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For years now our industry has talked about how mobile devices will soon be the primary device used by agents in their day-to-day business.   We have been waiting for our MLS vendors to introduce cutting edge mobile products that would allow this vision of our future to become real.  Advances in mobile are coming, however, not all MLS vendors have kept pace  There has been progress and some solutions are better than others but the reality is, because MLS vendors were slow to provide really compelling mobile solutions, 3rd party mobile vendors saw an opportunity and filled the void.  It is very similar to the situation we saw in 2005 when Zillow n Truila recognized a huge consumer need with the realization that organized real estate wasn’t doing anything to fulfill it.  Today those 3rd party vendors own that space.  The same thing may be happening with mobile today and MLSs that are looking at upgrading their MLS systems are wise to evaluate all mobile options not just the ones offered by their chosen MLS vendor. Tip #1.Understand the differences in mobile products being offered, namely the difference between Native Apps and Mobile Web Apps. Types of Mobile Products There are basically two types of mobile products you should be aware of.  Both are defined below from an article by that discusses the differences of mobile web products vs. native mobile apps. 1.Mobile Web Products A mobile web app, or browser application, is one in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the web each time it is run.  It can usually be accessed from all Web-capable mobile devices.  This is the same as accessing any program from the browser on your PC or Mac. 2.Native Mobile Apps A native app as one that is specifically designed to run on a device’s operating system and machine firmware, and typically needs to be adapted for different devices.  For instance, a native application developed for the iPhone will need to run on its proprietary iOS platform, or on Symbian for many Nokia devices, and so forth. These are apps like Angry Birds and Evernote.  They are downloaded from an app store and are designed for a particular operating system. What’s the difference between Mobile Web Apps and Native Apps? Native apps are designed to work with each specific device they run on and as a result have […]