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What real estate can learn from Zappos cyber attack

by Victor Lund on January 16, 2012

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Zappos, a division of Amazon focused on online shoe sales announced that their customer database of 24 million customer records was hacked over the weekend. Fortunately, the credit card database was not accessed. This is a huge problem for Zappos. They will now need to go through a process of getting all 24 million customers to update their password, and notify each user that their username and password have been stolen. The implications of this hacker stealing this information is far reaching. Many consumers use a familiar username and password for accessing commonly used websites. If you have ever set up an account on Zappos – you may have a problem if you did not use a unique password. Be sure to pick a new commonly used password and update it everywhere. Agents, brokers, and MLSs collect a lot of “personally identifiable information” on consumers and store that information on cell phones, laptops, and in databases.  If you loose your cell phone or laptop or get hacked yourself, you are legally responsible to follow the Incident Response Procedures for Data Breaches Involving Personally Identifiable Information. What is Personally Identifiable Information and what to do in the event of a breach.