MFRMLS Launches New Consumer Website

by Victor Lund on March 9, 2017

My Florida Regional MLS (MFRMLS) is one of the five largest MLS companies in America with more than 50,000 subscribers serving the central Florida region, including major US cities of Orlando and Tampa. They have operated an MLS consumer facing website since 2008 at . In an effort to improve the effectiveness of their consumer site as a subscriber benefit under NAR’s basic service guidelines, they have launched an entirely new site at When large MLSs launch consumer facing websites, WAV Group examines the strategy to observe best practices that other MLSs may learn from. There are a number of keynotes to this new site that should not go unrecognized by MLSs who are considering a new site or the relaunch of their existing site. Name Change Changing the name of your website is no easy consideration. There are benefits to maintaining an established online URL that include name recognition and search engine optimization. The old brand of My Florida Homes MLS was certainly a long brand, but it did a very good job of stuffing many SEO rich keywords into the URL. The new brand was contrived through a process of crowd sourcing possible names from leaders and subscribers to the MLS. Each name was evaluated for its domain name availability and social media name availability. In the end, the shorter name of State 27 Homes was established to recognize that Florida is the 27th State in the Union. It lacks the MLS keyword that consumers know and trust, but their communication plan around the brand compensates for that. The Transition MFRMLS made an important decision in the conversion. The old site had some very important features that made it effective. Principally, the old site was constructed with a purposeful intent to allow the site to be completely branded as an agent’s IDX website. Since 2008, every MLS subscriber has been provided with a personal URL, like Agents have long been able to provide that URL to their clients. Registered clients have been able to search the entire site and have all communications and leads from that personal URL go explicitly to them. Agents have tens of thousands of consumers registered to their personal URLs on the old site, with lots of saved searches and daily notifications. To abandon the old site could have been very disruptive to the relationship between the agents and their registered […]