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Brokers Welcome

by David Gumpper on May 14, 2018

Brokers Welcome at RESO

When I was a young kid traveling in the car with my family, I would always see these signs “Truckers Welcome”. I didn’t understand why there was this special invitation to truckers. Wouldn’t everyone be welcome?

As I grew older, I quickly realized the sign was to inform truckers there was ample parking space for their large rigs. Truckers had a big use case! As a trucker, if I wanted to visit a diner for a nice sit-down warm meal, I must have space large enough to safely park my rig.

Diners caught on fast to this requirement and realized they could enjoy the revenue by creating a space for them to park. Once the parking problem was solved, they needed a method to entice truckers to use their parking and stop for a meal. Therefore, the signs!


Quarterbacking the adoption of the RESO Data Dictionary

by Marilyn Wilson on October 8, 2015

An inside look with the Workgroup’s Chair, Rob Larson of CRMLS By Jeremy Crawford He’s at the helm of what has been hailed as real estate’s “Rosetta Stone.” Rob Larson, the Chief Information Officer of the nation’s largest Multiple Listing Service, CRMLS, chairs the RESO Data Dictionary Workgroup. The Workgroup is responsible for the real estate industry’s new and growing set of property data listing standards, which is quickly approaching the NAR mandated deadline of January 1, 2016 for Data Dictionary adoption. Larson and CRMLS are testaments to the old adage “Practice what you preach.” At CRMLS, Rob has lead a holistic Data Dictionary effort – called Data Dictionary Plus – that not only deploys the required Data Dictionary core property data fields (161), but CRMLS is converting all fields whose definition matches an entry in the Data Dictionary. Larson also notes there are additional fields in his MLS system that are not in the RESO Dictionary, but is renaming those fields to match the Data Dictionary naming conventions. Following the naming convention on non-required fields is Larson’s “Plus”, but it is not a RESO requirement. RESO Data Dictionary Certification has several levels of Certification. Today, the focus is on the mandate – Core Certification – yet MLS firms also can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and the highest level, Platinum Certification. Once CRMLS is Data Dictionary certified, they will have leapfrogged to achieve Platinum Certification, joining MetroList in Sacramento, which is already Platinum Certified. Though Larson admits, “implementing the platinum level dictionary not only in RETS, but all the way back into our MLS system will be a challenge.” “When I started the Dictionary, I included the concept of adopting the Dictionary, not just in the RETS interface, but in the MLS Input, Search and Display as well. From the get-go I felt this was the right course of action because I believe in a consistent experience for my members and their clients,” Larson says. He explains, “Application vendors who use RETS are inevitably going to have their search and display mirror the fields they see coming from RETS. By taking the unrequired step of adopting the Dictionary in your MLS system, you’ll standardize the members experience as they use the variety of software options available today.” Larson points to the fact that MLS members are accessing MLS data in a lot more places than just through their MLS system; […]


RESO Announces Executive Director

by THE WAV GROUP on April 15, 2015

Jeremy Crawford joins RESO from MLSListings, where he has been Chief Operating Officer since 2012. He was responsible for all aspects of Enterprise Information Technology, including infrastructure, design, development, implementation, and management for MLSListings, Inc. Crawford has more than 15 years of information technology experience in the real estate, financial services and education sectors. Since 2013, he has served on the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Standards Organization. Crawford also serves on the DocuSign Executive Advisory Council, the Interop Advisory Board, and is the lead for the Council of MLS technology sub-council.  Crawford was awarded San Diego’s Information Technology Executive of the Year in 2010 and holds a B.S. degree in computer science from East Tennessee State University. Mark Lesswing, RESO Board Chair stated:  “Speaking on behalf of the RESO Board of Directors, we are thrilled that Mr. Crawford has agreed to join RESO as our new Executive Director. Jeremy has both the required skills and knowledge for the position as has been an active leader in the standards communities for many years. The next era of RESO is upon us.” “Over the past fifteen years, RESO has successfully driven the creation and adoption of standards for real estate data, proactively driving efficiency and low cost technology innovation using MLS data.  With the game-changing launch of Data Dictionary and API standards alongside a formal certification program in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® policy, RESO continues to establish significant standards breakthroughs, directly contributing to the business and technology needs of all industry stakeholders,” Crawford states. “RESO’s current executive director, Robert Gottesman, has led the organization far beyond expectations and has paved the way for standards adoption nationwide,” he adds.  “As the next executive director of RESO, I am excited for the opportunity to build on his success with an immediate focus on fostering standards creation, implementation, adoption, and certification, and a long-term goal of national data standards and industry collaboration across all aspects of real estate data.” Crawford will begin his new role April 27. Current Executive Director Gottesman will continue during the transition until mid-May. The Board of Directors thanks Gottesman for his excellent service and numerous contributions to the industry during his tenure.


Non Dues Revenue for MLS

by Victor Lund on February 6, 2012

Webinar - non dues revenue

WAV Group Webinar Feb 15th at 10:00am PST   This WAV Group webinar will focus on a panel discussion about the topic of non-dues revenue. Numerous MLSs around the country have launched or are in the process of launching these programs to provide lower cost business solutions to MLS subscribers. According to the recent CMLS survey – 54% of today’s MLSs offer some form of non-dues revenue. “These companies are pushing the boundaries of their non-dues revenue programs,” says Marilyn Wilson, WAV Group Partner. Topic: Why MLSs pursue non-dues revenue Different options for generating non-dues revenue How it is positioned to their Board of Directors and members How to measure success Panelists: Victor Lund – Founding Partner of WAV Group John Heithaus – Chief Marketing Officer at MRIS Jeremy Crawford – Chief Operating Officer at Prem Luthra – Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at Real Estate Digital Melissa Olson – Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales at Metrolist Colorado Travis Huch, Western Area Regional Director at Zuora Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Time: 10:00am – 11:00am PST Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

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