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Fox and Roach Internal Marketing Excellence

by Victor Lund on March 30, 2015

Fox and Roach is among the largest real estate brokerages in America. They recently published an internal communications piece that is a great case study for how brokers stay connected to their agents using video, and move the needle on adoption of brokerage services. Watch this short 2 minute video Why I like it. First, its short. To many people try to say too much. Make your video quick, clear, and drive action. Second – its familiar – Fox and Roach does a great job of promoting people across the organization – staff, team leaders, top agents. Message – the video hits a single message – the number 1 reason why past clients do not repeat business with an agent is because the agent did not stay in touch – Solution delivered. Never miss repeat business again. WAV Group did not produce this video, but we do provide video production services through WAV Group Communications. If you need support executing on an internal or external communication strategy using video or public relations – we can help.

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Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

by Victor Lund on October 30, 2012

berkshire hathaway

Today, a new brand was born – Berskshire Hathaway Real Estate. Brookfield, Real Living and Prudential have combined forces with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices to create our industry’s newest national brand. This seems to be the first time the Berkshire Hathaway brand will be used in a consumer facing industry. I am pretty sure that this network of brokerages has a significant market share in every metropolitan city in America. Why this is important: Some of the Prudential Franchises were a little disturbed when they learned about the Sunset of the Prudential Real Estate brand – they are smiling ear to ear now. Moreover, some of the GMAC brands were less than smitten with the Real Living brand because it did not have a lot of strength or consumer awareness beyond certain markets like Ohio. They too are likely smiling right now. Kudos to Brookfield and HomeServices for putting aside their competitive differences and pulling off a brand-du-jour. Berkshire Hathaway is a brand consumers admire and trust. HomeServices and Brookfield Announce a New Residential Real Estate Franchise Brand—Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices® MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. (Oct. 30, 2012)—HomeServices of America, Inc.™, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, and Brookfield Asset Management, announced today that they have partnered to introduce Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices®—a new franchise brand that joins the existing brands and affiliate networks of Prudential Real Estate and Real Living Real Estate. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices® combines the financial strength of both organizations, coupled with the operational excellence of HomeServices and superior real estate franchising experience of Brookfield. The combined networks of more than 53,000 Prudential Real Estate and Real Living Real Estate agents generated in excess of $72 billion in residential real estate sales volume in 2011, and operate across more than 1,700 U.S. locations. “Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a new franchise brand built upon the financial strength and leadership of Brookfield and HomeServices,” said Warren Buffett, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. “I am confident that these partners will deliver value to the residential real estate industry, and I am pleased to have Berkshire Hathaway be a part of the new brand.” “We are honored and proud to be entrusted with the use of the Berkshire Hathaway name as our new real estate franchise brand,” said Ron Peltier, chairman and CEO of HomeServices. “We will convey the strength of Berkshire Hathaway’s reputation and its associated principles of integrity and financial stability in everything we do.” Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices® unites proven […]