offer runway

ZipLogix® has long been a provider of electronic forms software. They led the migration of processing transactions from paper to online with the launch of their zipForm® software and have opened up a huge opportunity for innovation, risk reduction and efficiency. zipLogix® is on a roll. They are forging tons of partnerships with companies that provide other valuable parts of managing the real estate transaction. The Ultimate Goal? Looks like a path to truly create a seamless, paperless transaction. Way to go zipLogix® – we at WAV Group have been asking for this type of integration for years! We wrote a paper called Brokerage Technology – An Industry Needing Backbone back in 2010 and then another called The Shift in Real Estate Technology  highlighting the need to make it easier for brokers to conduct business. We’re glad to see that industry technology integration is finally starting to happen in a meaningful way! With previous partnerships, zipLogix was able to create a simple way to complete forms online and signs form online with their partnerships with Digital Ink and Docusign.  Last month they announced a partnership with BackAgent. BackAgent offers a variety of brokerage solutions that streamlines the back office workflow. Brokers easily monitor and manage agent transactions while providing structure and guidance for their entire office. Today, zipLogix announced a new partnership that helps reduce the hassle, risk and inefficiencies from the offer management process. Their partnership with “will give zipLogix users the ability to track the entire history of their offers on a real estate transaction and share it with their broker all with the click of a mouse button,” said John Murray, president and CTO of Realty Pilot, creator of Offer Runway and the #1 team three years in a row according to the REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal’s number one broker team. “Both agents and their brokers will have access to the completed offer files in the most secure and reliable real estate platform available.” I love it when I see smart partnerships being formed to make the process of selling real estate more efficient.  It’s great when one of the industry leaders like zipLogix take it upon themselves to solve important issues and help brokers connect the dots between many technologies that can help them.  It’s time that we find ways to work together for the benefit of everyone in the industry. According to Walt McDonald, […]