Victor Lund

Victor Lund brings a wealth of business experience and is a founding partner of WAV Group.

Lund’s consulting focuses on enterprise operational effectiveness, communications, and strategic planning to large real estate brokerage firms, franchises, large MLS, large REALTOR® Associations, and the enterprise technology firms that serve this group.

Lund is also selectively engaged in expert testimony, along with an active consulting and investment consultation practice in the capital markets.

Victor Lund is known for leveraging a vast industry perspective, helping clients see first what others see eventually. In addition to his consulting role with WAV Group, Lund is a founder and CEO of RE Technology, the leading real estate technology and media portal in the United States with more 2 million visits a month.

Major industry initiatives include the founding development of UpstreamRE and the Broker Public Portal, along with numerous mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Lund was raised in family controlled businesses, Lund American and Dynamic Homes. Lund American, the world’s premier aluminum boat manufacturer.

Lund has been recognized as one of the Swanepoel Power 200 leaders in real estate for multiple years.





Inman News selected Victor Lund as one of the Top 100 Influential Leaders Multiple Years in the Real Estate Industry.

Inman Top 100 Victor Lund


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