October 2017

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My theory about conventions is this: if you plan your schedule well, your convention will go well. If you don’t, it won’t. It’s as simple as that. With Second City, our next destination, good planning could make or break how you measure the success of your NAR experience in the Windy City. Each year before I head out to the largest annual gathering of real estate agents and brokers, an estimated 20,000+ from across our nation, I like to look for some of the golden nuggets tucked away in the schedule and on the Expo floor. I cull through the info that NAR and others send out, as well as share some of the information WAV Group has. Full disclosure: this often includes insider stuff we get from our very own clients. The goal of all this stuff is simply to make your NAR ventures more interesting, and, well, easier to plan. NAR Chicago Officially called the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, November 3rd to 6th, it’s largely held at the McCormick Place, 20 minutes on a good traffic day south of the 27 official NAR hotels that are dotted around Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. Meetings also are sprinkled among these hotels so the logistics are going to be, well, interesting. A listing of all the official hotels with their locations and addresses are here. Bus Routes The 27 NAR official hotels are served by 7 Bus Routes, all color coded and listed online in this handy-dandy PDF here, and in the App. The buses start early and run at least every 30 minutes, and at peak times, they run every 10-15 minutes. The link on the NAR Website for the Shuttle bus frequency is here, as well as the locations at the hotel where the exact pickup/drop-off will be. NAR Smartphone App Touted as “the fastest, easiest way to navigate the Conference & Expo from your mobile device,” I would have to add it’s probably the only way to navigate the Expo from a mobile device unless Google Maps has added it. Good news is all the sessions, meeting schedules and booth numbers for the exhibitors you need to meet with or visit are in the app. One feature that can save you time is you can select the “Star” image next to the event in the top right corner and it will save it to a personalized […]


IRVINE, Calif., October 30, 2017—CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today announced it has successfully converted 46 data recipients of the Central Texas Multiple Listing Service (CTXMLS) to Trestle™.  CTXMLS is a regional service provider operated by five REALTOR® associations with approximately 3,600 members. Trestle by CoreLogic is a leading real estate data management and distribution platform that offers RESO Platinum-certified data access to real estate brokers and technology providers. “Customers are seeing the benefit of moving their data feeds to Trestle as they are able to offer RESO compliant feeds, managed with sophisticated digital license agreements and ecommerce,” said Kevin Greene, senior leader of Product Management for CoreLogic. “CTXMLS is among the first clients to migrate the majority of its data recipients to Trestle, and we’re extremely pleased with how smoothly the transition has gone.” According to Beth Gatlin, consulting director of CTXMLS, their technology vendors and other data recipients recognize the value Trestle delivers, such as improvements to listing delivery speed and data consistency. Many of their vendors were already using Trestle in other markets, making the CTXMLS integration a familiar and straightforward process. “Forcing change is never easy,” said Gatlin, “But we are already more than halfway through the conversion with 46 companies moved over. We hope to have everyone moved over in early 2018.” Gatlin also said Trestle’s contract and billing features are outstanding new tools that simplify the management of CTXMLS data licenses. Interested technology providers can visit http://trestle.corelogic.com to get technical information about integrating CTXMLS data and electronically submit their data license application, which will then be routed to CTXMLS staff for review. About CoreLogic CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX) is a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider. The company’s combined data from public, contributory and proprietary sources includes over 4.5 billion records spanning more than 50 years, providing detailed coverage of property, mortgages and other encumbrances, consumer credit, tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. The markets CoreLogic serves include real estate and mortgage finance, insurance, capital markets, and the public sector. CoreLogic delivers value to clients through unique data, analytics, workflow technology, advisory and managed services. Clients rely on CoreLogic to help identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., CoreLogic operates in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit www.corelogic.com.    […]


Stan Martin Promoted to MLS Director in Austin

by Marilyn Wilson on October 24, 2017


We’re very excited to see the news that Stan Martin has been promoted to MLS Director for the Austin Board of REALTORS®! We have had the pleasure and honor of working with Stan on several projects. He has an impressive depth of understanding of where MLSs need to go and the best ways to serve ABOR members’ technology needs. He is extremely customer-centric and always looking for ways to better serve the needs of brokers of all sizes.  He is focused on continuing to improve ABOR’s MLS services for ALL members – he has worked diligently to improve the organization’s services for appraisers, property managers and affiliates in addition to agents and brokers. He will now oversee the progressive ABOR technology programs including the company’s RESO Reference Server designed to encourage developers to create innovative technologies built with RESO certified data among others. Congratulations Stan!  Well-deserved! Here’s the full press release:   Austin Board of REALTORS® Promotes Stan Martin to MLS Director Martin to support 13,000-subscriber Multiple Listing Service in Central Texas AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 24, 2017 – The Austin Board of REALTORS® (ABoR), one of the nation’s most progressive Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), announced today that Stan Martin has been promoted to Director of MLS. Effective immediately, Stan will assume the responsibility for leading efforts to continue to drive strategic relevance and operational excellence of the MLS for ABoR in partnership with its Board of Directors. An experienced MLS executive, Martin provides a strong combination of product management and operational expertise to ABoR, building on trusted relationships gained with both ABoR members and industry leaders, while also contributing to significant growth for the Association. Brandy Guthrie, President of the Austin Board of REALTORS®, says, “Stan has a depth of understanding about what Central Texas REALTORS® need from the technology of the MLS. He knows how to deliver timely and superior service to our participants and subscribers. Under Stan’s leadership and guidance, satisfaction of the technology services our Association offers is strong. We are thrilled to see him step into the role to lead our entire MLS operation.” Prior to accepting this role, Martin served as interim MLS Director at ABoR. He began his tenure with ABoR in 2003, serving multiple roles ranging from Data Support Services to MLS Supervisor. For the past 14 years, Martin has been instrumental in numerous MLS system conversions and product implementations. Most recently, Martin […]


WAVes of Change Award

We love to see consolidation success stories. It can be SO difficult to bring neighboring associations together.   We had the pleasure of interviewing Dionna Hall to describe the merger in South Florida that resulted in created the 3rd largest real estate Association in America with 30,000 members.   We were so impressed with this effort that we awarded the organization with our first ever WAVES of Change Award! Here’s how will this consolidation help brokers and agents in South Florida. Front end of choice Members of the newly formed organization will have a choice of TWO MLS systems giving them more flexibility and ways to serve their clients. One set of rules and regulations Brokers will now benefit from one set of rules and regulations making it easier to train all agents to submit and update their listings correctly. One data feed for IDX on brokers; expanded listing exposure South Florida listings will have a ton more exposure now because 30,000 agents will now be able to promote their listings to a lot more prospects.  More influential political mass With advocacy, there is strength in numbers.  South Florida’s advocacy efforts will now benefit from a much larger political force. Smaller regional boards for local representation Interestingly the organization is creating smaller regional boards to screen local candidates and provide input into the overall operation. Check out this exciting video with Dionna to learn all about how they achieved this great program! 


CoreLogic Launches Partnership with SavvyCard

by Victor Lund on October 24, 2017

In the press release below, CoreLogic announces a partnership with SavvyCard that will allow CoreLogic MLSs to consider this new optional service. As you may recall, CoreLogic has been focused on enhancing the buyer portal within Matrix to make is a more full service solution for agents providing MLS information to their clients. On the mobile side, this is also accomplished with GoMLS. This new service is an alternative that combines a variety of important agent applications into a unique and simplified service that has some outstanding connectivity to social media marketing. According to Chirs Bennett, General Manager of Real Estate Service for CoreLogic, “SavvyCard a platform. That looks and feels like a mobile website. That has simple apps on it that any agent or client would know intuitively what to do with. It works smoothly on the backside to promote new listings straight into the agent’s Facebook page (with handholding along the way).  So now, an agent doesn’t have to find a responsive website template, drop apps on it, test it, remember to push their listings into Facebook, or act like a technical webmaster. It’s all done for them. It really is a responsive website in-a-box that looks beautiful on a mobile phone. And couldn’t be simpler.” A great example of a SavvyCard can be viewed and experienced at https://www.savvycard.com/tomscaglione/tom/6a13b_scid Here you can see the core functionality at a glance – the consumer can call, email, or text their agent; view the agent’s listings and search the MLS, view the agents profile, view the office locations and contact information of the agent’s brokerage, an most importantly…..social sharing the agent’s SavvyCard or listings is easy by both the agent and the consumer. There are lots of agents who do not have basic websites today. Savvycard gives consumers everything they need to find property information though the application. Going into the CoreLogic agreement, SavvyCard has already developed relationships with Associations and MLSs that reaches 70,000 agent subscribers. The hope is that CoreLogic can extend that footprint across the many additional markets that CoreLogic serves. Press Release to follow:       CoreLogic to OFFER SAVVYCARD TO MULTIPLE LISTING CLIENTS IRVINE, Calif., October 24, 2017—CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider, today announced an agreement to offer SavvyCard® to its multiple listing clients as a new social marketing service that helps subscribers deepen relationships with clients […]


Managing PR Risks Throughout Consolidation

by Kevin Hawkins on October 24, 2017

The MLS industry faces rapid consolidation within the next few years. In just the last couple of years, the WAV Group estimates that the number of Multiple Listing Services firms have shrunk by about 15 percent, from about 750 to some 650 today. And that’s just the beginning. This is not a new business phenomenon: the energy industry over a 20-year period, from 1995 to 2015 has shrunk by half. In travel today, 16 cruise ship brands are owned by just three firms, as are the nine major rental car company brands. Only 7 hotel conglomerates own the 80 hotel brands that dominate our travel and leisure market. The biomedical-pharmaceutical industry in 30 years saw a 70 percent contraction, from about 100 companies to 30. But perhaps some of the greatest lessons in consolidation for the MLS industry can be learned from the banking industry. From 1984 to 1990, the number of banks slipped from a high of 14,500 to 12,300, a 15 percent drop. Today, there is fewer that half that number – 5,400 commercial banks, and another round of bank consolidation is being predicted. Most importantly, the top 10 banks hold 50 percent of all assets. Consolidation in the thrift, or savings and loan (a.k.a. savings bank) industry has been perhaps the most dramatic. At one time, there were as many as 5,000 savings and loans in the U.S. and today, that number is fewer than 800. As someone who spearheaded the on-the-ground Public Relations efforts on one of the nation’s most active players in this consolidation phase – Great Western Bank – there are many PR lessons that the MLS industry can learn, including how to manage the many internal and external risks that consolidation uniquely posses. An Overall Communications Strategy A lot of things will happen throughout the consolidation processes when two or more MLSs are merging that you cannot anticipate. But one of the most important elements you can manage within the consolidation process is communications. What you say internally and externally, whom you say it to, and the channels you select to communicate are crucial to a successful consolidation. Having an organized, well-thought out communications strategy that all parties adhere to is an essential first step. Thinking through the entire consolidation process from start to finish and the juncture points that you will need to communicate both internally and externally to certain audiences helps […]


Friedrich Nietzsche wrote “Early in the morning, at the break of day, in all the freshness and dawn of one’s strength, to read a book – I call that vicious!” There is a liberating freedom about the early hours of Saturday or Sunday. Unlike the other days of the week, my mind has more freedom. I wake up unfocused on the routine of my workday and embrace any number of ideas or influences that come my way. I like to read – not books like I did as a teenager so much as digital media. One of my favorite inspirations is Ted Talks – a video. A profound Ted Talk inspired me this morning in a way that I believe can transform our MLS systems – its called What3Words. The thesis is pretty simple. Chris Sheldrich and his mathematician friend divided the earth into 3 meter squares. There are 57 trillion of them, FYI. Using 40,000 words – each square is assigned a specific three-word location. They have already translated the 40,000 words into 14 languages. I live at saylor.professional.refills. Please take 5 minutes to watch the talk below: Did you know that Carmel-by-the Sea, California does not have addresses? The post office does not deliver to this quaint artist community nestled along the pacific shores of Monterey County. Its delightful for MLSListings and all of the technology solutions that try to map properties. They use latitude and longitude, rooftop pin drops, and the like. In America, our Nation’s MLSs can quickly and easily add a field that translates the geolocation to simple words that people can remember. When I was living there a few days a month for a project, I lived at Lincoln, 2 South East of 5th. That means Lincoln Street, two houses South East of the Intersection of Lincoln and 5th. The company had an office in the front of the property and two luxury apartments in the back. My place was insertion.lifelike.singing. The office address is sisters.boring.daft In America, and elsewhere around the world. People are living without addresses. Our homeless situation clearly expresses this problem. If you are living without an address, you are living outside of society. The Ted Talk says that the United Nation’s suggests that Billions of people are living without addresses. That is the good natured and good spirited part that MLSs could provide to every citizen of our nation. […]


How Great Agents Challenge Discount Brokers

by Victor Lund on October 23, 2017

Last week, WAV Group founding partner Marilyn Wilson and I had the privilege to speak to a packed room of nearly 1000 real estate agents and brokers at the Real Estate New Technology conference in Paris (R.E.N.T.). If you visit the website using Google Chrome – you can translate it (http://www.realnewtech.com). The show had about 4000 attendees and more than 200 vendors. It was very well done and I encourage you to set time in your calendar to attend next year if your budget permits. I really appreciate the invitation extended by the event’s owner and producer, Herve Parent. The experience and the hospitality was outstanding and it is always good to see my friend Eric Calosci. It was also nice to see the familiar faces from Centris in Montreal. CEO Eric Charbonneau along with a small contingent had a booth displaying their implementation of Matrix and Instanet. Everyone was soundly impressed at the amount of technology his organization delivers to real estate agents. Real estate in Europe is very hard. There is no MLS, and many of the listings are not exclusive. Its like an entire ecosystem of pocket listings. Funny thing is, they do not seem to mind. American and Canadian brokers provide a steady amount of pressure on our MLSs and REALTOR® Associations to improve. From time to time, perhaps they should be thankful of the many things that are done well. One gentleman described the American model as “opaque, poor value, unreliable, and largely inaccessible to the consumer outside of “normal working hours.” “A proposition based upon a bygone age of fragmented, secreted data and buyers registered in silos, hidden from view except those agents that they know.” “Their proposition is clunky to an extreme, and filled with more layers than a New York deli sandwich.” And even called me out for not knowing that Purplebricks launched in California. A lot of this happened after I spoke. I was challenged to talk about 5 trends that have changed real estate and 5 trends that will. Part of my talk was to contrast discount brokerage with 100% commission brokerage. A quick definition of discount brokerage – Discount brokerage is a full service real estate firm that cuts the commission rate. For example, 1% fee to the agent or a fixed fee per transaction. There are many discount brokerages in America and some do a damn good job […]


Pacific Union have acquired Empire Realty Associates, read the release below: Dear Pacific Union Colleagues: I’m excited to share news that Pacific Union International has acquired Danville-based Empire Realty Associates, an independent luxury brokerage with 54 top-performing East Bay real estate professionals. The acquisition will continue to grow our Contra Costa region, increasing our market share in the Tri-Valley area. This alliance is a homecoming of sorts for the leadership teams of Empire Realty Associates and Pacific Union. The East Bay brokerage’s CEO and Chairperson Judi Keenholtz established Empire Realty Associations in 2002. Prior to founding that brokerage, Keenholtz was tapped by Pacific Union in 1989 to establish its first division outside of San Francisco in Contra Costa County. We are pleased to welcome Empire’s team to Pacific Union. We share both history in this community and the same core values of integrity and elite performance that define our commitment to our clients. This brings us one step closer to our vision of becoming the real estate firm of the future and the ultimate California real estate company, with projected 2017 sales volume in excess of $18 billion. As Pacific Union continues to grow, we stay committed to offering our real estate professionals the same benefits of a locally owned and operated business. Empire Realty Associations will continue to operate under its current name until 2018, when it will be rebranded as Pacific Union International. Click here for Q&As on the acquisition. Join me in welcoming Empire Realty Associates! Mark A. McLaughlin

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Lone Wolf Acquires Instanet Solutions

by Marilyn Wilson on October 16, 2017

The Transaction Management software space is one of the most competitive categories of real estate technology.  Today, Lone Wolf, one of the leading providers of broker accounting and management solutions, announced its acquisition of fellow Canadian company, Instanet Solutions.  This is the second transaction management software acquisition in the past two weeks.  Fidelity National Financial, Inc. recently acquired a majority interest in Skyslope, another highly regarded transaction management solution. Instanet provides Transaction Desk to over 500,000 REALTORS® through its partnership with MLSs and Associations across North America. Transaction Desk is a transaction management solution comprised of several cloud-based products for document and file management, electronic forms, eSignatures, and file review and compliance. In the last year alone, real estate professionals completed ten million signings through Instanet, while also submitting over 22 million documents and creating 31 million forms. Lone Wolf currently provides services to 10,000 brokerages offices serving 180,000 REALTORS®. The relationship between Lone Wolf and Instanet started as an integration partnership in 2014. The vision for an end to end broker solution has been in the works at Lone Wolf for several years.  We at WAV Group have been talking about this concept since 2010. Here’s a white paper we published in November 2010 entitled Brokerage Real Estate Technology, an Industry in Need of a Backbone. We wrote a follow-up piece in June, 2011 further articulating the vision for a broker-centric technology company seamlessly connecting to MLS data and delivering all of the functionality needed by a brokerage to secure new listings, effectively promote listings and then efficiently process transactions. It’s great to see the vision of a true end to end solution for brokerages coming to life. We had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Arkeveld, CEO of Lone Wolf Technologies about the acquisitions implications for MLSs/Associations MLSs and Associations will remain a KEY priority. Given that Lone Wolf is clearly a broker-centric company we wanted to understand whether MLSs and Associations will remain a key priority. Lone Wolf was clear to reinforce to us that MLSs and Associations will remain a key priority.  They told us: “Instanet’s MLS customers are a major factor of the company’s success, and we plan to continue to invest in those relationships and the MLS space to enhance our value to the industry as a whole”. Corelogic/Instanet Partnership to Remain Unchanged We were first interested to find out what changes, if any that […]


CRMLS, MetroList and High Desert all Go Platinum

by Kevin Hawkins on October 13, 2017

When RESO – Real Estate Standards Organization – announced the release of Data Dictionary 1.6, the group that is fueling future innovation in real estate unveiled the biggest update in the history of the RESO Data Dictionary. Hundreds of new data elements and massively important new capabilities were added. Data related to Accessibility, Showing Data, Saved Searches, Prospecting, Internet Tracking, Structure Types, and standardized Universal Identification of Organizations can all be delivered through this new Data Dictionary standard. It truly is real estate’s Rosetta’s Stone. Now three of the top MLSs in the nation — and not surprisingly all out of California — have achieved the highest level of RESO Certification of the most recent version of the Data Dictionary standard. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment. Just consider the scope of the update and the number of fields that needed to be added to hit this top tier level of recognition. Then consider the timeframe: they did this with lighting speed. In the music world, when a record goes Platinum, there is perhaps no greater feeling of accomplishment for the artist. In real estate, when an MLS goes Platinum, in this case three of them — California Regional MLS (CRMLS), the nation’s largest MLS, MetroList, the largest MLS in Northern California, and High Desert Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (HDAR MLS) as well as MLS  —  that also has to be an enormous feeling of accomplishment. Not just for the staff and leadership of CRMLS, MetroList and High Desert, but also for the 100,000 Realtors who gain access to the most advanced features of the RESO Data Dictionary. Extra kudos also goes to Rapattoni, the MLS technology firm that helped both MetroList and High Desert Association of REALTORS® MLS achieve Platinum level Certification. Rapattoni recently received RESO Web API Certification, which will enable all of Rapattoni’s customers to receive RESO’s most advanced data system that is replacing the widely-adopted RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) technology in use by many industries today. Next week when RESO meets in San Diego at The Pendry Hotel for its Fall Conference Oct. 17-19, 2017 (and the new, super-exciting live RESO DataComp, a data competition with $25,ooo in prizes), please give a pat on the back to anyone and everyone you meet from these terrific organizations for leading the way towards more innovation with the RESO Data Dictionary. Here is the complete news release announcing these achievements:  Three […]


It is really difficult to serve the needs of all of your MLS subscribers. Some are extremely tech savvy and some have little interest in technology, yet MLS systems and tools need to address all of their needs ideally. Do you want to be the best MLS you can be? Are you interested in what your members and REALTORS® across America have to say about the services and support that MLSs offer? If so, WAV Group can help you.  We’re offering a FREE service to the industry to evaluate the current state of MLS services and support. Armed with the valuable feedback gathered from agents and brokers around North America, you can be sure that you are services are meeting the grade. WAV Group would like to invite each of MLSs and Association colleagues to participate in our upcoming MLS Services and Support Survey.  As in past years, the WAV Group survey will measure awareness, adoption and attitudes about the services and support offered by MLS organizations throughout North America. The WAV Group 2017 MLS Services and Support survey will measure the attitudes of MLS leadership and staff AS WELL AS daily practitioners and users of MLS services.  We believe that it is critical to understand the feedback and insights of both of these important groups. Results of the FREE Survey will be shared with the industry. Individual market results will also be shared with participating MLS organizations as requested. For the first time the WAV Group MLS Services and Support Survey will ALSO include questions to uncover the most interesting ways for MLSs to continue to improve the services and support they offer. This section of the survey will help MLS technology providers and MLS organizations help outline the path for continual improvements in relevance and customer satisfaction. If you would like to participate in the survey, please register here and we’ll contact you with the details. If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to reach out to me at Marilyn@wavgroup.com. Thanks so much for your participation! CLICK HERE to register so that your organization can take advantage of this important survey.


MLSs have a great opportunity to significantly improve the relevance and marketing power of their organization by finding ways to better serve the needs of their brokers and real estate consumers. I had the honor of interviewing David Charron, Chief Strategy Office of Bright MLS about the highly successful merger between Trend MLS, MRIS and several other MLSs in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. They have come together to create one of the largest MLSs in North America. Hear directly from David what it took to accomplish this broker-centric feat!  Check out the video below where David will give you specific ideas about how you too can accomplish consolidation in your local market. Learn from one of the best and brightest(pun intended) about how to create a more relevant organization positioned to help REALTORS®  succeed in even big ways. After you watch the video be sure to subscribe to WAV Group’s newly relaunched Youtube Channel too! Enjoy!  


Never has so much information been available to consumers on the residential real estate economy, especially on market trends important to buyers and sellers.  Buyers and sellers are self-educating themselves about market conditions long before they hire a real estate agent. This wealth of information can be confusing and even contradictory, proving once again that there’s a big difference between information and knowledge.  Perhaps that’s why consumers want agents who are as smart—or smarter—than they are about market trends.  “Knowledge of the real estate market” consistently ranks higher than people skills, technology skills and even negotiation skills among the qualities that buyers consider to be very important when shopping for an agent.[1] Yet, communicating market smarts is not easy.  The most popular tactic the market report, a periodic summary of market conditions based on MLS data.  Original market reports require skills and time that few real estate professionals possess.  Several vendors help to fill the gap with computer-generated reports that brokerages can purchase and add their logo and email to prospects.  These are rich with graphics and data but thin on analysis.  While they are better than nothing, they often have a cookie-cutter feel.  Unfortunately, mass-produced reports usually lack substantive input from the sponsoring broker, and thus fail to convince prospects of the brokerage’s expertise. A good branded report: Tells readers in plain English what is happening right now in the local marketplace and what to expect in the weeks to come. Is truly branded. It contains unique analysis of market trends and includes commentary from one or more agency executives.  It is named “the XYZ brokerage report” and branded with the agency’s logo.  It reports sides closed by the brokerage as well as the larger marketplace.  It invites feedback, with a phone number and email address. Contains data so fresh and well-presented that it will make news in local traditional and social media outlets. It drills down into the Zip codes and communities where the brokerage has offices; and Builds credibility and SEO by coming out on a regular schedule, preferably monthly. It’s easier to justify the expense of a branded report by using it in many ways, including: Issuing a news release with each report to local and regional traditional news media and local real estate blogs; Pushing out an emailing to customers, clients and prospects; Posting an article on the brokerage’s blog; Reaching referrals by posting in […]


Don’t Miss Out On This Spooktacular Deal!

by Camilla Harvey on October 3, 2017


With 2018 fast approaching, ensure that your leadership team, staff and brokers are well informed with the essential information they need to make SMART and WELL-INFORMED decisions in 2018. WAV Group’s highly acclaimed WAVes of Change webinar series is a GREAT way to keep your organization relevant and in sync with industry trends and ever-changing consumer requirements. What are the WAVes of Change? Our WAVes of Change Series means we attend the events so you don’t have to. Four times a year we present a live webinar which includes exclusive looks at WAV Group research, emerging technology trends, broker challenges, best practices and policy discussion. Many successful MLSs and Associations already understand the value of this stimulating and cost-effective way to keep their members up to speed on industry initiatives that make an impact. Join the Texas Association of REALTORS, New Mexico Association of REALTORS, MFRMLS and many others in helping large and small organizations stay on top of the game changers in our industry. WAV Group will also answer questions that your board and staff have about the climate of the industry, address technology changes, as well as provide guidance on some best practices. The webinar series also allows for an opportunity for your voice to be heard, regarding issues we have in common, relevant questions as well as sharing potential strategies that lead to optimal success.  WAV Group provides balanced and unbiased overviews on the key topics of the day to help bring every one of your board members up to speed on key issues so that you can have more productive, strategic and insightful discussions at your board meetings Examples of previous topics discussed include: CMLS Research Reviews MLS Policy Trends Consumer Attitudes About Agent Ratings The Power of Consumer Research Panels The Power of Client Relationship Management Effective Ways to Increase Adoption of your Services Governance for the Nimble Organization AMP, Upstream, RESO and Broker Public Portal update Broker Hot Buttons Data Sharing/Consolidation Trends and lots more…… Don’t Miss Out on this Killer Deal! Get 5 Educational Sessions for the Price of 4! Right now, we are offering a Spooktacular Halloween Special!, If you subscribe for the 2018 WAVes of Change before October 31st,  you’ll get one WAVes of Change session free.  Your group will be able to attend 5 sessions instead of four, including one in mid-November THIS year. You can start your organization on […]


WAVes of Change Award

We are proud to announce that Dionna Hall and her newly formed team in South Florida at RAPB + GFLR is the FIRST recipient of WAV Group’s WAVes of Change Award! Watch the video below of the presentation of the first WAVes of Change Award! Why were they chosen?  For creating the 3rd largest Association and one of the top 10 largest MLSs in America.  RAPB + GFLR is solving problems for brokers in South Florida.  The newly formed organization will provide listing exposure to nearly 30,000 agents, dramatically increasing marketing impact. It will also make it easier for brokers to expand their businesses into a much larger region in South Florida as they choose. What this hard-working group of volunteers and staff accomplished is NOT easy to do. It took guts, hard work, leadership skills and a strong will to better serve South Florida brokers and agents. This group did not let politics, naysayers or fear get in their way. They just made it happen. They have accomplished something that many have talked about, but have not had the bravery and tenacity to succeed at. WAV Group LOVES it when we see such great work being done to make our industry strong and vital for the long haul. That’s why we created this new award called the WAVEs of Change award. Now we have a way to take a minute to say thanks to those that go the extra mile for their members. What is the WAVes of Change Award? WAV Group is proud to announce a new program called the WAVes of Change Awards. These awards will be given to those in the real estate industry that have made bold new moves to create positive WAVes of Change for our industry. The WAVes of Change Awards will honor those that have a vision for a brighter future for real estate and do what it takes to make their vision a reality. Importantly, the WAVes of Change Award will be given to leaders of programs that are already live and have been proven to be successful.  A panel of judges will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria: Solves fundamental challenges or creates exciting new opportunities Improves the quality of service or insights provided to real estate consumers, agents or brokers Creates company, market or industry efficiencies, cost savings and opportunities for innovation. Helps to raise the bar of […]


Great Content Should Still Be King

by Kevin Hawkins on October 3, 2017

Content Is King

The lines in the world of communication are blurring, between content that is paid for and content that is earned. Think about it. Is the last content you just read sponsored content or earned content? Do you know for sure? Did you check the source? Are you familiar with the writer? Did the CEO of the real estate brokerage get on the cover of the magazine because her company earned the accolades, or because they paid for a bunch of ads? Did the CTO of the tech startup get on the stage at the big industry tech conference because he was vetted as a great speaker, or because his firm was a Titanium Sponsor? The truth is that most people cannot tell if the content they are reading or the presentation they are hearing was influenced by sponsorship or advertising dollars unless of course, the content is crap. And that’s precisely my point. Great content should still win out whether it is paid for or earned. The reason the lines of communication are blurring, and that it is becoming harder to realize if a video program is sponsored, or a commercial is a commercial, is that when content is done really well, it works. We should not be judging content based on whether or not it was paid for, but by the quality of the content. If content is self-serving, it is going to turn people off. It’s going to come across as being crap. But if content is really good, even if it was sponsored, you are going to value that content. The opposite should be true as well: if content is really good, even if it is not paid for, you should value that content as well. What we need to be thinking about is how do we make sure that we are encouraging the creation of great content and not forcing a path of sponsored content when that path should be optional. The truth is most sponsored content is crap: it’s often just not good content, but mediocre content that tries to hide its self-serving agenda. As someone who has spent a few decades in public relations working hard to create great content with my clients, it’s frustrating to see the current path that is forcing a route towards sponsor content. Great content should stand on its own merit – earned or sponsored, as great content is […]