WAV Group Report – Emerging Data Solutions in Real Estate

WAV Group is excited to contribute this report on the Emerging Data Solutions in Real Estate. There is so much activity happening across the industry, that it is hard to keep all of it straight. This report is written as an overview for real estate executives. There is a little bit of technical reporting to help understand some of the fine differences in some emerging data solutions that seem to be quite similar.

This paper aims to deepen the understanding of how broker listing and agent data is entered, stored, and transported. We cover the history of evolution from early data transportation using File Transfer Protocol (FTP), to the development of the Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) and now the emergence of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Each of these steps has allowed the real estate industry to leap forward in supporting the needs of our professionals and the consumers they serve. APIs are changing everything today because they allow software systems to share information and talk to each other in meaningful ways.

There are three classes of technology offerings that are lined up to deliver services to brokers and MLSs. From the brokerage class, we have Upstream. From the MLS vendor class, we have Trestle, Spark, and The Grid. From the technology vendor class, we have Bridge and Listhub. In a way, each of these data solutions have some partial overlap, but deep down they are driven by very different approaches to delivering significant improvements Continue reading