Hyperlocal Whitepaper

Social media, mobile technology and marketing automation: those are the three ingredients that are changing real estate in a profound and everlasting way. And, unlike many skeptics, I believe it’s for the better. My proof is the emergence of a “HyperLocal Movement” in real estate that the confluence of these three has fueled. Now there is really nothing new about the “idea” of HyperLocal in real estate. No other industry has been more focused on being local than ours. Many agents have legitimately been practicing hyperlocalism for years, if not decades. What is new is what’s happening NOW with hyperlocalism, or more importantly, what’s NOT happening across America. That’s the conclusion of a brand new White Paper from the WAV Group — HyperLocal Movement in Real Estate – that we just issued. It was sponsored by a very hot Colorado real estate tech startup zavvie, a broker technology provider that specializes in HyperLocal marketing. It’s 100% free. The beautiful 40+page report is filled with graphics, statistics, and information from expert sources inside and outside of real estate can be downloaded here. Survey says… It all started when the WAV Group conducted real estate’s first HyperLocal Survey, in partnership with zavvie. The HyperLocal Survey of 340 leading brokers, agents, team leaders, and industry executives had a shocking finding: agents and brokers said one thing, and did something completely different. The survey showed this great disconnect between agents and teams, saying they were neighborhood specialists, or hyperlocal, but they reported that they actually were doing very little neighborhood focused marketing activities. For example, more than 60% of agents and 65% of teams said they “specialize” in a large regional or metro area. But that’s not specializing. You can’t specialize in a city or town, hyperlocal experts like Stefan Peterson, the COO of zavvie will tell you. “It’s just too big of an area to be the ‘go-to expert’ who knows every single home in that market,” he said. Stefan is so right. His business partner, Lane Honung, the other cofounder of zavvie, nails the behavior when he explains that agents and teams are just so afraid of losing out on business, “they cast a wider net.” Instead, hyperlocalism tells you to do the opposite: specialize and focus solely on a neighborhood or area of about 3,000 homes or less. Lane knows his stuff: he’s in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame and ran […]


NAR Mobile App

My theory about conventions is this: if you plan your schedule well, your convention will go well. If you don’t, it won’t. It’s as simple as that. With Second City, our next destination, good planning could make or break how you measure the success of your NAR experience in the Windy City. Each year before I head out to the largest annual gathering of real estate agents and brokers, an estimated 20,000+ from across our nation, I like to look for some of the golden nuggets tucked away in the schedule and on the Expo floor. I cull through the info that NAR and others send out, as well as share some of the information WAV Group has. Full disclosure: this often includes insider stuff we get from our very own clients. The goal of all this stuff is simply to make your NAR ventures more interesting, and, well, easier to plan. NAR Chicago Officially called the REALTORS® Conference & Expo, November 3rd to 6th, it’s largely held at the McCormick Place, 20 minutes on a good traffic day south of the 27 official NAR hotels that are dotted around Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River. Meetings also are sprinkled among these hotels so the logistics are going to be, well, interesting. A listing of all the official hotels with their locations and addresses are here. Bus Routes The 27 NAR official hotels are served by 7 Bus Routes, all color coded and listed online in this handy-dandy PDF here, and in the App. The buses start early and run at least every 30 minutes, and at peak times, they run every 10-15 minutes. The link on the NAR Website for the Shuttle bus frequency is here, as well as the locations at the hotel where the exact pickup/drop-off will be. NAR Smartphone App Touted as “the fastest, easiest way to navigate the Conference & Expo from your mobile device,” I would have to add it’s probably the only way to navigate the Expo from a mobile device unless Google Maps has added it. Good news is all the sessions, meeting schedules and booth numbers for the exhibitors you need to meet with or visit are in the app. One feature that can save you time is you can select the “Star” image next to the event in the top right corner and it will save it to a personalized […]