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MLSs have a great opportunity to significantly improve the relevance and marketing power of their organization by finding ways to better serve the needs of their brokers and real estate consumers. I had the honor of interviewing David Charron, Chief Strategy Office of Bright MLS about the highly successful merger between Trend MLS, MRIS and several other MLSs in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. They have come together to create one of the largest MLSs in North America. Hear directly from David what it took to accomplish this broker-centric feat!  Check out the video below where David will give you specific ideas about how you too can accomplish consolidation in your local market. Learn from one of the best and brightest(pun intended) about how to create a more relevant organization positioned to help REALTORS®  succeed in even big ways. After you watch the video be sure to subscribe to WAV Group’s newly relaunched Youtube Channel too! Enjoy!  


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Associations gave birth to the MLS, and have maintained a colorful relationship with their technology progeny. Types of MLSs in America include Association owned and member governed; Association owned and broker governed; and of course, broker owned with no Association involvement. The relationship generally couples the non-for profit trade Association with the for-profit MLS technology company. The MLS pays dividends to their Association parent that stimulates non-dues revenue for the Association. One of the keystones of the incredible consolidation that created Bright MLS is the diversity of the 43 Association stakeholders. Mindful and respectful of the Association heritage of Bright MLS, the company announced yesterday the launch of their new government affairs support program. The program is designed to assist its stakeholder Associations with the costs associated with developing, maintaining or expanding their local government affairs efforts and help ensure that local public policy decisions that affect real estate are creating a healthy climate for housing, our industry and the real estate consumers. The funds can be used to pay for dedicated government affairs staff, education, monitoring legislation, reviewing legislation, community outreach, or other efforts of the government affairs department in an association. This is a clear signal from Bright MLS that the role of the Realtor® Association in government affairs is fundamental to the success of MLS subscribers and consumers. MLSs have long supported the role of the association at communicating economic housing information to the public as well. For Bright’s stakeholder Realtor® Associations, there is a simple process to apply for program funds to support specific government affairs efforts. Bright will evaluate the applications and grant funding that fits within the program specifications, and helps the associations’ efforts to be successful. Full Press Release Below Bright MLS Introduces Government Affairs Support Program Mid-Atlantic’s largest MLS will assist stakeholder associations in expanding political influence on government regulations Rockville, Md. and King of Prussia, Pa. (March 14, 2017) – Bright MLS, the Mid-Atlantic’s largest multiple listing service (MLS) that serves approximately 85,000 real estate professionals across 40,000 square miles, today announced a new program to assist its 43 stakeholder associations with the costs associated with developing, maintaining or expanding their local government affairs efforts to ensure that consumers’ property rights are protected. The program is designed to support Bright MLS stakeholder associations in managing the potential impact of government regulations, which can have a dramatic impact on local real estate and […]

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It is indeed a bright day in the MLS. The largest MLS consolidation in history is on the countdown to launch. A memo was released today to REALTORS® who will be impacted by the project called MLS Evolved – revealing the new name of their future MLS – Bright MLS Memo from Tom Phillips, CEO of Trend MLS As we continue to update you, TREND, MRIS and 7 other organizations are working to consolidate and create the next era of the MLS. I am excited to announce the name of this new MLS organization will be Bright MLS. 

We chose this name based on our vision for the new organization and a desire for it to: Inspire belief that each day is an opportunity to give real estate professionals all they need to shine, today and tomorrow. Instill the vision of something that empowers our customers for a successful future. Lift us out of the sea of acronyms most MLSs use. These acronyms are often based on geographies or basic descriptions of informational databases. Be imaginative, clever, empowering, and supportive. Project leadership and innovative thinking. As I’ve mentioned before, you likely have questions about the new MLS and in January we anticipate being able to provide you with more information.   MLS Evolved is one of the most impressive initiatives in America. It is a shining example of how organizations can place self-interest to the side and have an open and transparent business discussion and critical evaluation of the future of our industry. And, the role that MLSs must play to support REALTORS and Brokers in the best possible way. Anne Bailey of Pranix Consulting had a very moving discussion on stage at CMLS with David Charron of MRIS, a company that, along with Trend MLS, is at the heart of this MLS consolidation. Charron asked Bailey the question of “How many MLSs should we have in America?” It was a longish answer that centered on the notion that over 700 is too many, and one is probably too few. MLS Evolved covers multiple States, demonstrating that State lines are not necessarily the answer. There are many statewide MLS initiatives. Perhaps the number is 10 or 20 or 30. We do not really know. With Bright MLS, and California Regional MLS, we are seeing the emergence of two mega MLSs. For the first time, we will see multiple MLSs with […]

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