How Great Agents Challenge Discount Brokers

by Victor Lund on October 23, 2017

Last week, WAV Group founding partner Marilyn Wilson and I had the privilege to speak to a packed room of nearly 1000 real estate agents and brokers at the Real Estate New Technology conference in Paris (R.E.N.T.). If you visit the website using Google Chrome – you can translate it ( The show had about 4000 attendees and more than 200 vendors. It was very well done and I encourage you to set time in your calendar to attend next year if your budget permits. I really appreciate the invitation extended by the event’s owner and producer, Herve Parent. The experience and the hospitality was outstanding and it is always good to see my friend Eric Calosci. It was also nice to see the familiar faces from Centris in Montreal. CEO Eric Charbonneau along with a small contingent had a booth displaying their implementation of Matrix and Instanet. Everyone was soundly impressed at the amount of technology his organization delivers to real estate agents. Real estate in Europe is very hard. There is no MLS, and many of the listings are not exclusive. Its like an entire ecosystem of pocket listings. Funny thing is, they do not seem to mind. American and Canadian brokers provide a steady amount of pressure on our MLSs and REALTOR® Associations to improve. From time to time, perhaps they should be thankful of the many things that are done well. One gentleman described the American model as “opaque, poor value, unreliable, and largely inaccessible to the consumer outside of “normal working hours.” “A proposition based upon a bygone age of fragmented, secreted data and buyers registered in silos, hidden from view except those agents that they know.” “Their proposition is clunky to an extreme, and filled with more layers than a New York deli sandwich.” And even called me out for not knowing that Purplebricks launched in California. A lot of this happened after I spoke. I was challenged to talk about 5 trends that have changed real estate and 5 trends that will. Part of my talk was to contrast discount brokerage with 100% commission brokerage. A quick definition of discount brokerage – Discount brokerage is a full service real estate firm that cuts the commission rate. For example, 1% fee to the agent or a fixed fee per transaction. There are many discount brokerages in America and some do a damn good job […]


What Will DocuSign Payments Mean for Real Estate?

by Victor Lund on December 20, 2016

The ability to set recurring payments through DocuSign Payments is coming and will be a boon to the leasing, event space rental and other industries. DocuSign Payments will also support ACH and Electronic Check Payments in the future which will be a perfect fit for Earnest money deposits. As the industry standard for eSignature, DocuSign offers a major contribution to real estate. There are two major forms companies that provide services to the industry – ZipForms® and Instanet Forms ™. In the case of Instanet®, they offer Authentisign ™, in the case of ZipForms, agents have a choice to use either Digital Ink™ or DocuSign®.  Zillow® subsidiary Dotloop® is also a competitor in this space with its own signature solution. DocuSign has built the category and created consumer brand equity that has driven more than 250,000 companies and more than 100 million unique users to adopt DocuSign across 188 countries. Their Lead to Close strategy for Real Estate is enabling brokers and agents to integrate CRM, accounting, and, now Payments, to reduce manual data entry and minimize compliance challenges. DocuSign truly sets themselves apart with their world class security and unparalleled reliability, giving the industry complete control over their documents, information, and data. While Real Estate is certainly important to DocuSign, they have clients in virtually every other sector outside of the industry too. And the company’s launch of DocuSign Payments plays big in all of them. Slated for release early next year in partnership with international payment processor Stripe – and supported by Apple, Google and Visa’s Authorize.Net – DocuSign Payments saves time and effort by providing a fast and easy way to collect payments and signatures in just one step. This delivers a superior customer experience, instant payment, and an error free contract-to-payment process. At launch, the pre-built integration with Stripe will give customers the option to use Apple Pay, Android Pay or any major credit card; PayPal, Authorize.Net and other payment options will follow soon after. MLSs and Associations may turn to DocuSign for contract signatures and payments by members. For real estate, we see this as a way for buyers and renters to easily make deposits and payments on properties for sale or lease. Let’s face it, people rarely carry around a check book anymore. The DocuSign real estate team has not really said much about Payments yet. I would venture that they are focused more […]


A broker friend of mine downloaded the WAV Group 2004 Broker Transaction Management study recently and gave me a call. Like every real estate broker in America, she has long adapted her business to online forms. Like most brokerages, she also confesses that they have a forms box of printed forms in every office. A few years ago, she made a decision to purchase digital signatures for all of her agents. Today, she is considering transaction management. Again. This is not her first visit to this consideration, but rather an annual trek that is part of her end-to-end customer experience analysis. She agreed to my recording of the call and the publishing of this article as long as I do not identify her. Here is my synopsis of her thinking. Why did you decide to adopt digital forms? It was so long ago that I am not sure I remember. We used to go to the Association of REALTORS office and pick up a forms packet. When we installed internet and email back in the late 80s or early 90s, we started getting the forms electronically. What is the benefit of digital forms today?  Our state forms are probably one of the most important member benefits we get from the REALTOR Association. Having a standard form is the cornerstone of compliance. I also know that printing forms has risks. The primary risk we experience is an agent using the wrong form. Aside from that, there are privacy and security issues to printed forms that are challenging to manage. Why digital signatures? Well, we waited a bit on digital signatures. It was kind of a catch-22. A digital form without a digital signature was pretty useless. Many fundamental usability issues came into play. First, you needed to be connected to the Internet. Second, all parties had to be comfortable with digital signatures, including the banks! The ability of managing forms and signing forms online did not really become easy until everyone had an internet-enabled smartphone and an eFax service. That is where we are today, so many of the barriers to adoption are taken care of. What is the benefit of digital forms today? Only about 1 in 10 of our transactions stay electronic throughout their life cycle. I am guessing at this statistic, but based upon the deal flow that I see, that seems about right. The highest use case […]


Legal contracts are a critical part of real estate. Real estate professionals need to be sure they’re providing tools to customers that protect their clients’ interests as well as their own.   WAV Group with the cooperation of Docusign and Instanet have put together a set of best practices you can use to evaluate the Electronic Signature solution you may be using. Click HERE to download the information HERE. It’s not always easy to sort out what those tools are, however. A simple search for “electronic signatures” on the App Store or Google Play will yield dozens of results. How can you know which solutions to trust and which to avoid? Knowing what questions to ask and what elements are most important in an eSignature solution is a great place to start.   From a legal standpoint, the following two items are most important: Authentication –  How do you match the person with the signature? Encryption – Once a document is signed, can you demonstrate that it hasn’t been tampered with? WAV Group moderated a session with two of the real estate industry’s leaders in Electronic Signatures – Docusign and Instanet.You can view our recorded webinar, Not All eSignature Platforms Are Created Equal to learn more about this important topic. We can look to banks to find out more about how to evaluate solutions. Many larger banks now provide requirements or recommendations on the type of support electronic signatures must have to be legally viable within their programs. They want to be able to see the entire “story” of a document–where it’s been, who has signed it and more. This can be accomplished via a certificate of completion, a transaction summary that demonstrates authentication procedures, time stamping, audit trail and more. All of these are evidentiary bits that support the integrity of the transaction in case it is ever challenged. As an industry, we want to be sure that we are providing tools to our customers that will protect our interests as well as theirs. This paper will provide an overview of criteria that electronic signature solutions need to meet in order to be legally viable. We also want the reader to walk away  with a better understanding of what questions to ask when choosing a solution and how to evaluate those programs with a better understanding of what questions to ask when choosing a solution and how to evaluate those programs. Click […]


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Transaction Management Update

by Victor Lund on March 24, 2014

WAV Group performed Transaction Management research in 2005 and in 2009. The goal of the research was to survey trends in Transaction Management adoption. On Wednesday of this week, RE Technology will be hosting a candid conversation with DocuSign’s lead Transaction Management Vice President, Glenn Shimkus. There will be a 30 minute discussion of today’s Transaction Management challenges and a 15 minute overview of their new enterprise solution (They have had an agent solution for some time now). Here is the webinar information – please join us! Brokers: Accelerate Your Business with DocuSign for Real Estate RE Technology invites you to learn about DocuSign’s latest innovation for brokers! Join Glenn Shimkus, Vice President of Real Estate Solutions with DocuSign, on Wednesday, Mar 26, as he provides a first look at the new Broker offering from DocuSign- Transaction Rooms for Brokers. Learn how DocuSign for Brokers can provide you with a powerful platform for managing all digital transactions across your business. It’s a simple, self-configurable system that allows you to support your team and agents more efficientlytoday, and as your business grows. Glenn will share his insights about how the Broker solution from DocuSign was developed and answer your questions about this product. Space is limited. Register today! 

This RE Technology webinar is free and is sponsored by DocuSign. Date: Wednesday, March 26th, 2014 Time: 1 pm Eastern/ 12 pm Central/ 10 am Pacific  


Top 5 Articles of the Week

by Victor Lund on March 21, 2014

As you may or may not know, RE Technology was founded by the WAV Group partners to support the role of MLSs and Associations in delivering a wide array of information and education about real estate technology. On May 5th, the company turns three years old! Since 2011, we have been able to deliver over 100,000 pages of valuable information that helps practitioners learn about technology and the companies that provide technology services to power their business.  Each week, RE Technology sends a report to more than 4500 executives and staff of the nations MLSs and Associations of REALTORS® offering the most read articles. It keeps them sharp on the currency of information that is most relevant to the 250,000 weekly readers that pour over our editorial. You will find those top 5 articles below. If you do not have an RE Technology account. Reach out to Victor Lund. You will need a username and password to access the site if you are not affiliated with one of the 87 MLS and 260 Associations of REALTORS® that provide this service as a member benefit. My brief take away from this weeks’ top articles. DocuSign as emerged from an ingredient brand to a leading brand in the industry and they are parlaying dominance and brand into transaction management. The acquisition of CARTAVI brought them an agent transaction management solution and a talented team of developers and project managers who have an intense passion for the category. Everyone is keeping a sharp eye on them and this webinar will be the first look that many will have on their enterprise Transaction Management Solution for brokers. The article about Jump starting your listing inventory was contributed to RE Technology by the Point2 division of Yardi. Point2 does a great job of edutizing – providing valuable content to agents and brokers that warms up their brand. It is a smart marketing strategy and keeps them sharp on what REALTORS® are interested in – which is more listings. The Listhub article about listing presentations helps agents get the value they need by understanding listing syndication more fully, and learning how to articulate the strategy to sellers. Mike Audet’s article about a top producing agent who used CRM to take his business to another level is a great read. CRM solution are underutilized by sales people in real estate. Those who do adopt CRM tend to […]


Cartavi Adds Gusto to Version 3.3

by Victor Lund on January 20, 2014

Since being acquired by DocuSign, Cartavi has been working away at developing the golden triangle of the real estate document management echo system: Forms, Signature, and Storage. Better yet, they focus on making it happen on mobile first. Before this new release, signing a document was kind of clunky. You had to open your document in DocuSign, add signatures, sign it, then pull the completed document back into Cartavi. Now, you can sign any document right inside of Cartavi using DocuSign Ink. They took a complicated workflow and narrowed it down. When you look at a document today in Cartavi, just hit the ‘Sign It’ button. Then the menu items for managing names and signatures appears. Drag them where they go on the document, and sign it. New Integrations You may know that Cartavi is among the few document management companies to have acquired the license to integrate zipForms from zipLogix into their platform. The new signature workflow is going to make working with zipForms even easier. But what about those other forms that agents need, like broker forms or other documents? You have always been able to upload them one at a time, like most document management systems.But now Cartavi has developed support for popular cloud document storage solutions. You can quickly pull in documents from your DropBox account, Google Drive account, or Microsoft SkyDrive account. Cartavi has seen a lot of adoption by individual agents and numerous Associations of REALTORS®, including State of Kansas AOR, Utah Real Estate, Main Street AOR of Chicago, and three other Associations that are in their pipeline. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for an enterprise version to be released soon.  


Not All eSignature Platforms are Created Equal Webinar

by Marilyn Wilson on August 5, 2013

Are your electronically signed documents compliant with the laws governing electronic signatures? If you’re not sure, you MUST attend this webinar. While using eSignatures comes with many benefits such as saving the time, money and hassle of driving around town to obtain a signature it also requires that agents, brokers and MLSs be thoughtful about their choice of providers. In this webinar, you will hear from eSignature providers DocuSign and Authentisign, along with Russ Bergeron of MRED, on best practices, what you need to know and how important it is to do your homework. Not all eSignature solutions are the same. Date: Thursday August 8th, 2013 Time: 1 pm Eastern / 12 pm Central / 10 am Pacific [Please adjust for your time zone!]     Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, WAV Group, Inc. Speakers: Tom Gonser, Chief Strategy Officer, DocuSign, Inc. Martin Scrocchi, CEO, Authentisign Russ Bergeron, President, MRED  


Time is Running Out!

by Marilyn Wilson on January 25, 2013


RE Technology is hosting an exciting 60-minute webinar with Cartavi and DocuSign on: January 29, 2013 at 10:00 am PST, 12 pm CST, 1 pm EST to learn how you can leverage your iPad and become mobile and paperless agent. The presenters of this interactive webinar will show you how to take advantage of the cloud, your iPad and technology such as DocuSign and Cartavi to better serve your clients from wherever you are. Take your business to the next level by saving time, saving money and providing your clients with an exceptional level of service when and where they need it. You’ll leave this webinar with the know-how to:  Be more responsive to your clients and peers by having everything you need for a successful transaction right at your fingertips Securely manage and share documents with everyone involved in a transaction from wherever you are Edit and share forms and contracts right from your iPad Get deals done faster with eSignatures powered by DocuSign® Don’t miss this opportunity to lead your market by being mobile and paperless. Space is limited so be sure to register today! Presenters: Mike Pressnall, Business Development Manager, DocuSign Glenn Shimkus, CEO and Co-founder of Cartavi Date: Tuesday, January 29th 2013 Time: 10 am PST, 12 pm CST, 1 pm EST        


RE Technology Announces Giveaway Winners

by Marilyn Wilson on August 2, 2011

Arroyo Grande, CA (August 1, 2011) – The more than 700,000 subscribers to RE Technology’s website ( have been excited to see the outcome of the July Giveaway. The company, a top media site for the real estate technology industry, today announced the lucky winners. “This Giveaway was fun for us, our subscribers, and the tech companies who participated,” says Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology, Inc. “The contest began on July 8th, and we’ve seen a great response since then.” For the Giveaway, RE Technology subscribers could choose 3 prizes (giving them 3 chances to win) from top technology vendors. Participating companies included Delta Media Group, The Real Estate Success Network, IMSD powered by Market Leader,, DocuSign, CoreLogic, Mobile Real Estate ID, and Goomzee. “We’d like to thank all participants,” says Mr. Lund. “We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.” And the winners were: