The new

by Victor Lund on August 18, 2011

HomesMediaSolutions launches a game changer If you look around the real estate industry, there is always a quiet giant tending to its business and moving along steadily without rocking the boat too much. Unless you were on vacation this week, you saw a flurry of press releases, blog posts, twitter posts, facebook messages, and Linkedin message about the release of Homes Connect and the demise of the AdvancedAccess brands. As a consultant, I watched in yearning as Dominion acquired nearly a dozen real estate technology brands. From the beginning, it seemed logical. Dominion was a publishing company, the biggest in the real estate industry (along with automotive and others). Print had a strong run for decades, built corporate wealth, and continues to yield some results. The Internet became a threat, so Dominion took on the opportunity to change. Dominion’s investment in technology assets represented a diversification of product offerings, and delivered a long term strategy for generating revenue from their loyal customer base. It took the company a long time to put all of the pieces together. The benefit of a large and financially secure company is the luxury of time. Their strategy was to allow each business unit to operate independently. I suppose it allowed them to learn the virtues of each company, appreciate the technical and management resources, and understand the culture. Moreover, they were able to listen to the challenges each company faced, listen to the customers, and understand the customer needs that their products satisfied in the marketplace. They went to school.