Florida Realtors Convention

3 Takeaways From The Florida Realtors Convention

by Kevin Hawkins on September 14, 2016

In Orlando, Florida, the energy was electric, the attendance was impressive (several thousand) and the headliner was Jay Leno. Florida Realtors marked their 100th anniversary with a bash that will be long remembered, a hallmark salute to the accomplishments of one of the largest and most enduring state trade associations in America. For me, it was a return trip to a convention I knew well, having been an architect of a major sponsorship by my one time employer, Great Western Bank, many decades ago. The quick trip I took from Seattle to Orlando was well worth the investment, and it brought a flash flood of memories: the convention at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, the UM marching band opening the Trade Expo, with the Hurricane Cheerleaders adding their spirit. Great Western was doing private, by invitation only, viewings of its new free video, “Understanding the Home Loan Process.” There was a line for no-shows. Fast-forward to this year’s Florida Realtors confab. Same high energy, many of the same types of exhibitors, helping to illustrate the saying that the more things change, the more they remain the same. Here are my three takeaways from their 100th Celebration: Takeaway #1- Technology is making things good – and bad: The Trade Expo was free to anyone who could make their way to the Rosen Single Creek Resort (an awful name for a hotel by the way; a nice space, but a pretty mundane property by Orlando standards). The big bonus was the free offsite parking with a frequent shuttle service in air condition buses. That was really good. The technology at the Expo illustrates industry trends. Rebecca Silva Realtor in Cape Coral showcased its Realtor-built technology; both its Transaction Management solution – Form Simplicity (great new website, by the way) – and sister company Tech Helpline. Both had prime booth space in the main hallway right outside the main registration area, giving it non-stop traffic. Form Simplicity also hosted some hands-on training and their sessions were pretty packed, illustrating the thirst agents have for what has become a must-have versus a should-have. Tech Helpline had their own Apple-type Genius Bar open at their booth, and I watch their support advisors dive in to fix issues agents had, as well as teach them how to avoid problems in the future. That was probably the best thing I saw at the show. Zillow has a lot […]