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Many consumers are looking to educate themselves on the housing market. They often end up on third party sites like Zillow and Trulia to see what listings in their area look like INSTEAD of your own site. WAV Group partner Marilyn Wilson is moderating this RE Technology webinar. This webinar is targeted to real estate brokers. Unfortunately, these sites can provide inaccurate data but time and again consumers head there because it’s the only location that provides them this information. Would you like to learn about an affordable program to attract potential new clients directly to your website, avoiding the additional cost of paying for promotion on third party sites? This webinar will help explain how to leverage your agent or broker site to become your local market’s go-to listing information portal that provides accurate information for prospective buyers. Learn how to attain qualified leads that will help your business explode this fall! Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, WAV Group Panelists: Dennis Vaughn, Quantum Leads Richard Eimers, Broker at Eimers Group   Date: Tuesday Oct. 8th 2013 Time: 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central / 10 am Pacific [Please adjust for your time zone!]   Click Here to Register!  

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Pilgrims vs. Portals

by Victor Lund on September 20, 2013

History tells many stories of long ago that reflect on the conditions of today. I came across a story about the Pilgrims that made me think that in some way, it is similar to the real estate industry and portals. In 1630, a Pilgrim court dealt a nasty blow to one of its settlers. They ordered him to be incarcerated, burned his house, confiscated all of his goods, then ultimately exiled him from America. The Pilgrim’s name was Thomas Morton, and they said that he was a danger to society. Morton went to England and pleaded with the English court, which was the court of record for Pilgrim society. Morton had found a new way to trade with the Indians for furs. Rather than barter goods, he held parties. He picked a nice spot outside of town, brought some jugs of booze, and invited some of the town’s young ladies to join him. The Indians saw that they were having a good time and soon began flocking to his parties bringing furs as a gesture. Morton was getting richer by the day. The English court saw nothing illicit about Morton’s ways, and sent him back to America with the court ruling in hand. This is where my real estate industry and portals relationship analogy comes in. When you have a look at the top websites of our era, they are having a great party with listing information that pales to the stoic puritan society of real estate broker websites. They offer information on every home in the area, not just active listings or 7 years of recently sold MLS listings. They lift up the skirt of home values and show the legs of when homeowner purchased their home and what they paid. They even invite FSBO girls and Foreclosure girls and offer their frilly information to their guests. Things did not end well for Mr. Morton. Even with his English court papers. Upon returning to America he was jailed until he went mad. Somehow I do not think that today’s leading portals are going to loose their sanity anytime soon. Indeed, it would seem that the real estate industry is the crazy one. Perhaps we should turn our attention to supporting brokers in throwing parties of their own. When I do a gap analysis of the data on broker sites vs. the data on portal sites, the differences are plainly […]


Trulia To Collect More Agent Data

by Victor Lund on August 5, 2013

To optimize your online effectiveness in the real estate business, you need to think strategically. This is the kind of strategic thinking that WAV Group works with brokers and franchises on every day. When a company that does a great job at online marketing and search engine optimization focuses on a strategy like enhancing agent information, we pay attention. Typically, when Trulia, Zillow,, or makes a change, it is with intent to find improvement. It’s the way everyone should think. Why Agent Profiles Are Important When consumers search, they use keywords. In our broker website effectiveness study, we learned that most consumer keyword searches that direct them to broker websites involve the company name or the agent name. A robust agent profile increases the likelihood of a consumer selecting an agent. If you have not Googled your broker name or agent name in awhile, you should do so, and look at the results. Broker Name Keyword Search Trends Brokerage Name keywords generally display the brokerage website at the top of the list. If they are a franchise, the franchise page for the brokerage tends to follow, then it becomes a bit random from there. Yellow pages, Yelp, and a host of other sites are fighting for top slots. *The only portal that I recognized in my sampling of brokerage searches was They build company landing pages on their site for brokerages that seem to get indexed quite well. Agent Name Keyword Search Trends Agent name keyword searches yield different results. If the agent has a website that uses their name, that is typically the top result. Beneath that, you will typically find social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Yelp, etc. Beneath that, you may find the broker website or the franchise website. *Today, my testing did not yield any portals who display on the first page of Google search results for any of the names I tested (20 top producers from around the county). Why Should You Care? In 2008, if you used Google to search for a property address of a home for sale,, a franchise website, or the broker website appeared at the top of the search results. Today, broker websites rarely appear on the first page of Google for an address search at all. When you do see a broker, it is Redfin, ZipRealty, Wiechert, or a few of the mega brokers like Long […]


Contact:  Victor Lund, Author for: WAV Group 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study Phone & Fax. 805.709.6696 Email: Arroyo Grande, CA July 25th, 2013 – WAV Group (, industry leaders of technology, strategic planning, research, business and product development, sales and marketing in the real estate industry, today released a whitepaper entitled “2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study.” The whitepaper, written by WAV Group, surveyed the Google Analytics accounts of broker websites representing 7,500,000 monthly visitors as the subject for insight on consumers accessing broker websites, and also garnered insights on the impact of social media, mobile, listing syndication and search engines.  This report is positioned to provide a consumer counterpoint to industry perspectives about broker websites to help the industry be more well-informed when making decisions about broker online marketing strategies. “The whitepaper confounds much of the vendor marketing hype about the impact of mobile, social media, SEO, and listing syndication on broker effectiveness“.  “The strength of the broker brand still rules supreme in garnering website traffic to broker sites,” says Victor Lund, Partner of WAV Group. “This study has found that consumers strongly believe broker websites are, in fact, very valuable tools. They not only help improve the value of the broker, but help the consumer identify and buy homes more efficiently.” Findings include: 68% of consumers access a broker website by either typing in the URL or using a brand related keyword phrase in a search engine. Referal traffic from franchise brands have dropped over 30% since 2008. Listing Syndication represents 12% of traffic to broker websites, up from 2% in 2008. Social Media represents 5% of consumer traffic to broker websites. 7.5% of referral traffic comes from automated email alerts     A complete report is available online for free download at: