MLS or Broker Technology Site License

by Victor Lund on January 21, 2015

satisfiedLast year, WAV Group spent a lot of time measuring the effectiveness of MLS and Broker technology services with our clients. Our process typically includes one or all of the standard practices for measuring product adoption and satisfaction: surveys, focus groups, competitive analysis, adoption rate curves, true cost analysis, etc. The truth is, very few. . . Download full report MLS or Broker Tech Site License

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Michael Audet January 21, 2015 at 7:02 am

Victor, I think your points are valid at the MLS level. You use the term Brokerage MLS but your paper only seems to address the bulk license question at the MLS level. I fought that battle for years doing strategic planning with MLSs and I agree with your take on it. I think it’s important, though, to note how bulk pricing, site license, or Enterprise pricing, is also available at the Broker level, not just the MLS, and is a great way for larger companies to gain technology across their brand at the lowest possible price. Not only do they gain a price advantage they also effectively raise the level of their entire company in terms of available services and technology. Another important component of Enterprise models when used with real estate companies is the fact that the technology can be customized, at least that is what we do at Real Estate Webmasters. Technology should emphasize your unique value proposition, not make you blend in. We understand clearly that no real estate company wants to provide technology that levels the field, they want to stand above the field. Enterprise or bulk pricing is a great way to make that happen with the right technology partner.


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