Inman Conference

Independent Brokers Find Their Secret Sauce

by Victor Lund on February 27, 2017

inman broker summit

Real Estate is among the most competitive industries in America. On Main Street in America, only clothing stores and restaurants have as many offerings. Although Leading Real Estate Companies of the World is the clear leader in the independent broker category; they focus primarily on the largest independent brokerage in a given community. Franchise Organizations have set their eyes on the Independent Broker for many years, offering their brand, technology services, and business guidance as reasons to give up independence and join their flock. For too many years now, the independent broker has been isolated, alone, without a family to call their own. Inman News and 1000Watt Consulting Team Up on the Indie Broker Summit On Monday, August 7th from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the San Francisco Hilton (the day before Inman Connect begins), Inman News will be preparing a special one-day seminar restricted for Indie brokers. If you have been a long time fan of Inman Connect, you may have nostalgia for the years with 1000Watt Consulting’s Brian Boero, Marc Davison, Joel Burslem, and Jessica Swesey ran the company and its conferences. For this special event, Brad Inman has put the team back together. Hot Topics for Indie Broker Summit How to attain high margins and manage like a tightwad, bumping up your cash flow How to fend off Compass, before it recruits more agents How to use the data already inside your company to be 10-times smarter than your luddite competitors How to understand new real estate models and learn to think like they do How to be the coolest real estate company in town How to compete with Opendoor, or else How to partner with Facebook, on your own How to get to know the people who will buy your company How to close 50 percent of your offices and feel no pain How to live with no middle management, and not miss anyone How to outsource everything, including yourself How to boost your valuation in five simple ways How to cultivate and support teams without creating a monster How to embrace powerful agent brands without destroying your own How to compress the transaction timeline by 30 days, without pain How to grow with half the number of agents and half the headaches How to know who is selling their house before your competitors How to level commission splits at 50 percent and get away […]