ShowingTimes’ MarketView Broker to Compete with BrokerMetrics™, TrendGraphix®, and Collateral Analytics®

A number of years ago, ShowingTime purchased a number of companies that focus on market stats. Those products were listing centric, providing brokers with the capability to look at the market activity around a single property, neighborhood, city/town, zip code, etc. The charts are beautiful, and easily embedded into a broker’s website.

Track Competition and MarketShare

With this new product, they are developing market charts that change the focus from listings to the brokers and agents that sell them. You can look at the trend of an agent or broker’s production either on the buy side or the sell side, and dice that market penetration however you like  – you can look at company market share by county, zip code, neighborhood, agent.

Recruit and Retain Agents

MarketView Broker is also purpose built for recruiting and retention. It will allow firms to do the functions that are commonly performed in BrokerMetrics, Trendgraphix, and Collateral Analytics. These applications all query the same data from the MLS. So the differences between them come down to ease of use, design, and price. In all cases, they are looking at the MLS facts about transactions by broker and agent ID.

WAV Group believes that it is an important best practice to constantly look at your performance relative to other firms, and explore data to find attractive recruiting opportunities. Now there is a new option that claims to have an advantage in mobile.

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