October 2009

10K Partners with the Greater Capital Association, NY

by THE WAV GROUP on October 30, 2009

10K Partners with GCAR Minneapolis, MN (October 30, 2009). 10K Research and Marketing is pleased to announce a Market Reporting Partnership with the Greater Capital Association of REALTORS®, Inc. (GCAR). GCAR has elected to roll with our Monthly Indicators, Local Market Updates, Housing Supply Outlook, and Skinny Video, and this thrills us. Said James Ader, Chief Executive Officer of GCAR, “GCAR decided to partner with 10K Research and Marketing because our Board of Directors feels the products they provide will further advance our membership as the primary source for real estate information in the Capital Region. We are confident the products will be accurate, timely and professional. GCAR is excited about this new member benefit.” We’re excited that they’re excited. And we’re also, like, excited…and stuff. Sorry, we wanted to sound all press releasey, but Mr. Ader made most of our verbiage obsolete with his words. We hope you’re moved to check us out. 10K works with the likes of Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS), the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), and Metrolist, Inc. We serve the research and marketing needs of local associations, state associations, MLS systems and brokers. All real estate is local. Let’s explore your market together. 10K is a subsidiary of the Minneapolis Area Association of REALTORS®.



POSITION TITLE: Executive Vice President-Association/MLS REPORTS TO: Board of Directors ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION The Greenwich Association of REALTORS®  (GAR) and Multiple Listing Service serving one of the most exceptional markets in the U.S., with average property values in the millions, is currently interviewing candidates for the position of Executive Vice President. The Greenwich Association of REALTORS® and Multiple Listing Service are driven by clear strategic goals and benchmarks designed to continually improve all member services from education to technology and data accuracy.  The Association has recently conducted a number of strategic initiatives and member research and is now looking for their next Executive Vice President to drive these initiatives forward.  The new Executive will have management responsibility and oversight for both the Association and Multiple Listing Service. The Association and MLS have an extremely dedicated staff, board of directors along with highly capable committees who works collaboratively with the Executive Vice President.  The board of directors seeks a candidate that has the skills to work closely with the board of directors to create and manage new strategic initiatives, improve overall operations and member services. Association Duties: Is completely responsible for the Association staff, including staff structure, delegation of duties and performance standards. Evaluates staff performance, conducts performance reviews and recommends salary. Directs and coordinates the staff to achieve the planned programs of the Board and the Committees. Has responsibility for hiring, training and terminating staff. Executes all decisions of the Board of Directors and ensures the Board of Directors is fully informed on the conditions and operations of the Association, and on all-important factors influencing them. Provides the necessary liaison and staff support to Board committees to enable them to properly perform their functions. Coordinates all ethics complaints and arbitration requests. Evaluates results of all activities and policies and identifies and recommends policies, procedures and action to achieve Association goals, objectives and mission. Identifies opportunities to expand services. Plays an active role in formulation of programs, services and activities of the Associations. Initiates outreach to all segments of the membership to keep informed of their issues and concerns. Is available to provide assistance with problems and questions and to entertain suggestions relative to present and future service. Establishes and maintains relationships with National, State and Local civic, political and professional individuals and organizations. Promotes the services, members and activities of the Association while projecting a positive image of the Association to […]


Industry Vet Joins Instanet to Lead Sales

by THE WAV GROUP on October 23, 2009

Instanet Solutions, based in London, Ontario recently announced the addition of industry veteran Steve Mapes as their new Vice President of Sales.  Joe Kazzoun, who previously ran the sales group has taken on the position of Vice President, Business and Product Development.  Martin Scrocchi, CEO and owner of Instanet Solutions tells us that growth throughout their product line mandated the change.  “With our growing customer base, the increasing interest in Transaction Management products and businesses wanting to go “Green”, the timing to bring Steve on was perfect.  We are also excited because this addition means Joe can focus on customer service, the successful delivery of our products and ongoing product developement.” Steve Mapes started his career in the real estate industry with PRC Realty Systems and most recently was managing a number of products for MRIS, the largest MLS in the U.S.


MLSs and Transaction Management – Take Small Steps First

by THE WAV GROUP on October 21, 2009

Should your MLS provide Transaction Management services? In our recent study on Transaction Management Adoption, it is clear that many of the component parts of full Transaction Management are being used successfully today by a growing number of real estate professionals. The key point is that they are adopting this technology step-by-step.  Some vendors today offer the different component parts of Transaction Management separately, including: Internet Fax Document Management Online Forms/Contracts Transaction Scheduling/Managment Digital Signature Transaction Management technology makes sense for many reasons.   It provides better service to consumers, reduces risk and helps the environment. The problem, however, is that to jump into it 100% all at once is difficult for most real estate professionals unless they are being supported by a full time transaction coordinator.  An answer that may make sense for MLSs considering this technology is to take baby steps first, adopting the “high use” technology such as Internet Fax and Document Management.  Most MLSs already have an online forms/contract solution but certainly this falls into this category as well.  Providing these services to your members creates immediate value and lets your members get their feet wet without overwhelming them with more than they can handle.  As they adapt to these features, vendors that offer tiered services can turn on the additional services when you are ready. Here are some other tips taken from the 2009 WAV Group Transaction Management Adoption Study for MLSs MLSs should continue to educate themselves and their members on the value of available online transaction processing components. Understand the real benefits of these modules. Offering this technology is not “leveling the playing field” but rather raising the bar for all real estate professionals.The MLS is the ideal organization to offer online transaction processing services. The more community-wide participation in online transaction processing the better the system for all involved. This can be another area where the MLSs encourage collaboration and cooperation. Transaction Management works best when it is well integrated with the MLS system to take advantage of data content and will allow for easy auto-populating from listing data and public records. When looking at any component product, such as forms or document management, remember that eventually these are pieces of a bigger system. Before you choose a vendor and product look at how well this vendor and product fit into a longer-range solution. Don’t make decisions today that create blocks to more […]

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Many MLSs and Associations are looking for ways to increase their relevance for their members.  When we conduct member satisfaction surveys across the United States with many of the largest MLSs we have observed one consistent point.  Electronic faxing is always one of if not the highest rated service according to thousands of agents around the country.  They like the service for a few reasons:


Here comes Trulia with Expanded Services

by THE WAV GROUP on October 13, 2009

As reported on Property Portal Watch, Trulia is expanding their service offerings to Agents and Brokers who seek to add more marketing power to thier consumer relationship on Trulia.com.  This move signals the emergence of Trulia as more than just a listing advertising outlet – but a technology provider of a variety of services that support the marketing of real estate listings, like Virtual Tours, and Reports on listing activity.  Visit Trulia for more detailed inforamtion about these offerings. The company will now offer Trulia Pro Deluxe ($79 per month), Trulia Pro Plus ($39 per month) and Trulia Pro Starter ($19 per month). All plans include the ability to feature at least one listing at the top of relevant search results, a customizable Local Spotlight Ad in up to 20 locations and a featured profile in Trulias professional directory. Trulia Pro Deluxe introduces new features that go beyond the functionality available in the original Trulia Pro product, including the automatic creation of virtual tours on Trulia for listings with multiple photos and open rate tracking on listing performance emails to clients. Designed for real estate professionals with multiple listings who want a more integrated online real estate marketing solution, Trulia Pro Deluxe offers the most exposure. Trulia Pro Plus allows for unlimited featured listings and a Local Spotlight Ad that promotes either a specific listing or the subscribers professional services, while Trulia Pro Starter limits subscribers to only one featured listing in addition to a Local Spotlight Ad.  


Broker office, Disney and Apple

by THE WAV GROUP on October 13, 2009

Game Changer……. Apple, the technology hardware and software provider is the leading retailer in terms of dollars per square foot of any retailer in the world with an average of $4700 income per square foot – nearest competitior is Best Buy at $1000. Disney is investing $1 Million per store to create shoputainment – a shopping experience destination for childrens products. Want to see a refreshing blend of space usage for agents and consumers – have a look


Paperless Process Comes of Age in Real Estate

by THE WAV GROUP on October 12, 2009

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WAV Group has been tracking the adoption of online transaction processing software for several years.   In the 2005 WAV Group Transaction Management Adoption Study, we identified a number of factors that were inhibiting adoption of transaction management solutions and recommended steps to improve adoption.  We are seeing encouraging adoption increases throughout the country. The WAV Group 2009 Transaction Management Adoption Study surveyed over 1700 brokers and agents from 22 different MLSs.  In addition, we worked with major Transaction Management vendors to look at their product adoption trends over the last few years.  The result is a much clearer picture of where online transaction processing stands today. The study found that online transaction processing has come of age. User and transaction growth is significant.  Both survey results and growth trends from each of the key online transaction processing software vendors support this finding. Download the full report