Cameron Paine

Establishing Roots in Real Estate After working as the Director of Marketing & Professional Services at the Naples Board of Realtors in Florida, Paine moved on to the head position at the Bonita Springs-Estero Association, which, at the time, was a small association sandwiched between a megaboard in Fort Myers and another in Naples. As a contiguous market, all three were collaborating on building a jointly-owned and controlled MLS called Sunshine MLS. Uniquely, at the time, the project involved writing and producing MLS software. “It was a very educational experience that really prepared me to understand the critical technology pieces that have become the life bread of what the MLSs have become –  technology companies,” says Paine. Growing An Association Even while sharing an MLS and geographic borders with larger regional competitors, Paine led Bonita Springs’ growth from a small board to a medium board and boosted agent count under board of choice. A key strategy he employed was raising the profile of the Association by creating partnerships with the town to sponsor public events such as movies in the park as well as organizing charity golf tournaments to integrate the Association into the community.  By bringing greater publicity to the Association, Paine provided his agents with venues to meet prospective clients and helped drive appreciation for the positive role that brokers and agents played within the community. Within the Association, Paine engaged the membership by providing hands-on computer training seminars for agents to help them make the most of Sunshine MLS technology. “It sounds completely antiquated now,” explains Paine, “But, at the time, most of our agents had desktop computers and there was no GoToMeeting, which meant they had no way to learn technical skills in a supportive, informational environment.” The training was especially successful because it was delivered in a small group environment and focused on helping agents deliver consumer-centric service. “I developed relationships with a large number of our members simply by providing help in areas that they needed it.  That ability to meet a need quickly and in a friendly way really helped to build a sense of community that helped us to compete more effectively.” Nourishing Ideas for Growth In 2006, Paine was hired as the founding CEO of the Connecticut MLS, a newly created non-stock, broker run corporation, where he was tasked with an ambitious project to become a regional MLS and possibly a […]