A Winning Formula to Increase MLS Technology Adoption

by Marilyn Wilson on March 1, 2018

The Miami Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) and Multiple Listing Service supports 46,000 primary subscribers and more than 4000 out of area secondary subscribers. Miami have an insatiable curiosity to identify and launch products that will help their brokers, teams, and agents be more successful.


customer reports

Real estate values are constantly changing, challenging agents to provide clients with the most detailed, up-to-date property reports available. While there are many valuation services available, selecting a solution that provides agents with the ability to deliver strategic comprehensive property reports can maintain valuable connections between agents and consumers. To understand how a property valuation service can optimize agents’ long-term relations with their customers, Swanepoel undertook a case study of how Berkshire Hathaway HomeService (BHHS) Fox and Roach successfully implemented ePropertyWatch, a company-branded solution that effectively cultivates a client-for-life strategy. Here is a summary of the Swanepoel T3 Sixty report. Property Valuations Aid Client Retention Generally speaking, valuation services look at local property tax assessments and other public data including sales price histories for comparable properties in an area to derive a trend line that can applied against the target property’s assessment to estimate its market value. The reports generated by the various services differ with regard to the scope of data they include, and the way they present it. Property valuations provided by different services can differ significantly as they may use varying property comps and proprietary algorithms. In addition, the data sets that each service relies on can diverge in quality and comprehensiveness. As a result, when agents leverage their valuation service to implement stay-in-touch programs with past clients they may actually be providing information that could undermine a trust relationship. When the valuation services are not based on accurate and comprehensive data, clients may not feel the agent is reliable or knowledgeable on local area trends. In addition, while most programs enable agents to provide clients with information on area statistics and sales, they do not provide detailed answers to customer’s most compelling question: What is my home worth if I sold it today? Agents find it cumbersome to compile personalized reports for the potentially hundreds of contacts in their CRM. BHHS Fox and Roach examined all of the options available on the market with an eye toward advancing their client-for-life strategies and, in the end, selected CoreLogic® ePropertyWatch™. This valuation solution is a customer opt-in program that delivers agent-branded property reports based on comprehensive and current data based on the company’s CoreLogic database. This database is comprised of more than 3.5 billion records, representing more than 99.8 percent of the population, in addition to data from public and non-public sources and contributions from lenders—all of which […]