Top 10 Facebook Posts of The Year

by Victor Lund on January 8, 2016

AdAge is the heartbeat of understanding how marketers are engaging with consumers online, and a great place to keep track of trends. I was attracted to this article that talked about the top 10 posts on Facebook in 2015. My intrigue was to understand if there was something that real estate could learn by looking backwards. Robert Plant Breaks Down into Tears When Ann Wilson Covers “Stairway to Heaven” – My conjecture is that a sincere emotional reaction (tears) combined with a recognized celebrity (Plant) that we can relate to (everyone knows the words to Stairway to Heaven). Optimistic People All Have One Thing In Common: They’re Always Late – My conjecture is that everyone either hates being late, or hates it when other people are late, or both. In some small way, this post turns hate into something good – optimism. Zombie-themed “Walking Dead” cruise setting sail in January – no conjecture. 15 hilarious parenting comics that are almost too real – conjecture is that humor always attracts people, especially clean humor that we can all relate to in some way. Fast Food Workers: You Don’t Deserve $15 an Hour to Flip Burgers, and That’s OK – lots of dynamic conjecture here.  This touches the familiar body of emotion that people manifest around fast food restaurants and minimum wages. This Moving Company Helps Women Leave Abusive Homes At No Cost – WOW! In a way, this is the only advertising related post in the top 10.  This one also hits home in a significant way because the moving company is in our town of San Luis Obispo. It is the story of Meathead Movers. The company was started by some local Cal Poly college kids trying to make some extra money. It has become a very successful company around the mantra that athletic college students come and move your stuff. The students also run back to the truck after they set down each box to show you how hard they work. The conjecture here is that the company is dong something that is really good. I know that real estate companies are constantly doing things that are really good. As an industry, we “pay it forward.” As you set down your strategy for social media in 2016, think about what you can do that is Good, Family Orientated, Emotional, Includes a Celebrity, is familiar, and that people have […]

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Advertising contrarian Bob Hoffman gave a talk at Matt Beall’s Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers’ Worthshop 5 conference last week, which is a wake up call to real estate agents and brokers everywhere. Why are we spending so much time, energy and money marketing to 18-34 year olds when the greatest, wealthiest, most powerful spending group in the world in nearly every major product category is 50+ years old? Remarkably, Bob helps us answer that question and a more important one: How should we be marketing to the over 50 crowd? Full disclosure up front: The majority of the marketing world hates Bob Hoffman and thinks he’s dead wrong. The only problem with this is that all the facts and research say he’s right. Why do we market to Millennials? Bob has researched this extensively and his findings are jarring. His overall conclusion is that most marketers have a herd instinct: They are marketing to Millennials because everyone else is and somewhere there must be someone who has the facts and knows “why the hell we are doing this?” Bob’s been looking for that someone and looking for the facts to support this movement, but has come up with contrary research at every step. He cites Nielson, saying: People over 50 are the most valuable generation in the history of marketing They are responsible for over half of consumer spending They outspend the average consumer in nearly every product category: food, household furnishings, entertainment, personal care, etc. They account for 55 percent of all package goods sales and dominate 94 percent of consumer package categories They outspend other adults online two-to-one, on a per capita basis They buy about 60 percent of all cars He also shared this nugget: “You know how you see all of those Millennials in car commercials? Well, people 75 to dead buy six times as many cars as people 18-24.” Then he dropped this statistical bombshell, met with gasps from the audience: People over 50 account for more than 70% of the wealth in the U.S. If they were their own country, they would be the third largest economy in the world – bigger than India, Japan and Germany. The biggest problem, says Bob, is this: People over 50 are the target of only 10% of all advertising in the U.S. Marketers are not over 50 Listening to Bob, you immediate start to ask yourself, […]

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Join WAV Group for an informational webinar on advertising in an Association owned MLS! This webinar will feature a Q & A session with GLVAR, BNAR, and GEPAR – three leading Association-owned MLSs who have launched advertising programs to help generate non-dues revenue. If your Association or MLS is considering adding or modifying your advertising strategy, be sure to register today! You are encouraged to prepare questions and invite your leadership to attend this webinar as well. There is no fee for attendance but the capacity of the meeting room is limited to 1000. Register early to ensure your access. Date: September 12th, 2013 Time: 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central / 10 am Pacific [Please adjust for your time zone!]   Click here to register   Moderator: Victor Lund, WAV Group, Inc. Panelist:     Nelson Janes – CEO, GLVAR will discuss how advertising on their public website ( funded a new website, along with an overview of feedback on the strategy from the perspective of the membership and the board of directors.     Linda Doane – Vice President and Publisher, BNAR and operator of the public site, will talk about how their print publication and online search site combine to compliment the advertising strategy. They have been particularly successful at attracting Brokers, Agents, and Homebuilders to advertise in their publication and on their website. Learn why members would rather purchase advertising from the Association than the newspaper or other magazine publications.       Jason Sanchez Jason Sanchez – Director of MLS and Technology, GEPAR. The GEPAR board of directors took a bold initiative by placing advertising in the MLS system. Sanchez will talk about the process of developing the strategy and the feedback from the membership.   Disclaimer: This webinar is sponsored by CoreLogic. The company launched a new advertising program called CoreLogic Real Estate Advertising Network (CREAN) in 2012. The webinar will not be providing any product information. Please contact your CoreLogic account manager or Todd Costigan ( if you would like information about their ad network. WAV Group and RE Technology do not endorse any product or service. We strongly encourage Brokers, Agents, MLSs and Associations to thoroughly investigate a variety of solutions before selecting a vendor for any service. For a complete list of suppliers of Advertising solutions, visit


Real Estate and Scented Print Ads

by Victor Lund on March 12, 2012

home cookies

Oh the sweet smell of real estate. Open house month conjures up fresh baked cookies or home made bread. Agents have put scent into their open house strategy for decades. More than myth, scent is a great marketing tool! When I think of scent marketing, I think of the perfume ads that still show up in magazines. I am not a big fan of those ads, but they do catch your attention. They make you smell, even if only to reconfirm your distaste for the perfume. Today, scent marketing has extended beyond fragrances. Leading brands like Dove, Neutrogena, and Airwick air fresheners are having significant success. Here’s why. On average, 64% of readers read a scented paper ad, compared to 54% of readers who read any other type of ad. In other words, scented ads deliver 19% lift in advertising “stopping power.” (GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research). Real Estate companies could do themselves a great service by getting innovative with their print advertising.