Dancing with the stars

Building an Online Brand – The “Sparkles” Example

by Marilyn Wilson on November 19, 2014

For any of you that follow either Victor Lund or I on social media you know that we are very proud parents. We share the latest news from our 11 year old daughter Alexandra, who has been named “Sparkles” by her fellow dancers because of her sparkling personality and propensity to wear glittery clothes regularly! As a proud parent, I have to share the great news that “Sparkles” will be appearing on the finale of Dancing with the Stars on Monday, November 24th in an opening number promoting the upcoming re-release of the classic story Annie coming to theaters around the holidays!   Dancing with the Stars is on ABC-TV and airs at 8:00 pm. This experience has been amazing for her and for us.   There is nothing more awe-inspiring to watch your child engage in an activity that they absolutely LOVE! She has learned about hard work, discipline, networking, focus and poise. All great things that she will carry with her for the rest of her life.  She has a ton of other exciting projects coming up as well. Can’t wait to share with them our friends in real estate too! Recently we have engaged on a whole new adventure with Sparkles, jumping into the world of social media and trying to figure out how to build an online entertainment brand. What an amazing marketing experiment. Alexandra has friends that have successfully figured out how to capture nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram – a feat that no businesses in real estate has come even close to. This new generation of entertainers has learned how to tap into the power of YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to generate excitement for their dance, modeling and acting skills. Many of these kids are launching their own DVD tutorials, clothing and even make-up lines. They are absolutely phenomenal! It is so fun to be a student of today’s marketing programs. Kevin Hawkins, the president of our new Communications Division is playing an integral role in building Alexandra’s brand, tapping into the national and local press to promote her appearance on #DWTS and her skills in dance.   He has led efforts to build a new video series for Alexandra working with “Director Brazil”, a veteran in the video promotion space working with huge artists like Trey Songz along with large corporate video promotions.   In addition to being one of the best videographers I’ve ever worked with, […]