MLS Consumer Website Research Released

by THE WAV GROUP on March 13, 2008

For many years there has been an on-going debate about whether MLS consumer websites were supportive of REALTORS® or competitive with them.

A comprehensive study of using Houston Association of REALTORS® consumer website was conducted to address this issue.

This report will demonstrate conclusive evidence that a MLS consumer website is one of the most valuable tools an MLS can offer its members.  The MLS has technical expertise and advantages to support their members to compete collectively effectively for traffic against even the most well funded listing portals on the Internet today.

This report is unique in that it provides a consumer counterpoint to industry perspectives about MLS consumer websites which can help the industry be more well-informed when making decisions about whether to launch or reactivate a MLS consumer website. Now with concrete study evidence available, this would be an excellent topic for discussion and of great interest to your subscribers.

Please download the study results and provide us with feedback.

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