RESO: Your job depends on it!

RESO_Vertical_RGBAt the “CMLS Brings it to the Table” meeting at NAR Mid-Year, there was a great discussion led by some early adopters of the RESO Data Dictionary. They talked about the inherent benefits of creating a consistent data standard for all MLSs, Brokers and Technology Vendors. They talked about how data consistency creates an environment that will stimulate innovation and new thinking that will make it easier for REALTORS® to be successful. They talked about all how brokers will be able to operate more easily in multiple markets with a consistent data standard. Basically, our world with the RESO Data Dictionary in place is a LOT more efficient and a LOT more customer-centric than the world we operate in today: Local nuances make it virtually impossible for an upstart company to enter the industry and for brokers to easily roll out new products in multiple MLS regions seamlessly.

So doesn’t all of that sound like the type of industry that you want to operate in? An industry supporting and nurturing new ideas that will help brokers thrive, being able to differentiate their businesses in meaningful ways from one another and to serve the needs of their clients more effectively?

Sounds great to me, but then let’s look at the reality of where we are today.

When the audience of about 150 was polled asking them if they are in the midst of executing the RESO data dictionary, just about 30 of them raised their hand. After hearing compelling arguments in favor of RESO Continue reading