Frugyl launches with great buzz and fanfare

by Victor Lund on January 27, 2012


A new company launched yesterday called Frugyl. It is the child of Jimmy Mackin and Chris Smith, creators of the “What should I spend My Money On?” Facebook Group. This will be of interest to those with analyst careers. The goal of Frugyl is to crowd source information and satisfaction on real estate tools and services used by real estate agents. Additionally, Frugyl will endeavor to provide group discounts on products purchased as a group. The Frugyl site had a great start yesterday when they announced the launch on Facebook. They exhibited excellence in social media marketing that many technology companies would be well served to observe. They reported that hundreds of agents signed up and are paying $9 per month to subscribe. The thesis of the site points to the conviction by many in our industry that there is a hunger among agents for information about the best tools to use in real estate – not just the best vendor pitch. Here is the positioning from the site: