Aculist Edge for Brokers – Big Data, MLS Powered

by Victor Lund on October 19, 2016

Aculist Logo

There are a few companies that have developed analytic and business intelligence tools for real estate. Terradatum, RBI, 10K, Altos Research, Trend Graphics, Realtors Property Resource and others. But this past year, one of America’s leading MLSs, MLSListings launched a new product called Aculist Edge™ under the banner of their subsidiary, Aculist (the name denotes accurate listings). Based in Sunnyvale, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley, MLSListings has some of the most advanced software developers in the MLS industry, and they have leveraged those resources in ways that only an MLS operator can. Aculist Edge is something that is truly special. MLSListings is a broker-governed MLS. It is important to understand that because this fact sets the scene around why an MLS would invest in a business intelligence product rather than purchasing one off the shelf. Board members representing firms such as Coldwell Banker NRT, Alain Pinel, Intero, Keller Williams, Sotheby’s, Berkshire Hathaway, RE/MAX, and others demand more information that allows them to better manage their brokerage business. Their feedback influenced the development of Aculist Edge, resulting in a product that fits how they work and use data. Aculist Edge is different than many of the other solutions in two ways. The first is design. Great effort was spent in creating simplicity on top of complicated data, making Aculist Edge easy to use and the reports look terrific! The second component of Aculist Edge is its connectivity to the live MLS database. Many solutions in the marketplace today update only once a month, others once a day. Aculist Edge is happening in real time. Because Aculist Edge is an MLS creation, they have re-imagined some reporting that is not readily available in the market from other solutions. Here are a few examples: Analyze sales data to identify where your next office should be Report on closed transactions and pending transactions Highlight listings that may have an issue with too many days on market Highlight listings that are in escrow too long Those are the special things, but Aculist Edge does the hard work that is not offered as seamlessly in many other competitive solutions, delivering benefits such as: Competitive comparisons by firm, office, team, and agent Agent performance Market trends by County, zip code, city, and school district Company and agent performance by property type, price point, market area, etc. Aculist Edge was built by one of the nation’s leading […]