Understanding Push Reporting

Many technology companies fail to understand the value of push reporting. WAV Group works with many technology firms to appreciate push vs. pull, but so many fail to grasp the importance. Every broker should pay attention to this example to evaluate how the software licensed in his or her company should leverage push reporting to improve the value. For example, I would love to see data and analytic companies like Terradatum, TrendGraphix, and ShowingTime incorporate this type of push reporting to show market trends, office productivity, and productivity by agent (solds, pending, active). In another example, I would love to see CRM solutions remind and encourage agents to contact their clients, add additional customer records, and promote other sales activities that would coach the activities that lead to agent success. There are many more examples, but lets dissect this email from Zillow.

Zillow Push Report Case Example

victor2Here is an excellent example of push reporting. At some cadence, in this case its weekly, Zillow Group pushes an email to the Realtor® to demonstrate the effectiveness of online property display on their websites. With 4 million or so active listings on the website, you can imagine the volume of emails being pushed out each week.

Here you will notice that Zillow Group is leveraging this email for training too. They are encouraging the Realtor to upload a free video tour of the property. Zillow is well aware that video information inside of property listings provides many benefits. The consumer gets an engaging multimedia experience, which Continue reading