New Thinking Can Create a MUCH Stronger Board

by Marilyn Wilson on February 28, 2018

You’re sitting in your board room thinking through a tough decision that needs to be made.  Many of the board members are passionate, engaged real estate professionals who have lived in the local area for their entire careers. 


CRMLS Agrees to Offer Remine to its 82,000 Subscribers

by Marilyn Wilson on May 16, 2017

Remine is at it again!  In recent months, the company has forged partnerships with several of the nation’s largest MLSs. CRMLS will be launching the product to its 82,000 members according to the press release issued today.  Remine is taking the industry by storm.  Every MLS I work with across the country seems to be looking at this exciting new product. Remine is an intelligent service marrying social media profiles with home ownership factors to help agents identify prospects and then use social media to advertise to them.  The company has deep expertise in manipulating large data sets and then boiling them down into simple reports to help agents significantly increase their ability to target specific customer segments.  The myriad of reports are designed to help agents identify markets with strong investor representation, high incidence of kids in the household, ownership length and many, many other interesting factors that REALTORS® can use to hone their prospecting efforts. Remine  has created a whole new way for MLSs to help their subscribers leverage real estate information to successfully target potential sellers and help deepen relationships with current clients. Check out the press release here:   SAN DIMAS, CA — (May 16, 2017) —California Regional MLS, has signed a multiyear license with Remine to bring the power of big data and predictive analytics to more than 82,000 real estate professionals throughout California. “We organize d a focus group of 30 top brokers and they enthusiastically voted in favor of making Remine available for our MLS. We look forward to harnessing the power of consumer data with Remine to enhance agent productivity and usher us into the future of MLS services,” said Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS. Leo Pareja, CEO of Remine, said, “We are excited to empower agents in California with our big data visualizations and predictive analytics.  Agents will be able to find new listing opportunities that are most likely to sell, and be able to score their own contacts based on who is likely to buy next.” About CRMLS California Regional MLS is the nation’s largest and most recognized subscriber-based MLS, dedicated to servicing over 82,000 real estate professionals from 32 Associations, 3 Boards of REALTORS® and 1 MLS. CRMLS is the industry powerhouse and thrives on providing the most relevant products and services to its subscribers. For more information on CRMLS visit About Remine     Remine delivers real estate […]


Today, all MLSs in America are prepared to provide a standard set of data from across the nation. It’s the kind of data that portals have been aggregating for years, which is now being made available to real estate brokers. With great effort Redfin championed this strategy to become one of the most successful broker websites in America. We will be hosting a webinar surrounding these topics on Tuesday October 11th at 10:00am PDT. Register here today! Our panelists on this exciting webinar include:                                 For too long, brokers and their vendors have struggled with the difficulty of managing the different data structures and business rules of more than 700 MLSs. Today marks the beginning of a new era, where each MLS is synthesized into a single common format allowing brokers to provide services, across MLS boundaries without differentiation.  Be sure to register below for this one hour webinar to be hosted on: Tuesday October 11th at 10am PDT CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!


America’s Largest MLS Offering System of Choice

by Victor Lund on November 4, 2015

One announcement that was made around the Council of MLS meetings was the intention of the California Regional Association of REALTORS to offer the Paragon MLS system alongside the CoreLogic Matrix system. This was a big topic of conversation in our recent webinar, the most recent installment in our ongoing WAVes of Change series. Just think about it – they will be running in parallel forever. History CRMLS is a complex MLS. They support 78,000 subscribers and they plan to grow. California has a lot of Paragon installations in California, including some large MLSs like San Diego County and a more modest sized MLS in the Eastern Bay of San Francisco. There are much smaller accounts scattered around the state. San Diego is a neighbor to CRMLS and they share overlapping membership in Northern San Diego County. Strategy From a strategic perspective, the size of CRMLS is justification enough to offer different systems. We have witnessed this before in Chicago where they offered three systems years ago, and in the Dallas and greater northern Texas market where CoreLogic’s Innovia system was offered because of its support for mobile web and Mac OS. Front end of choice has been around. In Chicago the thought was that one system would rise above the other. That did not happen. Agents will not change systems unless they are forced to. For CRMLS, front-end system of choice provides their subscribers with variation. Different systems appeal to different audiences. Offering system variety is also not foreign to the company. When CRMLS was formed, they offered Discover MLS, MLXchange, and Tempo. In many ways, I think that CRMLS drew success from system flexibility and this may be an effort to return to those roots. Rapattoni, another heavily adopted system among California MLSs, has recently shared that they are not opposed to operating their application as a front end of choice. Complexity One of key complexities of the construct is getting the vendors to work together in a way that does not require CRMLS members to pay for two systems. WAV Group’s understanding is that payments are only the active users on each system – not a site license, will pay vendors. The means for calculating users is not public at this time. I think this will create some healthy competition among the vendors to deliver excellence and innovation. The Single Sign On to supporting applications to each […]


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Black Knight Financial Services (NYSE: BKFS) announced today the execution of an agreement with the California Regional MLS (CRMLS) to deliver its Paragon MLS system to CRMLS’ more than 75,000 members. With the addition of Paragon MLS, CRMLS strengthens its position as a leader in the real estate industry and demonstrates its commitment to its professional members who rely on fast and easy access to MLS information. Offering intuitive and straightforward navigation, cross-browser compatibility and multi-tasking capabilities – all of which are mobile-optimized, Paragon MLS will enable CRMLS subscribers to increase productivity and grow their business. CRMLS has been steadily expanding its presence in California, now serving 35 local real estate associations, three boards of REALTORS® and one multiple listing service (MLS). In August 2015, CRMLS won Inman’s Most Innovative MLS award. Black Knight’s Paragon MLS system has received top ranking in the annual Clareity Consulting MLS Customer Satisfaction Survey for the past three years, and recently was installed in numerous new markets for MLS organizations. “It is time to break through the barrier of being limited to one MLS platform,” said CRMLS CEO Art Carter. “We have wanted to do this for some time, and we are pleased to form this partnership with the Black Knight Paragon team. Our industry is constantly evolving, and we need to be more responsive to agents, brokers and consumers who are redefining the way they work. The result of this project will give our members better choices as the vendors vie for user selection.” “It is an honor to be selected for this CRMLS initiative,” said Rich Lull, managing director for Black Knight MLS. “We commend them for their vision and leadership, and look forward to working closely with CRMLS to continue providing leading-edge solutions as the industry evolves.” About California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) California Regional MLS (CRMLS) is the nation’s largest and most recognized subscriber-based MLS, dedicated to servicing over 75,000+ real estate professionals from 35 Associations, 3 Boards of REALTORS® and 1 MLS. CRMLS is the industry powerhouse and thrives on providing the most relevant products and services to its subscribers. About Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. Black Knight Financial Services, Inc. (NYSE: BKFS), a Fidelity National Financial (NYSE: FNF) company, is the mortgage and finance industries’ leading provider of integrated technology, data and analytics solutions that facilitate and automate many of […]


California MLS Data Sharing Update

by Victor Lund on May 9, 2014

California Regional MLS and MLS Listings have reached an agreement to share MLS listing data. This is an important signal of MLS strategy in California for a number of reasons. These MLSs are planning to share data by sending data to each other for display in each other’s system and use by each other’s subscribers without the need to belong to both MLSs. Previously, CRMLS only pursued data sharing through CARETS™, a hub and spoke data share product developed by MRIS. Through this new sharing agreement with MLS Listings, CRMLS now has adopted three initiatives to create a statewide MLS system in California. The first is through mergers. The second is through their hybrid solution at allows any California REALTOR® Association to offer CRMLS service along with their current service. This hybrid solution is active between CCRMLS on the California central coast and CRMLS. The third is reciprocal data sharing where data is synchronized between cooperating MLSs as represented here with this agreement with MLS Listings. Why data share? The press release says that the data share is to promote “boundary free access to real estate data” when it refers to the largest data share in the nation – CARETS™. In areas where many MLSs share boundaries with lots of listings, a condition called Overlapping Market Disorder (OMD) exists. I am not sure if the term OMD first emanated from David Charron of MRIS – but that is the way I remember it. Where there is OMD, listings are entered into multiple systems and there are multiple dues. This drives up expenses for everyone and creates duplicate efforts to enter and manage data – not to mention how it throws off market share reports, market sales reports, property search on IDX powered websites and many other data driven business tools. Data sharing cures many of these issues. This was the reason CARETS was created in Los Angeles, but CRMLS is departing that program and effectively doing the same type of data sharing, but on an individual MLS by MLS basis. Why not support CARETS? CRMLS has notified the CARETS organization of Los Angeles area MLSs that it intends to withdraw from CARETS but enter into reciprocal data sharing agreements with any MLS in California that wants to share. The data share between these two entities is an extension of that strategy. Today, it is believed that direct data sharing is […]

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Scenic Coast – America’s First Hybrid MLS

by Victor Lund on March 8, 2012

Established in 1969 in slumbering Morro Bay, California, Scenic Coast Association of REALTORS (SCAOR) has established an amazing MLS Offering – Two MLS memberships for the price of one. This new solution is called the MLS Hybrid, and may be the first of it’s kind in the nation. SCAOR participates in the Central Coast MLS (CCRMLS). I have not reviewed their governance, but CCRMLS behaves like a data share among 7 Associations serving 2500 agents offering Rapattoni MLS, Realist Tax, Listhub, and REALTORS Property Resource (RPR is offered in some but not all AORs in CCRMLS). On February 10th, 2012, the SCAOR launched a secondary MLS services delivered by the California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), the nations largest MLS. It seems like a very tidy arrangement whereby all CCRMLS data is now displayed in CRMLS, but only visible to SCAOR Members. CRMLS members can see SCAOR data, but not the listings of any of the other CCRMLS participants. So today, SCAOR agents may use Rapattoni from CRMLS, Tempo, Matrix, and Fusion from CRMLS. Multiple systems for the price of one – pick your system of choice. This is not a data share agreement, their members are literally members of two MLSs.