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Inside Real Estate Acquires Circlepix

by Victor Lund on February 1, 2018

Circlepix has sold everything. They operated an extensive network of photographers that they sold to VHT Studios in January. Now they have sold the rest of their company to Inside Real Estate. If you have not followed Inside Real Estate lately – pay attention. Inside Real Estate is the incredible company that recently landed Keyes – one of the largest firms in South East Florida among others. They are taking a piecemeal approach to purchasing world class software providers to complete their suite of an end-to-end solution for brokers, teams, and agents. At the heart of Inside Real Estate is Kunversion – a competitor with Commissions Inc and Boomtown. What’s different is that Commissions Inc. and Boomtown do not really have an enterprise broker solution. Inside Real Estate invested a year of development to extend the original Kunversion platform to make it a fully enterprise broker solution. For brokers looking to run significant digital marketing campaigns, you need to look at systems like Inside Real Estate. Inside Real Estate calls their broker platform KVCore. It’s great website solution for lead capture off of online media buys. Behind the lead capture, they have an impressive CRM. It does everything that other CRMs do, but is built to look fresh and impressive to agents. It is among the best broker-in-a-box solutions – broker facing website and co-branded agent websites with impressive integrations supporting SSO and Web APIs.  WAV Group has written extensively about how brokers can remargin their business by generating online leads and referring consumers to their agents for a referral fee. What is interesting about Inside Real Estate is that they are building their application stack by purchasing known companies with lots of customers. Kunversion was their first big purchase. Reimagined as a platform, KVCore provides broker website, intranet, and agent websites. It also incorporates an excellent CRM that is pretty competitive to other CRM leaders. Inside Real Estate handles digital marketing and lead capture on Social Media and other platforms as well. Inside Real Estate is integrated with around 450 of the 690 MLS markets supporting RESO certified data feeds. Their system internalizes about 85% of all listings in America. Inside Real Estate purchased an amazing company called BrokerSumo a few months ago. They have a commission accounting solution that is lighter than LoneWolf, AccountTECH, or ProfitPower – but pickup up the full accounting ledger with Quickbooks integration. With […]


SALT LAKE CITY, UT (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 10, 2016: Inside Real Estate and Kunversion announced today that they completed a transaction to combine their businesses. They will operate under the Inside Real Estate name with Kunversion becoming the brand for their marketing and sales software platform. The combined business becomes a leader in marketing and sales software for residential real estate agent teams and brokers. Kunversion brings its leading software platform and marketing solutions delivered to agent teams and brokers while Inside Real Estate adds unique capabilities for larger brokers including seamless integration with transaction systems, full marketing and sales lifecycle tracking and analytics, and other emerging enterprise features. The acquisition comes after a flurry of recent product releases from both companies, including a new CRM Mobile App, Facebook Lead-Generation tools, Advanced Lead Routing and Agent-Management capabilities and integration with other industry solutions including Dotloop, SkySlope and BrokerMint transaction management systems. Because both companies operate with common technologies, integration of their software solutions will be a seamless transition. In fact, substantial integration steps have already been completed allowing customers to begin taking advantage of the broader functionality of the combined platform. The integrated Kunversion platform will be capable of serving the unique needs of small agent teams all the way up to large, multi-region, multi-office brokers. Justin Tracy, founder of Kunversion, spoke about the combination: “We couldn’t be happier to have found a partner that has the capacity and experience to take Kunversion to heights considered unachievable by the current leadership. We now have the infrastructure and funding to not just play with the big boys, but to truly take the lead in the real estate CRM marketplace.” Mr. Tracy will be the Chief Technology Officer of the combined business. “We have a lot of respect for what the Kunversion team has accomplished,” said Inside Real Estate founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Skousen. “We’re very excited to break down barriers between smaller, limited team solutions and antiquated enterprise platforms. We are aggressively bringing teams, brokerages and enterprise companies the strongest, most integrated solution on the market.” The combined leadership team will be headed by Chief Executive Officer, Ned Stringham. Stringham has a strong track record of successfully building sales, marketing and cloud-based software businesses and also acts as an Operating Partner of NexPhase Capital as well as being the principal owner of 42 Ventures which has been successfully investing in […]