Rapattoni Magic

Rapattoni has been the leader in Association Management Software (AMS) for decades. Historically an Association would host the Rapattoni solution, called Magic™, on hardware owned and maintained by the Association of REALTORS®. Associations did a pretty decent job of hosting, but managing hardware servers and security has become increasingly complex and expensive. One software that you need and wont be disappointed in is the file recovery software. Dallas based MetroTex Association of REALTORS® with 15,000 members was among the first group of five Associations to move to the new hosted solution. The new service maintains the name Rapattoni Magic, but adds the tag, Cloud AMS. Press Release Follows SIMI VALLEY, Calif., August 19, 2015 – Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni) announced today that the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® (MetroTex), located in Dallas, Texas, has migrated to Rapattoni’s Hosted Magic Association Management Software (AMS) service. MetroTex currently serves approximately 15,000 members throughout Dallas and North Texas. MetroTex has been using the Rapattoni AMS product for twenty-nine years, since 1986, and they are now the fifth Rapattoni customer to move to the new Hosted Magic AMS service. Rapattoni’s hosting service relieves real estate associations of server hardware costs and expensive software licensing for their AMS systems. With robust hosting at Rapattoni’s state-of-the-art data center, the service includes managed database backups, automatic Magic maintenance upgrades, and monitored scheduler service, as well as a hosted email server for Magic’s integrated communication features. Customers that use Rapattoni’s Internet Member Services (IMS) module also receive monitored uptime for their hosted IMS site. In addition to offering Hosted Magic AMS to customers, Rapattoni is currently developing Rapattoni Magic – Cloud AMS as the next generation of its industry- leading association management software. Cloud AMS will deliver a redesigned interface and a wide range of new features, including an export builder, Invoice Cloud payment portal integration, portability for selected features on iOS and Android, and a quick menu search for faster navigation. Rapattoni is scheduled to demo the new Cloud AMS system at the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) Conference in October and at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo in November. “Our Hosted Magic AMS service lets associations run the industry’s most sophisticated AMS package without the burden of expensive server hardware, maintenance, and additional software licensing fees,” said Marc Werber, Director of AMS Software at Rapattoni. “It’s an ideal solution for associations of all sizes.” Ginny Haralson, Assistant […]