WAVes of Change Award

We love to see consolidation success stories. It can be SO difficult to bring neighboring associations together.   We had the pleasure of interviewing Dionna Hall to describe the merger in South Florida that resulted in created the 3rd largest real estate Association in America with 30,000 members.   We were so impressed with this effort that we awarded the organization with our first ever WAVES of Change Award! Here’s how will this consolidation help brokers and agents in South Florida. Front end of choice Members of the newly formed organization will have a choice of TWO MLS systems giving them more flexibility and ways to serve their clients. One set of rules and regulations Brokers will now benefit from one set of rules and regulations making it easier to train all agents to submit and update their listings correctly. One data feed for IDX on brokers; expanded listing exposure South Florida listings will have a ton more exposure now because 30,000 agents will now be able to promote their listings to a lot more prospects.  More influential political mass With advocacy, there is strength in numbers.  South Florida’s advocacy efforts will now benefit from a much larger political force. Smaller regional boards for local representation Interestingly the organization is creating smaller regional boards to screen local candidates and provide input into the overall operation. Check out this exciting video with Dionna to learn all about how they achieved this great program! 


Consolidation of Associations of Realtors® and Multiple Listing Organizations has been the chapter and verse of our industry over the past few years. If we all learned anything during the recession it is that the organizations that support Realtors® need to deliver a higher bar of services. WAV Group is excited to share the announcement of collaboration between two of Americas great Association Boards who have come together to form a more perfect union. The State of Florida is one of America’s great Realtor® chapters. Along with New York, Texas, and California they boast one of the highest member counts. The Miami Association of Realtors® is the largest Association in America, followed by the Houston Association.  This merger appears to bump the Long Island board down a notch by a narrow margin (around 2000 if my count is right). This merger combines the MLS and the Associations of Ft. Lauderdale and the Realtors® Association of the Palm Beaches and covers a four county region along the east coast of Florida stretching north from Miami. The cornerstone of this consolidation is a result of the hard work of the staff and the volunteer leadership. The forward thinking leadership of the board presidents along with the capable and progressive attitudes of CEOs Dionna Hall and Rick Barkett pulled this merger together. Mr. Barkett will be retiring at the end of the year, culminating the career of one of our industry’s greatest CEOs. Hall will helm the new organization. The new company will be named Realtors® of the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale. The new company will be offering an MLS service that covers the four county area with a front end website of choice using either FBS Flex MLS (current vendor for Palm Beaches) or CoreLogic Matrix (current vendor for Fort Lauderdale). In re-imagining how they will operate the Association of this size over such a large geography, they have established 5 regional boards, each of which has 10 regional volunteer leaders. It will keep policy-making local, training local, government affairs local, etc. On top of that local dedication will be the wider, all encompassing service delivery that a membership and subscriber base of more than 30,000 Realtors®. According to David Charron, Chief Strategist for the Bright MLS consolidation says “services get better and less expensive when you scale over 30,000.  Importantly I admire their decision to create both the local […]

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