Waves of Change Are Coming…Are you Ready?

Waves of ChangeWe all know that the floor is shifting in the real estate industry. There’s a general discomfort among brokers and Associations that the world as we know it could go away soon.

So what can you do to prepare?   Are you staying close to the new players entering the real estate space? Are you listening closely to what today’s real estate customers are demanding and many times NOT getting from their agent?  Are you proactively talking about the ways that the industry is changing and how it is affecting your local real estate marketplace?

Here’s what can happen when an Association or MLS is out of touch and not paying attention to the shifting sands. They can delay or even completely avoid decisions because they seem difficult or controversial causing the organization to fall behind or lose its competitive advantage.

Boards that do not stay close to trends can enforce outdated rules and regulations that hinder member success. They can make decisions in isolation of the needs of homebuyers and sellers weakening the relationship of their members with the buying public.

Worst of all, a Board of Directors that does not stay in touch may not even know it is out of touch if it does not reach out beyond its local community to see where the real estate industry is going.

When conducting strategic plans we hear from brokers and board members that their organization is out of touch with today’s reality.

So how do you get your board in touch? You Continue reading