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by THE WAV GROUP on December 15, 2007

Your company has likely thought about transaction management and considered whether your organization should be implementing this service. Transaction management continues to evolve and there are many technology options and partners available.   The vendor and product you choose is very important but how transaction management is rolled out and ultimately delivered is also key to adoption and success.  We have done extensive research on not just transaction management products but also on “best of breed” practices.  We can help you make the right vendor choice and have a successful implementation.
WAV Group will work with your MLS or real estate firm to navigate the transaction management landscape.  The following services are available:

TM Leadership Update

We can update your company prior to taking the major step to selecting or implementing a TM system.  We will bring you up to date on what is working and what isn’t.  Are there successful implementations?  What are the “best of breed” practices that seem to be working?  This is a great first step in understanding whether TM is right for your organization.  Call us for details.

Needs Assessment and Impact Study

It is important to understand exactly what you are trying to achieve before deciding to move forward.  We do a detailed analysis of your existing operations and how they are likely to be affected by the implementation of a TM system.  This allows your organization to understand and plan for any staffing changes, education needs, communication and rollout issues prior to selecting your vendor.

Agent research

For real estate companies we help you first identify what your agents are doing today and what services they are likely to be in favor of coming through your firm.  This not only insures higher adoption rate it also helps you target those specific Transaction Management services likely to be seen as most beneficial.

TM Vendor selection

Once we understand your specific business requirements we help you cut through the “technology clutter”.  We provide complete vendor selection assistance including RFP development and contract negotiations, as needed.

Implementation services

Choosing the right vendor is only the beginning. Understanding “best practices” and developing and executing a well coordinated implementation plan are keys to success.  We can help you avoid common pitfalls and execute a “best practices” approach that will speed adoption, provide realized benefits sooner and ultimately save your organization money!

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