An unprecedented 73% of top real estate executives say the U.S. economy will improve or improve significantly. That’s the highest level of confidence real estate leaders have expressed since Imprev started its annual Thought Leader Economy & Housing Outlook Study in 2012. These numbers are simply stunning. Top real estate executives’ confidence in America’s economy has more than doubled since October 2016. Then just 32% said the U.S. economy would improve or improve significantly. The 2016 survey was conducted immediately prior to the U.S. presidential election. The highest confidence level prior to the current study was 54% in 2012. The biggest surprise in the survey data: for the first time, it broke the “closer to home” trend. Every year, the Imprev Thought Leader Survey asked top real estate leaders about their confidence in the economy, the broke it down: local economy, state economy, U.S. economy and World economy. And every single year, the same results: real estate leaders expressed the most confidence in the local economy, second most confidence in the state economy, third most confidence in the U.S. economy, and the least confidence in the World economy. It made sense: one has more influence and knowledge about one’s local economy, so naturally, the closer to home  the economy, the greater the confidence. Except when it’s not: As in 2018. That’s right. This year, for the first time, real estate leaders expressed the most confidence in the U.S. economy. That has never happened before. To give you an idea of the typical contrast, Renwick Congdon, CEO of Imprev and father of the Thought Leader Survey, says, “Take 2013 for example: 46% of real estate leaders were more confident in their local economy, 39% were more confident in their state economy and 21% were confident in the U.S. economy.” This year’s confidence levels, says Congdon, “Leaders were more confident in the U.S. economy (56%) than either their own local economy (49%) or their own state’s economy (40%).” Call me stunned. Real estate leaders confidence in Housing was equally bullish and at record levels as well. Overall, half of real estate executives said that the housing market will improve or improve significantly this year—a large jump from last year’s 38%. Housing confidence levels for the coming year had steadily dropped from 2012 to 2016. Broker challenges Wisely, Imprev also asks real estate leaders heading into the New Year to reflect on their […]


Imprev Hosts Stellar Learning Labs at Inman Connect SF

by Kevin Hawkins on August 2, 2017


One of the greatest innovations that Brad Inman added to Inman Connect in recent years is a hidden treasure that not everyone may be aware of: the Learning Labs. These are held on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, August 9 and 10, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Learning Labs have become, in my experience, one of the best places where agents and brokers can learn tangible business practices that can be implemented immediately. A company that perfected the Learning Lab concept out of the gate is Imprev, a pioneering sponsor of the Inman Labs. Imprev, America’s largest real estate marketing technology firm,1 was once known as a tool for building flyers and postcards, and for powering the RE/MAX Design Center. Today the company is rocking the real estate brokerage world with many of the biggest and best brands for its Automated Marketing Services. Imprev Learning Lab Lineup Wed. Aug. 9 – 2:00 pm: “Back to the Future: 4 Secrets to Building a Brand That Stays Relevant” (Parlor 9) James Dwiggins, CEO of NextHome, Inc., kicks off the first Imprev Learning Lab by sharing four ways NextHome’s innovative approach to technology, marketing, and recruiting has driven success—and what other real estate brokers can do to “future-proof” their business. Wed. Aug. 9 – 3:00 pm: “Don’t End Up Like a Cassette Tape: How to Build a Business Strategy That Endures” (Parlor 9) Our own WAV Group co-founder, Victor Lund, will moderate a panel that includes two top industry experts: Joseph Rand, Managing Partner and General Counsel, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, and Tom Tognoli, Founder, President, & CEO, Intero Real Estate. Their session will uncover how large brokerage firms can stay relevant to their agents –communicating a clear vision and hitting measurable goals for the business that agents can identify with. They will share how their brokerage is keeping clients for life, and turning your brokerage brands into a memorable experience (instead of just a transaction), as well as drive effectiveness and efficiency by taking charge of the marketing strategy for agents. Wed. Aug. 9 – 4:00 pm: “Where Will Your Tech Be in 2022? 6 Steps to Future-Proof Your Marketing Technology Strategy” (Parlor 9) This all-star line up includes Dave Garland, Partner, Second Century Ventures, moderating a panel that includes Realogy’s Jake Lyman, Chief Product Operations Officer, ZapLabs LLC and the always-interesting David Friedman, President and Founder, Boston Logic. This […]


2017 Housing, Economic Outlook from Boots on the Ground

by Kevin Hawkins on December 20, 2016

It seems in real estate, the same handful of economists are always making the news about their annual housing predictions. Then mortgage interest rates jump a full percentage point practically overnight, and all of them scurry to readjust their predictions. Starting 2012, in the fall, Imprev real estate’s leading marketing automation firm has conducted a survey of top real estate executives: broker-owners and real estate franchise C-level leaders (CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, etc.), to get their perspective on what they think will happen in the economy in 2017. We keep hearing from the Generals, but if you really want to know what is happening, you have to talk to those who have boots on the ground: those who are battling it out in real estate every day. The Imprev Study this year was remarkable for a few reasons. First, it was conducted just before the election, so it is a snapshot in time before all the post-election political gyrations and wrangling. Second, it secured feedback from 240 respondents, not just the opinions of a handful of economic geeks who never sold a home or originated a mortgage loan in their life. Third, the survey talked to the leaders in the business who collectively are responsible for organizations that provide more than half of all U.S. residential real estate transaction last year: 15% of the respondents represented firms with more than 1,000 agents; 17% represent firms with 501 to 1,000 agents; 42% represent firms with 101 to 500 agents; and 26% represent firms with 100 agents or fewer. Key Findings Conventional wisdom says that real estate folks are optimists, and that a survey of their views on subjects like the economy and housing might be skewed towards a positive view. Even if we assume this is true, the magic of the Imprev survey is they’ve been asking the exact same questions of real estate leaders for the last several years. So that could mean that any change in direction of opinion – positive or negative – is significant. The major headline this year was clear: Real Estate Leaders’ Outlook for Housing, Economy Softens for 2017. So there goes the idea that leaders are always optimistic. As Imprev CEO Renwick Congdon said, “In fact, confidence for 2017 is lower across nearly all questions related to housing and the economy.” How much has it soften? Compared to two years ago, the number of […]


Brokers Talk Marketing Webinar Invitation

by Victor Lund on January 15, 2016

  WAV Group supports brokerage companies in selecting and implementing marketing automation software. Firms of all sizes need and easy to use, a one stop shop for agents to access all of the marketing tools that power their success.  Last year we worked with Hunt Real Estate and others as they integrated their chosen solution into their broker back office solution.  Dan Mirsky of Hunt Real Estate will be joined by marketing executives from Berkshire Hathaway, Coldwell Banker, and RE/MAX to share their perspectives on the experiences they have had with marketing automation. Joining the call with be automated marketing software provider, Bill Yaman, President of Imprev. Yaman will outline current and future trends that his firm is developing against. Please accept this invitation and join us on February 2nd, 2016 at 10 am PST/ 1 PM EST. The webinar will be recorded and distributed afterwards. If you cannot make it, that is ok – just register and we will send you the video to review at your leisure and for sharing with your leadership. The integration allows the broker and agent marketing plan to be triggered around specific business marketing strategies. Marketing Listings Recruiting New Customer Marketing Customer Retention Marketing


Real estate leaders share 2015 outlook on housing, economy

by Kevin Hawkins on November 6, 2014

Imprev arguably has come to own the real estate “Thought Leader” space with its bi-annual survey now in its third year, largely because it’s not a self-serving exercise. What we get from their latest Thought Leader Survey is a refreshing, unfiltered view from a broad cross-section of the leadership of America’s real estate brokerage and franchise operations, large and small. Collectively, the real estate execs surveyed represent firms and brands that generate about half of all real estate transactions each year. Individually, there’s solid representation among small and large firms: 15% of the respondents have 50 agents or fewer, 18% have 51-100 agents, 35% have 101-500 agents; 14% have 501-1,000 agents and 18% have more than 1,000 agents. Among the most interesting findings: Housing market enthusiasm is cooling, almost tepid, among real estate leaders. Two years ago, 70 percent of top real estate execs saw the market improving over the next 12 months. Last year that number dropped to 58 percent. Today it is 52 percent. No more exuberance: It’s now a glass half-full, half-empty scenario among a group that is often characterized as eternal optimists, which means this new data may alarm some. The bigger you are, the more bullish you are. Leaders of larger brokerage firms are typically far more confident about the outlook for the U.S. economy than leaders of smaller brokerage firms. Nearly two-thirds of top execs with firms of 1,000 or more agents say the U.S. economy will “improve,” compared to 34 percent of leaders of brokerage firms with 51 to 100 agents. The smaller you are, the better your outlook on profitability. Leaders of smaller brokerage firm are far more confident in their ability to be more profitable than larger brokerage firms over the next year. More than half of the leaders of the smallest brokerage firms are “very confident” in profitability over the next 12 months compared to 32 percent of the leaders of the largest brokerages. World economy outlook has tanked. This is significant and the biggest change year-to-year among all of the data Imprev released. More than half of real estate leaders surveyed this year – 55 percent – have become less confident in the world economy over the last 12 months. That’s more than double the percentage last year, which was 24%. Expect more news headlines in the future on the struggles of the world economy. Real estate leaders still […]


Brokers and Franchise Remove Barriers to Marketing

by Victor Lund on October 14, 2014

Marketing is a key component to success in real estate. I hate stating the obvious, but if you don’t start with it, one can hardly understand the reality of the impact that the cost of marketing has on the adoption and utilization of marketing plans by various segments of real estate professionals. Franchise giant RE/MAX announced an agreement with Imprev for marketing solutions. You can see the program in the video below. In the past, the fee for access to these marketing tools was $299 per year. For the sake of argument, lets presume that the pricing is fair. Judging from our appraisal, it would be a fair price at $1000 per year. That is where the price barrier comes in. RE/MAX just launched the Imprev program for free – no cost to the agent. Here is why. Top producing agents do not blink at $299. That is the cost of dinner for two and a bottle of wine at a nice restaurant. Agents who do transactions every month or two are always marketing and they use the tools provided by the franchise and broker and flourish other marketing plans over the top as their secret sauce. This is the top 20% of agents in real estate. The middle 60% of agents in real estate do somewhere between 3 and 10 transactions a year. This is a mixed bucket. Some use the marketing programs and some don’t. In truth, it depends on the economic vitality of the household at the time when the marketing investment is demanded. Some of these agents will make the investment. Others will hold off and hope for the best. Still others will totally ignore it and not do any marketing that is not free. The bottom 20% of agents is the worst group at adoption of marketing solutions. They are broke, or only do real estate part time. They do between 0 and 3 transactions per year. So, why did RE/MAX go with free marketing? Because, marketing works and it works every time. It is good for the brand, good for the agent, good for the broker, and amazing for the consumer. RE/MAX is raising the bar. In truth, they are matching programs offered today by other franchise brands too. It keeps them competitive. The philosophy of RE/MAX has always been to keep costs low and commissions high. This fits, even if it burdens profits […]


Coldwell Banker Chooses Imprev

by Victor Lund on September 29, 2014

Today’s real estate firms, franchise or otherwise, need to provide a robust marketing solution for agents that especially support them with digital marketing tools: Video, virtual tours, eMail marketing, and social media marketing. In an announcement today, Coldwell Banker announced a partnership with Imprev to power their digital marketing suite for all of their franchise companies. There are a number of firms that offer marketing solutions, but the two firms that have dominated the selection among franchise organizations in the past years include Marketleader and Imprev. Strangely enough, until a few years ago, Imprev was Marketleader’s partner for their marketing suite, jointly providing a full solution to Keller Williams, unit Marketleader purchased SharperAgent in 2011. At the time of the acquisition, SharperAgent claimed 30,000 customers and Marketleader claimed 50,000 customers. Marketleader then went on to sign up a number of large franchise organizations, including Century 21. Today, the Marketleader suite is a business unit owned by Trulia who is in the process of being acquired by real estate portal leader, Zillow. No doubt, this announcement for Imprev is significant. Imprev has had a nearly decade-long standing relationship with RE/MAX and recently launched an automation platform with Berkshire Hathaway’s largest brokerage, Fox and Roach Realtors (a solution that is tightly integrated into CoreLogic’s AgentAchieve platform). Imprev shows with Coldwell Banker that it can connect to Leadrouter, which is a standard used by other Realogy franchises. Congratulations to Imprev and to Coldwell Banker’s 84,000 sales associates. Since over 80% of a firm’s business comes from sphere marketing – marketing suites like Imprev are critical service offerings. disclaimer – WAV Group has provided consulting services to all companies mentioned in this post. Press Release Coldwell Banker Unveils New eMarketing Platform Madison, N.J. (Sept. 29, 2014) – Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC today announced an agreement with Imprev, Inc. to power the Coldwell Banker® brand’s fully mobile eMarketing platform. Coldwell Banker eMarketing is part of the new Coldwell Banker 360 suite of products that give Coldwell Banker independent agents and brokers access to a platform that delivers an extensive range of exclusive designs and marketing content and allow them to easily engage with consumers via the Web, email and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. “Our new Coldwell Banker eMarketing platform will make it easier for Coldwell Banker agents to connect with prospective home buyers and sellers while increasing productivity,” said Sean Blankenship, senior vice president […]

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Midyear Broker Website Benchmarks

by Victor Lund on September 11, 2014

WAV Group just completed providing our broker clients with a review of their Google Analytics for September. Something rather remarkable happened this month that has confirmed a strategy that we have long suspected, but have not had enough data to confirm. Virtual Tour Videos Drive More Traffic Than Listing Syndication on Broker Websites. Quite a number of WAV Group broker clients have been publishing automated virtual tours to YouTube for a few years now. They are using vendors like Property Panorama, RealBiz, Virtual Tour Café, Imprev, VHT or some other solution. We do not endorse any product over another, but encourage brokers to chose a vendor based on product design, customer service, and cost. The product that tickles one broker and not another is a space that I do not fully understand. They all work as far as we are concerned. Customer service and cost are our key considerations. Through August of this year, brokers who have been publishing all of their listings to YouTube have seen that traffic volume grow to 5th or 6th in their overall ranking of traffic-by-traffic-source.  For most brokers – Direct or None is the top referrer. This means that Google Analytics could not track the referring website or the user typed in the domain name – ie Also at the top is Google. The Google Search result is important for two reasons. First, more consumers use Google than any other search engine. Second, Google displays YouTube results in the search results above the fold. Meaning that the video gets great SEO – usually better than the broker’s listing detail page. This is the driving force behind the strategy of publishing virtual tours on every company listing. A small handful of brokers are creating virtual tours on every IDX listing – but I am not sure that is IDX compliant – so I would not endorse that without discussing it with the MLS first. Some say its ok, others say its not. There is no clear rule. Below Google and Direct traffic come the other search engines. Bing has passed Yahoo in most markets. For some reason, AOL is very popular in the eastern United States. As we have noted before, Bing and Yahoo traffic have more value. The time on site and page views per visit are higher for those search engines – generating more leads and indicating that PPC campaigns may be […]

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Imprev Roars with Mobile Marketing for Agents

by Victor Lund on June 25, 2013

Imprev has long been a behind the scenes type of company. Historically they partner with Giant franchises, Giant Brokers ,or Giant technology companies to deliver fully integrated and smart marketing solutions that agents access through their back office intranet. Imprev’s solution includes a full suite of print marketing like flyers and postcards; and a full digital marketing suite which includes digital flyers, online campaigns, listing presentations, virtual property tours, and lots of other features. Recently, they have been in the industry eye for the release of their new system (developed with help from 1000WattConsulting) and plunging headlong into mobile. Today, Imprev gives agents the flexibility to build, edit, and publish all of their real estate marketing pieces from any internet connected device. Moreover, because they have been around so long and worked with all of the Giant brands – they already have the brand creative on board along with the approved logos, fonts, and details like those pesky disclaimers. What is really cool is that they are now offering their service directly to agents. As of today, any agent can purchase Imprev directly with a 30 day money back guarantee. They are attending the Inman News conference – so that may be a good time to take a look at their product. They have lovely designs. Imprev is still clearly focused on enterprise level business where they enjoy market leadership. This effort allows them to reach a larger audience of agents are looking for solutions that smaller brokers are not offering in their product suite today. WAV Group also understands that they are rolling out solutions in partnership with MLSs and Mega board Associations. Here is the Imprev press release – scroll way down to see the new interface. iPad-Ready Imprev Marketing Center Now Available to Individual Real Estate Agents June 26, 2013– Bellevue, WA – Imprev today announced it has launched its all-new retail Marketing Center making its fully mobile marketing technology accessible for the first time to agents and brokers everywhere. If you have a business and looking to do mobile marketing try SMS reseller white label software, it will help you be able to reach out to new and old customers through text. The new Imprev Marketing Center is built on the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive marketing technology platform, providing real estate agents with multichannel connections to home sellers and buyers through mobile, social and a full array of online, […]

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IMPREV Marketing Technologies

January 16, 2013 (New York, NY)– RE/MAX agents will be getting a “digital upgrade” to their Design Center with the ability to create mobile-ready Single Property Websites, YouTube enabled videos, and dozens of professionally written marketing campaigns for email, print and mail, and social media. This new suite of products, which will be available to over 70,000 RE/MAX agents in the U.S. and Canada beginning in January, delivers advanced mobile-enabled technology and engaging consumer content to help agents sell more homes and develop their personal brands. RE/MAX agents can use the new automated marketing campaigns to target first-time homebuyers, move- up buyers, sellers, and investors as well as stay in touch with past customers. Integrated into the RE/MAX Design Center, which seamlessly shares data with RE/MAX LeadStreet, agents can begin marketing to prospects as soon as a lead is created. The new YouTube-ready videos allow agents to pull in their listing data from LeadStreet to create home video tours and post them to their individual YouTube accounts – which play on all mobile devices. Agents can also create promotional videos to enhance their company and personal brands as well as create local area tour videos to help dramatically increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The new Single Property Websites use the latest in “responsive web design.” This technology automatically adjusts the website’s layout based on the size of the user’s screen, eliminating the need for separate mobile, tablet and PC websites. “RE/MAX continues to lead the industry with inventive and integrated technologies that make it easier for agents to reach buyers and sellers,” said Mike Ryan, RE/MAX Executive Vice President, Global Communications and Branding. “These new modern marketing products address the growing digital orientation of consumers who are living in a mobile-centric world.” RE/MAX Associates can learn more about the Premium products through free webinar previews provided by Imprev beginning the week of January 20th. Demonstrations of the new products are exclusively for RE/MAX agents who send an email to from their RE/MAX email address. Product Details Agents can purchase any of these modern marketing products independently: Premier Agent Campaigns, Premier Video-based Home Tours and Premier Agent Single Property Websites are each available for an annual subscription of just $199. However, all three offerings also are available in the “Premier Agent Plus” package for a special price of $299. Premier Agent series of products and the RE/MAX Design Center are […]


MLSs and the Marketing Center

by Victor Lund on May 14, 2012

Marketing Center

MLSs have long been a marketing center in some small way. Agents working with buyers and sellers create reports that are organized to provide listing information to clients. The reports are very useful, but aside from the ability to insert a broker logo, agent photo, and contact information, the design of these reports often falls short of achieving the goal of a well-branded and unique marketing piece. Some MLSs have begun to partner with providers to enhance or augment this MLS system functionality, and offer marketing systems that have full feature functionality. MRIS, Metrolist Colorado, MLSListings, MLSLI, and a handful of others have taken the position that the best way to accomplish serving these member needs is to create a robust vendor partnership program. They have taken the position that MLS vendors can not be all things to all people. Although various MLSs System solutions excel at certain areas of technologies that benefit the agent-consumer relationship, they recognize weaknesses in other areas. Here is a snapshot crafted by MRIS that outlines their strategy which is being delivered through a partnership with Seattle based Imprev. The Marketing Center will provide MRIS customers with free and unlimited access to an integrated suite of professionally designed and simple to create digital and print marketing products and tools including Flyers, eFlyers, Postcards, ePostcards, and Virtual Tours. In addition to supporting marketing and promotional efforts, there’s productivity savings as well since MRIS customers will pull in real-time listing data – including photos –to create any of the marketing materials without having to re-enter data or upload images, tasks agents already complete when they create the listing. “My Marketing Center will be the fastest way to reach home buyers and sellers with real-time, in-depth marketing information instantly. In seconds, a link to a polished Virtual Tour is posted to or to the agents website, another click and an eFlyer with the broker’s template and branding is posted on Facebook or sent out on Twitter,” said John L. Heithaus, MRIS Chief Marketing Officer, adding, “The faster an agent can respond in today’s digitally-driven economy in real time, the more successful he or she will be to generate more sales commissions.” MRIS and Imprev also announced that a Premium suite of digital and printable marketing products and tools will made available to MRIS member agents and brokers at a low-cost. The lineup of Premium marketing products is […]


iPad Listing Presentation Apps are hot for 2012

by Victor Lund on March 23, 2012

RE/MAX Presenter iPad Listing Presentation

If you appreciate research, you will enjoy some of these statistics. They point to the prioritization of tools that agents and brokers are seeking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing. The survey conducted by Imprev was presented to agents and brokers attending the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World conference. Keynote: They want iPad Listing Presentation Apps. With Apple selling more than 250,000 iPads a week – it is clearly a game changer that professional real estate agents are adopting. RE/MAX in concert with Imprev is the first company to launch a franchise-wide listing presentation tool for the iPad (RE/MAX seems to always be the first franchise to do anything) The iPad Presentation App topped a list of 25 different marketing products, from which respondents chose up to five different products they would like to have. The next most popular marketing product was automated (or “Drip”) eMarketing campaigns (35 percent), followed by single property websites (29 percent), a personal blog (28 percent) and video (25 percent). If you are putting together your product offerings for agents, you should be considering these items in addition to websites and IDX. RE Technology will be featuring these items in many of the eCommerce stores being launched this year for MLSs. It is interesting to note that video has fallen to 5th on this list. Blogging and Video have been the marketing darlings of the real estate industry of late. Blogging engages consumers in conversation and improves search engine optimization. Video increases consumer connections with properties and neighborhoods. The Smartphone was picked as agents’ and brokers’ current favorite technology, with a little more than half those surveyed saying it was their top choice (52 percent), followed by the iPad/tablet (26 percent), laptop/notebook/netbook (16 percent), desktop computer (5 percent) and other (1 percent). The nation’s MLS are tragically behind in supporting agnets and brokers on mobile. Perhaps this data will ring a bell. Email marketing ranked number one as the most effective marketing product used today (51 percent), followed closely by an agent website (50 percent), virtual tours (42 percent), printed postcards (36 percent) and Facebook (32 percent). MLSs do more email marketing than they think. For every 15,000 members, and MLS sends about 6 Million email alerts. Perhaps it is time to make some significant improvements in the design of these emails. Those surveyed by Imprev said the most effective marketing products […]