Keller Williams Betting $1 Billion on Voice

Keller Williams had another great family reunion, their annual convention in Anaheim drew more than 17,000. Perhaps the most remarkable information conveyed is that they have hit a lot of their ambitious targets for growth, and are now re-targeting to leverage data and technology as their next conquest. According to Teresa Metcalf, their big bet is on the underlying framework and Platform – and the AI component is on top of that.

Today, the franchise has 948 market centers. You could sense that they really wanted to hit the 1000 number by family reunion, but smart growth is more important than hitting a number (they are adding about 2 per month). They reported that 98% of their market centers are profitable. KW now operates in 29 countries. Their sales volume eclipsed $300 Billion in America, with over 1 million units (the total market is about 6 million homes, 12 million sides).  For the longest time, they measured growth on the number of agents. Now they seem to measure growth more on traditional values of profit and production. They have huddled masses of agents and provided rigorous training on how to sell more real estate. It has worked.

At the heart of Keller Williams technology investments is business automation for agents. They are leveraging business intelligence tools to provide support and assistance to agents around activities the boost productivity. Agents do not need to look up homes, they will be able to ask the assistant to Continue reading