IDX Rules Continue to Become More Broker-Friendly

by Marilyn Wilson on May 22, 2015

Way to go, MLS Policy Committee for staying on a continued path to overhaul the IDX rules to make them work harder for brokers! As you may recall, back at NAR National, there were great strides made to evolve IDX rules to encourage data standardization, broker marketing in multiple MLS markets and an increased focus on data accuracy. I am proud to say that WAV Group, along with the Leading […]


Time to Market

by Victor Lund on May 22, 2015

Shaping an idea or a strategy takes time. More importantly, it takes a well-structured catalyst that “just makes sense.” WAV Group has had the opportunity to work with some pretty fantastic visionaries on the future of real estate – powerful market makers that rethink things many times to carefully construct strategies for the greater good. The outreach with peers and competitors only drives the momentum and refines the structure. It […]


What ever happened to Trade Show Etiquette?

by Kevin Hawkins on May 22, 2015

It could be just me. I may have attended too many trade shows. Yet somehow I believe Emily Post would have been appalled if she walked the exhibits at NAR Midyear. To add a little context, I have attended, exhibited, sponsored and run trade shows. In fact, I’m afraid to count the number of miles I have walked on trade show floors, having attended many NAR-FAR-CAR annuals, NAR Midyears, HomeBuilders/IBS, […]


No HATERS in Real Estate Please!

by Marilyn Wilson on May 22, 2015

After just coming back from the NAR Mid-Year meetings I harken back to one of our greatest spiritual leaders of all time – The Dalai Lama. He has an amazing quote that I feel bears repeating – “We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasing resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us and make us kinder. You have always the […]


What Brokers Can Learn From KOA

by Victor Lund on May 15, 2015

KOA means Kampgrounds of America. I did not know that. They are the largest franchisor of campgrounds in the world. For years, many of their campgrounds advertised themselves as the ‘Best KOA in America.’ Sound familiar? Real estate brokers and agents constantly promote themselves as the #1 this or that. But what is really important to the consumer? Bill Hendricks, CEO of KOA spoke in San Luis Obispo, RE Technology’s […]


Project Upstream Revealed

by Victor Lund on May 14, 2015

For a few years now, industry leaders have been working together to address data problems, producing almost two years ago a solution concept called “Upstream.” Not long after that, the WAV Group was asked to consult on the technical side of the development of the project. Our non-disclosure agreement has prevented us from saying much about it. However, now we are very pleased to be allowed finally to share some […]


Brokers & MLSs: Collaboration vs. Confrontation

by Kevin Hawkins on May 14, 2015

The real estate industry come a long way from the fall of 2013, when The Realty Alliance’s Craig Cheatham warned a crowd of MLS executives attending CMLS in Boise, “You’ve got 10 days.” That moment in time – described by blogger Notorious Rob as “the most interesting 30 minutes in the history of real estate conferences” — poignantly captured the mood of real estate brokerages towards the MLS industry. Fast-forward […]


Midyear Recap: CMLS Brings It to the Table

by Victor Lund on May 12, 2015

CMLS is an acronym for the Council of MLS. It is an organization that allows MLSs to share best practices in their pursuit of delighting the brokers and agents that subscribe to MLS services. A few years ago, they began the successful practice of having a primer conference the Tuesday before the NAR Midyear Legislative meetings. This year’s meetings were held at the City Club of Washington D.C. with 130 […]


Prevention vs. Reaction

by THE WAV GROUP on May 8, 2015

Written by: WAV Group guest contributor Lee Goldstein Recently a friend asked me to review some personal safety apps. Just to be clear, a personal safety app is an app that loads on to your smart phone and allows you to alert a handful of people, that you pre-defined, that you are in trouble.; or when you are overdue from an appointment. Additionally, some of these apps will also alert […]


New Tracking Tool Shows Where Real Estate Agents Get Their Most Leads San Diego – May 8, 2015 – ListTrac, known as the “Google Analytics for real estate listings,” today announced that Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni), a leader in providing software and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations, is the first MLS system provider to offer ListTrac integration nationally for MLS customers who subscribe to the ListTrac analytics service. The move […]


Sometimes I try to do the right thing and the outcome is not exactly what I expected. In the most recent episode of unexpected results is our messaging to the industry regarding adoption of the RESO Data Dictionary by the end of the year. Sometimes our fair warnings can cause panic. That was not the intent. But I would clarify my stern suggestion that you figure out your plan with […]


MLS Not Ready for Direct Syndication

by Victor Lund on May 5, 2015

In no small way, the impact of Zillow and Trulia being disconnected from ListHub has caused troubled waters for many MLSs. Although ListHub continues to manage syndication to a wide number of sites, they no longer support two of the top five. What’s the plan? MLSs are scrambling in every direction today. The biggest issue has been the data license agreement to Zillow. Everything was neat and tidy when ListHub […]

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Recruiting or Retention of Agents

by Victor Lund on April 30, 2015

In a recent meeting I attended of broker owners, there was a questions posed: What’s more important in your business – Recruiting or Retention of agents? There seemed to be an overwhelming lean toward recruiting and it is hard for me to understand why. When we look at operational effectiveness in a brokerage, we look at things like brand, leadership, and culture. Brand is measured by the opinion of agents […]

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Broker Public Portal Elects First Board of Managers

by THE WAV GROUP on April 29, 2015

Arroyo Grande, CA – April 28th, 2015 – A nationwide group of leading Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) and real estate brokerage firms supporting the creation of a national property search portal have elected their first board of managers. The initiative, known as the Broker Public Portal, was launched in January and includes a cross section of participants from 37 MLSs and 39 real estate brokerages representing the interests of 826,000 […]


Major Changes In Real Estate

by Victor Lund on April 28, 2015

Behold, changes are taking place in real estate. We are seeing significant efforts like Project Upstream, RPR AMP, Broker Public Portal, Fair Display Guidelines, and RESO mandates that are shaping the future of our industry. It makes you wonder what is driving this explosive cocktail of industry wide initiatives. At the heart of many of these developments are brokers. When they survey the world around them, they rue the existence […]


Are You International?

by Victor Lund on April 27, 2015

Sophisticated real estate companies in metropolitan areas do a lot of international business, or at least aim to do international business. To facilitate international business they belong to networks like Christies, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Luxury Real Estate, or international franchise organizations. International is also a significant strategic development initiative for brokerage firms with strong relocation departments. The trigger to securing inbound referrals from abroad is relationship […]


What should we look for at NAR Midyear?

by Kevin Hawkins on April 23, 2015

Real estate’s annual May pilgrimage begins in a couple of weeks. Its formal name is “REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo,” but I’ve never met anyone outside of NAR that doesn’t call it NAR Midyear. Even the url for the location on labels it “midyear” ( For several days – this year May 11-16 – local associations as well as state and regional associations leadership descend on Washington D.C. […]

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Be a Part of the Change!

by Jenna Woodruff on April 23, 2015

WAV Group is a part of strategic plans very often, for some of the largest MLSs and Associations in our industry. When conducting strategic plans we hear from brokers and board members that their organization is out of touch with today’s reality. So how do you get your board in touch? You can pay thousands of dollars for several of your board members to attend industry events. Many of these […]


Trend MLS Case Study On Excellence

by Victor Lund on April 23, 2015

I was at the Swanepoel T3 summit a week ago and battled the misanthropic attitude toward MLS that bubbles up from agents and brokers. My commentary was specific. Not all MLSs are alike. Most MLSs with more than 5000 subscribers are excellent. Some MLSs with more than 10,000 subscribers are constantly improving their service levels to brokers and agents. One of those MLSs is Trend MLS. Case in point – […]


Coming Soon Listings Revisited

by Victor Lund on April 23, 2015

Last summer, the issue of Coming Soon listings hit a peek of interest among the nation’s MLSs. As our industry is naturally prone to do, the issue was well vetted for more than a year thanks in part to the efforts of Mountain View, CA based MLS Listings CEO James Harrison and his Chairman Robert Bailey. It was discussed at every MLS conference and forum and MLSs created a new […]


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