a much better job at engaging brokers but there are miles to go. Still no public statements on project Upstream.

The conference buzz was focused around RESO – the Real Estate Standard Organization. MLSs like MRIS and MLSListings are way out in front of the industry with the adoption of RESO standards and the Certification of RESO standards. They have set the mark with both and other MLSs are fast on their heals to get in line. It is insane that all real estate information in America is not on a standard in 2014.

MLS technology giant CoreLogic is rolling through successful conversions to their Matrix system to the delight of agents, brokers, and MLS executives alike. Conversions are never without pain, but it is manageable. BlackKnight financial is on a roll with their Paragon 5 MLS system and Continue reading