January 2013

Putting the Broker in Charge of the MLS Service Offerings

by Marilyn Wilson on January 31, 2013

Most MLSs today have a very simple pricing structure.  One size fits all. Every MLS customer receives exactly the same level of service and technology tools. There is no consideration for what services they may have available from their brokerage. This is the crux of why many large brokers are not best friends with their local MLS. They believe the MLS is “leveling the playing field”.  Large brokers believe their secret sauce and recruiting advantages lie in the technologies they offer to their agents.  They argue that the “full-service” MLS is diluting the impact of their significant investments in breakthrough and differentiating technology tools. While large brokerages might want their MLS to reduce the number of services offered, small brokers, on the other hand, welcome the support their MLS can provide them. They love when their MLS offers a depth of training options, marketing and prospecting tools and effective ways to enhance listings like virtual tours, mortgage calculators and mobile solutions.  Interestingly, this important group of smaller brokers usually makes up the lion’s share of the revenues being collected by a MLS. The large brokers with the largest voices want the MLS to limit its services and “stay out of their way”.  The smaller brokers welcome the support and breadth of services the MLS can afford to them and their agents. This is what we call a conundrum. So what’s an MLS to do? Here’s a new idea to consider to address this universal conflict between small brokers and large brokers. How about creating a flexible pricing strategy where every broker can decide what services they would like the MLS to offer to their own agents? What if Large Broker “A” could choose to offer MLS, public records, showing appointment software and transaction management to its agents?  What if Large Broker “B” could choose to offer just MLS and public records? What is large Broker A could get rid of her training staff and choose a training package that could be offered trough the MLS to save cost? What if Small Broker “A” could choose to offer all of the tools offered by the MLS and Small Broker “B” could offer everything except virtual tours because he has negotiated a great price with a local virtual tour vendor? In this model, MLSs put brokers in the driver’s seat of the service offering provided by the MLS to their own agents.  […]


Listing Input Forms Rise Again

by Victor Lund on January 31, 2013

If you are like me, you recognize that it was not very many years ago that agents relied on completing a listing input form as a primary method to submit a listing to the MLS. Indeed, in many markets today, MLSs still allow agents to fax in their listing, or broker administrators enter the listing for the agent. This is all happening at a time when many agents are clamoring for MLS listing input using their mobile device or tablet. In a tale of new school meets old school, Instanet is providing a new listing input service; the very service many MLS system developers have failed to deliver – a dynamic, mobile, listing input sheet. Instanet is an online forms company, so for them – capturing data on a form easy routine. Moreover, the listing input form is only an extension of other forms that agents already use in daily practice, so the learning curve is shallow. The great benefit is that there is no double entry (agent taking notes on paper, then transcribing them to the MLS – double entry). The forms take the shape of a dynamic PDF or an HTML5 page, depending on the device. They look like the paper forms too – so they are familiar to the agent. Perhaps it is unfair to call this a new service. The more appropriate term may be emerging. MLSs that offer this Instanet Listing Entry to their members already include MLS Long Island (Stratus), and Realcomp (CoreLogic Matrix). In those markets, the listing is pushed from the Instanet Listing Entry Form to the MLS using RETS update transaction standard. In most cases, the listing goes into “hold” status until the agent reviews and confirms the submission. It gives the agent a chance to double check and avoid mistakes, or add any additional information that was not on hand when they filled out the bulk of the form. I mention RETS update transaction standard. In truth, it is more of a theoretical standard than an adopted standard. Some Instanet clients have adopted the standard in some form, others have custom integration. As important as the standard is the support of MLS data input restrictions – pick list of values rather than free form text; and business logic, like if value x is chosen, item Y can be filled in. Some MLSs have as many as 1600 business rules.


WAV Group had the opportunity to speak to Marc Lafrance of the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) about their launch of digital signatures to all REALTORS in Canada. In an announcement, CREA is now offering REALTORS  Instanet’s Authentisign and soon the  DocuSign Electronic Signature products tightly integrated in their proprietary real estate forms product, WebForms®. Canada has been successful at offering a national forms solution as a driver of REALTOR professionalism for more than a decade. Today, more than 51,000 REALTORS are using WEBForms®out of a total membership of about 116,000 REALTORS across Canada. WEBForms® is considered the second most highly adopted and valued member service by Canadian REALTORS, second only to REALTOR.ca. With the addition of electronic signatures, Canadian REALTORS are fully equipped to increase their effectiveness and provide the best possible consumer experience during a real estate transaction. CREA has done a great job of removing barriers to electronic forms adoption. CREA acquired WEBForms® from Fraser Valley Board of REALTORSin 2001 as the cornerstone of their document automation strategy. WEBForms® has full MLS integration across the nation, making forms population efficient, and reducing manual data entry by REALTORS. In the United States, both Zipforms and Instanet Forms have had the ability to integrate MLS data for years, but sometimes that feature was not enabled due to the data management fees. The California Association of REALTORS introduced a similar program in January, waiving the MLS data integration fees in their state for ZipForms. Education about electronic signatures will be an important initiative by CREA and their member boards in 2013. Like the United States, when and how to use electronic signatures will be an important lesson for all practitioners in Canada. REALTORS need to understand that the most important feature of an eSignature product is the ability to trace and record the history of the signature by all parties. Beyond that, some provinces in Canada like Ontario and Manitoba have not passed legislation that allows the purchase and sale agreements to be signed electronically. CREA has two initiatives to move digital signatures forward. First, they lock out digital signatures from forms that cannot be electronically signed to avoid REALTOR mistakes. Secondly, they are putting an emphasis on their lobbying efforts to advance the adoption of digital signatures in provincial law. In this first phase of the roll out, CREA choose not to license Instanet and Docusign for all REALTORS. […]


WAV Group Report on Home Services

by Victor Lund on January 31, 2013

Home services offerings beyond real estate sales have the potential to achieve long-term sustainability and stabilization for real estate brokerages. However, undermining this potential for enterprise brokerages are disparate technology solutions that do not seamlessly connect or share consumer data. As a result of this and other factors, many consumers do not take advantage of enterprise brokerage home services offerings because they do not know that they exist. This is a massive, industry-wide problem that does not have a simple solution. In 2013, WAV Group will be working with brokers to design specific strategies and business practices to improve the effectiveness of delivering home services to consumers effectively and efficiently. Download the report here! The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the challenges of generating incremental revenues and profits derived from successful home services offerings. Because the blend of home services offerings are so varied, there is not a magic process that can be built and followed every time. The enterprise resource plan must be refined and adopted differently to suit each individual company, culture, and marketplace. Thus, our goal in this paper is to provide a high level strategic thesis rather than a specific tactical roadmap. Key Findings Brokers require a number of operational and executional adjustments in their business to drive effectiveness and improve results Property and Customer record data sources are broken into disparate silos that do not talk to each other. Moreover, those records are stored in third-party data systems rather than the broker’s data system. The required analytics to support the brokerage varies greatly in sophistication from reporting and measurement, and there is a bleak absence of predictive modeling and sales optimization. Many organizations do not have the internal skills or time to perform. Brokers today are under tremendous competitive pressure. Those that improve business process and home services penetration this year and in the years ahead will have a significant market advantage. Please download this complimentary paper and we invite you to give WAV Group a call or drop us a note to inquire or discuss any further details that may aid you in your business success. Download the report here!


IMPREV Marketing Technologies

January 16, 2013 (New York, NY)– RE/MAX agents will be getting a “digital upgrade” to their Design Center with the ability to create mobile-ready Single Property Websites, YouTube enabled videos, and dozens of professionally written marketing campaigns for email, print and mail, and social media. This new suite of products, which will be available to over 70,000 RE/MAX agents in the U.S. and Canada beginning in January, delivers advanced mobile-enabled technology and engaging consumer content to help agents sell more homes and develop their personal brands. RE/MAX agents can use the new automated marketing campaigns to target first-time homebuyers, move- up buyers, sellers, and investors as well as stay in touch with past customers. Integrated into the RE/MAX Design Center, which seamlessly shares data with RE/MAX LeadStreet, agents can begin marketing to prospects as soon as a lead is created. The new YouTube-ready videos allow agents to pull in their listing data from LeadStreet to create home video tours and post them to their individual YouTube accounts – which play on all mobile devices. Agents can also create promotional videos to enhance their company and personal brands as well as create local area tour videos to help dramatically increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The new Single Property Websites use the latest in “responsive web design.” This technology automatically adjusts the website’s layout based on the size of the user’s screen, eliminating the need for separate mobile, tablet and PC websites. “RE/MAX continues to lead the industry with inventive and integrated technologies that make it easier for agents to reach buyers and sellers,” said Mike Ryan, RE/MAX Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Branding. “These new modern marketing products address the growing digital orientation of consumers who are living in a mobile-centric world.” RE/MAX Associates can learn more about the Premium products through free webinar previews provided by Imprev beginning the week of January 20th. Demonstrations of the new products are exclusively for RE/MAX agents who send an email to sneakpeak@imprev.com from their RE/MAX email address. Product Details Agents can purchase any of these modern marketing products independently: Premier Agent Campaigns, Premier Video-based Home Tours and Premier Agent Single Property Websites are each available for an annual subscription of just $199. However, all three offerings also are available in the “Premier Agent Plus” package for a special price of $299. Premier Agent series of products and the RE/MAX Design Center are […]


Trulia tries harder, Alon Chaver speaks up

by Victor Lund on January 30, 2013

Trulia Logo

WAV Group works with brokers and MLSs who have been fed up and frustrated with the data quality on third party listing websites like Trulia, Zillow and others. We study and measure the problem in detail – and have published countless articles, papers, and reports on the topic. Frankly, the discussion about the ills of listing syndication are getting tired and laborious. It is the same stuff regurgitated over and over again. But today, a shining light appeared in an article on RE Technology. Trulia launched a dedicated effort to make a difference. Today, Trulia announced that they are moving to a data management framework that enables continuous feeds of listing information. As many of you know, Alon Chaver of iHomefinder moved over to Trulia a few months ago. I have been waiting and watching to see how that would impact Trulia. Perhaps this is the first step of many. To be clear, it appears that the continuous data feed program appears to be limited to feeds from the MLS. Hence, this does not help brokers at all. Let me explain why. Trulia, like most third party websites, has a schema for Authoritative Feed Source. Everyone’s schema is different and it changes frequently, so I will not detail it here. But suffice to say, Trulia gets many data feeds of the same listing – from agents, from brokers, from franchises, from MLSs, from newspapers, from virtual tour companies, from Listhub, from Point2, etc. WAV Group has a project about once a week involving the removal of duplicate feeds. It is a painful mess to unwind, but is must be done. Every feed has different business rules regarding display, so if the wrong feed trumps the right feed, competitors appear on broker listings and leads leak out to competing agents. In addition, the link back to view more information may be diverted away from the broker site to the Franchise website or to a Listhub landing page, or some other place that may be godforsaken. My hope is that continuous data will move through the publisher industry as a well adopted strategy. This hope is grounded in the improving the industry reputation with the consumer, and eliminating pain for the agent. Consumers are frustrated by bad data. Agents, Brokers, and MLSs are tired of wasting time managing customer issues related to bad data. Bad data is simply and irrevocably, BAD for everyone. Well done Trulia. I hope everyone follows in […]


PCMS positions for growth in 2013

by Victor Lund on January 29, 2013

Atlanta, GA (January 29, 2013) – PCMS founder and chief visionary, Jose Perez, today announced several key personnel decisions designed to support expansion plans in 2013. The company plans to leverage the success it has experienced since its founding in 2008 to provide a higher level of value and support to its clients and the industry in general. Former Realogy Regional Vice President, June Huber, recently joined PCMS as Vice President of Business Development for the Western United States. Based in Southern California, Ms. Huber brings over 20 years of real estate, mortgage and title experience to PCMS. “I had several other opportunities but when I saw what PCMS was doing to help clients deal with today’s realities, the decision was quite easy.” states Ms. Huber. “I have been watching their growth the past five years and wanted to be part of a company that is committed to helping clients increase their company profit margins using innovation and smart growth strategies. The PCMS team believes if their clients win they win. I wanted to be part of that.” PCMS starts 2013 with an increased focus on client ROI and customer care. The company has assigned long-time team member Jodi Lawler to the position of Client Support Director. Ms. Lawler has 15 years of experience in the real estate industry and has been with PCMS since its inception. In her new role, she will be responsible for regular outreach to the company’s clients, ensuring optimal implementation and ROI from the multiple technology solutions offered. Another two long-time PCMS veterans, Elaine Kelleher and Craig Anderson, have been tasked with finding ways for clients to further benefit from the extensive solutions offered by PCMS. Ms. Kelleher will focus her efforts on the robust Terabitz broker and agent web marketing platform, which includes enhanced features for social networking and mobile browsing. Mr. Anderson will explore new opportunities that the cutting-edge Digital Closing Docs Customer for Life program offers the company’s clients. Both have been with PCMS since 2009, and each has over 30 years of real estate industry experience. VP of Management Consulting Services, Ernie Whitehouse will continue driving the growth of the company’s strategic planning and M&A practice while Perez manages the continued growth of PCMS’s outsourced call center partnership with One Cavo and the upcoming launch of PCMS Social Solutions. “We are poised to have a very good year. The market is […]


Time is Running Out!

by Marilyn Wilson on January 25, 2013


RE Technology is hosting an exciting 60-minute webinar with Cartavi and DocuSign on: January 29, 2013 at 10:00 am PST, 12 pm CST, 1 pm EST to learn how you can leverage your iPad and become mobile and paperless agent. The presenters of this interactive webinar will show you how to take advantage of the cloud, your iPad and technology such as DocuSign and Cartavi to better serve your clients from wherever you are. Take your business to the next level by saving time, saving money and providing your clients with an exceptional level of service when and where they need it. You’ll leave this webinar with the know-how to:  Be more responsive to your clients and peers by having everything you need for a successful transaction right at your fingertips Securely manage and share documents with everyone involved in a transaction from wherever you are Edit and share forms and contracts right from your iPad Get deals done faster with eSignatures powered by DocuSign® Don’t miss this opportunity to lead your market by being mobile and paperless. Space is limited so be sure to register today! Presenters: Mike Pressnall, Business Development Manager, DocuSign Glenn Shimkus, CEO and Co-founder of Cartavi Date: Tuesday, January 29th 2013 Time: 10 am PST, 12 pm CST, 1 pm EST        


Move, Inc. logo

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 14, 2013 – Move, Inc. (NASDAQ:MOVE) today announced  the expansion of its suite of free marketing tools with the acquisition of certain assets of eFrogPond, Inc. an integrated communications and marketing solutions provider best known for its Housing Trends eNewsletter.  This acquisition signifies an enhancement to the Move, Inc. series of industry-leading marketing solutions.  Move, Inc. is the operator of TOP PRODUCER Systems and REALTOR.com. The Housing Trends eNewsletter will continue to function in its present form and Top Producer Systems CRM subscribers can distribute Housing Trends eNewsletters automatically to their customers.  Going forward, subscribers can expect an enhanced look and feel with an expanded choice of graphics and content sources, as well as better integration with Top Producer. “At Move, Inc., we offer brokers and agents a well-rounded suite of marketing tools with a broad spectrum of consumer touch points and lead generation opportunities. The Housing Trends eNewsletter is an essential addition to our catalog of free solutions,” said Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move, Inc. “We expect to see a significant expansion in the value it already provides agents as we add comprehensive content resources, graphics and integrated distribution options with tools like Top Producer.” The Housing Trends eNewsletter is highly successful, with approximately 1 million page views per month and 50,000 real estate agent and broker subscribers. Real estate professionals use this industry-leading marketing resource to share pertinent real estate statistics and news stories with current and perspective clients.  Agents and brokers are also able to seamlessly incorporate their branding and contact information into the design of the newsletter. “Move is the perfect fit for the Housing Trends eNewsletter.  When considering a new owner, I was looking for a company that I knew could expand on our current success and provide opportunities for enhanced features such as automatic email distribution,” stated Susie Hale, creator of the Housing Trends eNewsletter. “Move, Inc. has these capabilities, as well as comprehensive content solutions that I know will enrich our newsletter and add value to the professionals it serves.” As part of this acquisition, Susie Hale, creator of the Housing Trends eNewsletter, will assist the Move, Inc. team by continuing her existing role of overseeing the newsletter and personally attending to its subscribers. Hale built this newsletter program from the ground up and brings vital knowledge about the product and deep industry experience to her new role on […]


For CoreLogic, Customer Focus Starts At The Top

by Victor Lund on January 14, 2013


CoreLogic is a solid company with solid earnings, low debt, and large cash reserves. As of late, their stock has performed very well. Much of their favor in the markets has been driven by the company’s focus on becoming more customer-centric in their approach to business. In a press release today, the media was provided with a taste of the new CoreLogic business strategy under the leadership of senior company executive, George Livermore. Livermore’s title was previously group executive and executive vice president for the Data & Analytics segment of CoreLogic. Today, George Livermore was named Group Executive, Global Sales and Client Strategy. Livermore has always been genius at leveraging CoreLogic’s expansive data assets into industry leading products. That is in his blood and unlikely to change. But, the board has clearly signaled that Livermore’s chief responsibility is to drive sales growth through client strategy. There was no mention of any other restructuring in the release. It will be great to watch how their customer strategy plays out in their MLS, Tax, and Broker businesses in 2013. Press Release Follows: Irvine, Calif., January 14, 2013—CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, appointed George Livermore to group executive and executive vice president, Global Sales and Client Strategy. In this role, Mr. Livermore has overall responsibility for sales and marketing and delivering on the Company’s enterprise growth strategy. Mr. Livermore has more than 25 years’ experience in the housing finance and property information business and was previously group executive and executive vice president for the Data & Analytics segment of CoreLogic. About CoreLogic  CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX) is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States and Australia. The company’s combined data from public, contributory, and proprietary sources includes over 3.3 billion records spanning more than 40 years, providing detailed coverage of property, mortgages and other encumbrances, consumer credit, tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. The markets CoreLogic serves include real estate and mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets, transportation and government. CoreLogic delivers value to clients through unique data, analytics, workflow technology, advisory and managed services. Clients rely on CoreLogic to help identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., CoreLogic operates in seven countries. For more information, please visit www.corelogic.com. Disclosure: WAV Group performs research and consulting projects from time to time for CoreLogic.

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It’s Time To Work Together And Raise The Bar

by Mike Audet on January 14, 2013

We run into the discussion/disagreement, call it what you will, on a regular basis during MLS strategic planning meetings on what the actual role of the MLS should be and what technology it should deliver.  This conversation will differ somewhat from MLS to MLS depending on the make up of the largest brokers in the MLS but there is typically a push back from the larger brokers who feel the MLS should not provide technology that “levels the playing field”, to use the the phrase we have all heard too much.  I really understand this argument because it seems to make so much sense at first glance.  MLS is supposed to provide a vehicle for the sharing of listings so brokers can cooperate and offers of compensation can be realized, managed, etc.  That is what MLS was created for in the first place, right?  So, when MLSs try to provide broader levels of technology it seems logical that this is going beyond what they were created for…and that is correct.  But here’s the problem!  Brokers, across the board, are losing the online battle for viewers to the large 3rd party portals and even the largest brokers do not fare well.  I think it is time for brokers to realize a couple of things with that in mind that may help them take better advantage of the collective power of the MLS in creating a stronger industry for all brokers. Here are a couple of points I would toss out for discussion: 1.  If a large broker has a predominate online share of viewers in their local market, but the total share of all viewers is a small percentage of all online viewers (which it is in most cases) they should worry less about competing against other brokers and think more about competing with the big online portals. 2.  If brokers can work together to raise the overall standard of web services they provide to consumers, in conjunction with the MLS, the entire local market benefits.  Obviously larger brokers will still get more viewers in this scenario, all things being created equal, but everyone benefits. 3.  If you look at the types of information and tools provided by the large, successful 3rd party portals you will see the information and tools that should be provided on ALL broker websites.  If it was available on all broker websites in a local market, […]

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TheMLS/CLAW seeking Systems/Network Administrator

by Marilyn Wilson on January 11, 2013

  POSITION TITLE:   Systems/Network Administrator REPORTS TO: Director of Product Development and IT    CLASSIFICATION:   Exempt   Opportunity TheMLS.com is seeking to hire a seasoned systems and network professional for the position of Systems/Network Administrator.   This position will be responsible for maintaining a reliable and robust environment to host the company’s multiple listing service technologies and infrastructure. The Systems/Network Administrator will be monitor, manage and maintain the network infrastructure and the production server environments of two datacenter colocation facilities.  The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, highly independent and proactive to help the company provide an industry-leading customer experience. ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION: TheMLS is one of the leading multiple listing service organizations in the country, serving approximately 11,000 real estate professionals in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California region.  The company enjoys one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the MLS industry, enjoying nearly 90% customer satisfaction.   It is a highly aggressive organization doing whatever it takes to create an amazing experience for their customers.  The organization is very fast-paced addressing requested changes and enhancements in real-time.  It is a very dynamic organization with a small, highly experienced and highly motivated team. TheMLS builds, hosts and offers many industry-leading technology products and services. The company’s real estate customers rely on the company for their business critical operations. System reliability and speed are absolutely critical to the successful operation of the company. TheMLS also enjoys the most highly trafficked consumer-facing property search site offered by MLSs in California.  Speed of search and loading and reliability is critical to the continued engagement and success of the site. The Systems/Network Administrator is a mission critical role that is essential in helping the company provide ever-improving services to its loyal customer base. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Tasks:  Hands on support and network administration Support a variety of IT hardware and software including, but not limited to: Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and various Line of Business Applications Support networking equipment and connectivity including routers, firewalls, VPN, Server Load Balancer, access points and CISCO switches Create network architecture schematics Support of hosted and in-house VolP phone system Address performance related issues using monitoring tools (e.g. PRTG, Spiceworks etc.) Proven experience with deployment, operations, and lifecycle management of core Microsoft-based infrastructure products including, but not limited to: Microsoft DNS, DHCP, WINS, VMware, Active Directory, File Services, Print Services, HP Proliant and Storage, Distributed Fle Services (DFS), DFS Replication (DFSr), […]


Immobel seeking VP of Sales and Business Development

by Marilyn Wilson on January 9, 2013

Immobel logo

POSITION TITLE: VP Sales and Business Development REPORTS TO:  Chief Executive Officer             CLASSIFICATION: Exempt Opportunity Immobel is seekng to hire a senior sales director, for the position of VP Sales and Business Development to actively generate new broker customers as well as developing joint ventures and marketing partnerships to dramatically expand the global footprint of Immobel. This position will have three main responsibilities in the short-term. First, the successful candidate will engage large brokers to discuss the potential of building an online International marketing presence with the Immobel platform.  Second, the position will help sell-in the Immobel program to a large, soon to be announced nationwide client. Third, the VP Sales and Business Development will be responsible for generating marketing relationships with multi-language portals as well as newspaper sites like the LA Times as well as newspaper groups. ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION: Immobel invented the concept of global real estate marketing more than 12 years ago. The company is the leading provider of global real estate marketing services in the industry.  The company has invested over 12,000 man hours in building out the most robust and reliable global marketing platform available. Progressive broker organizations around North America have partnered with Immobel to provide an opportunity for their agents to market their properties globally and attract buyers that speak in over 25 languages.  Since top producers that focus on the International market generate 50% more revenue than those that don’t, many brokers are very interested in global marketing expansion now. In addition to the broker products, the company also offers an agent self-serve product. This site called RealBuzz is ranked  #1 , 2 or 3 on International search engines.  This has helped the company create a robust and profitable agent product as well which has become an important focus for the company as well. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Direct Sales and Sales Management: Responsible for building adoption among small brokers which are part of a nationwide program  already in place Generating business with top 500 brokers in the U.S. Building relationships and securing nationwide deals with leading franchises The above goals will be responsible for all facets of broker channel development including: Lead development Presentation of products and business opportunities Interfacing with regional sales teams as needed Product promotion in new accounts As revenues grow and the number of broker accounts increases, it is possible that this […]


TheMLS.com Senior .Net Developer Position Available

by Marilyn Wilson on January 8, 2013

The MLS.com logo

Opportunity TheMLS.com is seekng to hire a seasoned developer for the position of Senior .NET Developer . They are looking for a full time programmer with solid ASP/.NET/C# experience to design, develop, test and modify web based applications to join our Los Angeles based company.  This position is looking for someone with excellent communication, organizational, analytical, and writing skills. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, highly independent and proactive to help the company provide an industry-leading customer experience. ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION: TheMLS is one of the leading multiple listing service organizations in the country, serving approximately 11,000 real estate professionals in the Greater Los Angeles and Southern California region.  The company enjoys one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the MLS industry, enjoying nearly 90% customer satisfaction.   It is a highly aggressive organization doing whatever it takes to create an amazing experience for their customers.  The organization is very fast-paced addressing requested changes and enhancements in real-time.  It is a very dynamic organization with a small, highly experienced and highly motivated team. TheMLS builds, hosts and offers many industry-leading technology products and services. The company’s real estate customers rely on the company for their business critical operations. Since the company’s customers represent a wide spectrum of technical skills, tools need to be extremely simple to use and designed specifically with the unique needs of real estate professionals in mind. TheMLS also enjoys the most highly trafficked consumer-facing property search site offered by MLSs in California.  Enhancing the site requires strong knowledge of consumer-facing B to C functionality as well. The Senior .NET developer is a mission critical role that is essential in helping the company provide ever-improving services and technologies to its loyal customer base. SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Tasks: Design and develop real estate technologies to be used by real estate agents and brokers Passionate about building amazing software that TheMLS customers will love Ability to draft requirements documents and design specifications Proven experience in translating unique customer need into intuitive, easy to use software Strong interest in continue to evolve software and functionality while maintaining sensitivity to change-averse customers Ability to implement changes and enhancements to software in real-time Strong ability to document software in standard, understandable language and update client knowledge base as appropriate Proven ability to work well with non-technical staff in customer service, marketing, product management and QA Ability to prioritize workload and manage time effectively Strong accountability for […]


CoreLogic released their projections on Shadow Inventory for 2013 which indicate good news for all in the housing industry.  The new numbers show a 12.3% drop from October 2011. Shadow Inventory Seen as Manageable in 2013 Current residential shadow inventory as of October 2012 fell to 2.3 million units*, representing a supply of seven months. The October inventory level represents a 12.3 percent drop from October 2011, when shadow inventory stood at 2.6 million units. Click here to download the full Shadow Inventory report. Data Highlights  As of October 2012, shadow inventory fell to 2.3 million units, or seven months’ supply, and represented 85 percent of the 2.7 million properties currently seriously delinquent, in foreclosure or in REO. Of the 2.3 million properties currently in the shadow inventory (Figures 1 and 2), 1.04 million units are seriously delinquent (3.3 months’ supply), 903,000 are in some stage of foreclosure (2.8 months’ supply) and 354,000 are already in REO (1.1 months’ supply). As of October 2012, the dollar volume of shadow inventory was $376 billion, down from $399 billion a year ago. Over the three months ending in October 2012, serious delinquencies, which are the main driver of the shadow inventory, declined the most in Arizona (13.3 percent), California (9.7 percent), Michigan (6.8 percent), Colorado (6.8 percent) and Wyoming (5.9 percent). As of October 2012, Florida, California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey make up 45 percent of the 2.7 million properties that are seriously delinquent, in foreclosure or in REO. In October 2011, these same states made up 51.3 percent of all the distressed mortgages that were at least 90 days delinquent, in foreclosure or REO. “The size of the shadow inventory continues to shrink from peak levels in terms of numbers of units and the dollars they represent,” said Anand Nallathambi, president and CEO of CoreLogic. “We expect a gradual and progressive contraction in the shadow inventory in 2013 as investors continue to snap up foreclosed and REO properties and the broader recovery in housing market fundamentals takes hold.” “Almost half of the properties in the shadow are delinquent and not yet foreclosed,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist for CoreLogic. “Given the long foreclosure timelines in many states, the current shadow inventory stock represents little immediate threat to a significant swing in housing market supply. Investor demand will help to absorb the already foreclosed and REO properties in the shadow inventory in […]