WAV Group Communications

WAV Group CommunicationsThe new WAV Group Communications division provides the real estate industry integrated brand communications and marketing services to build awareness, provide reputation protection, and drive incremental revenue, product adoption and profitability.

Integrated services offered by WAV Group Communications include:

Editorial services and content creation
The development and creation of compelling original and custom content, crafted for use by traditional, digital and social media. Our Strategic Content Generation program covers the full spectrum, from news releases, executive biographies, product profiles and newsletters to white papers, special reports, blogs, drip email campaigns, social media content and more. Every product, every firm, every service has a story: WAV Group Communications helps you tell your best stories.

Media relations and placement
Developing a deep base of contacts and connections that represents the full scope of media, from top trade publications to leading business news outlets to influential blogs and broadcasters, takes literally decades. But knowing the right people is only half the equation: Earning a reputation as having a strong news instinct as well as a provider of reliable sources, dependable data, and reachable and quotable experts also is vital. WAV Group Communications has the experience and the skilled resources to help your stories get told.

Strategic communications & marketing consulting
A rock solid communications plan is at the core of every successful business strategy. WAV Group Communications provides compelling, effective, and cost efficient communications and marketing strategies. We work with you to understand your business needs and objectives. As seasoned real estate industry veterans, we know your market environment, and work with your team to determine the best channels (including traditional, digital and social media), the right messages, and the most effective tactics to reach your target clients and industry influencers.

Communications and marketing program development
An effective communications and marketing program helps you cut through clutter, as the average adult is bombarded with literally thousands of marketing messages every day. WAV Group Communications excels in communications and marketing programs that solve business problems. The goal is to connect you to your customers in new and powerfully engaging ways, from supporting “Go to Market” strategies for launching new products and services, to expanding your reach into new markets.

Crisis communications management
It takes years to build a valued reputation, and it can be lost in minutes. Anything that can potentially threaten the reputation or integrity of your firm requires crisis communications expertise. WAV Group Communications is your skilled advocate and advisor during the most challenging times. Gaining the ability to invoke a properly executed crisis communications response at a moment’s notice, is vital for every firm that understands its fiduciary duty to its stakeholders and the value of its brand.

Digital & social media strategy and execution
Digital & social media for the B2B world of real estate, when used correctly, has power, influence and ability to drive responses from highly targeted audiences. Yet few companies have the resources to effectively create AND execute a digital and social media strategy. That’s where WAV Group Communications comes in. The vast majority of real estate firms should not be on every social channel and produce every kind of digital content. Narrowing your focus to get the biggest bang for your buck is the key to success in B2B social media and we help you develop and provide execution assistance that leverages and augments your existing resources in the most efficient way.