WAV Group partner Victor Lund will be attending the Swanepoel T3 Summit in Las Vegas April 8th-10th. He will be giving a presentation entitled, “The Perspective of a Consultant.” Our firm is honored to be invited to this conference, which has quickly evolved into one of the most valuable conferences for CEOs in our industry to discuss big issues and opportunities for real estate. T3 is the flag that represents the three areas that the conference aims to deliver for attendees: Transcend, Transform, Thrive. What to expect Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow Group, will be sharing his thoughts on the future of our industry and the role that portals can have in supporting the industry and consumers. Zillow Group engages more consumers in real estate than any other entity and they are always willing to share their best practices that have driven their success. Alex Perriello, CEO of Realogy Franchise Group, will share his perspective as the world’s largest real estate franchise organization. His expertise operating differentiated consumer brands and the enterprise organizations that support those brands is beyond comparison. Ryan O’Hara will be introduced as the new CEO of MOVE – operators of Realtor.com. I was able to meet Mr. O’Hara at Inman Connect in New York City in January. I look forward to hearing his perspective now that he has been in office almost 100 days. Organizations take on the personality of their leaders, and I am excited to get a feel for the future of MOVE with him at the helm. Dale Stinton, CEO of NAR, is leading the largest trade organization in America. The success of NAR has always been driven by evolution of the value proposition that REALTORS® receive. Mr. Stinton will be providing the T3 Summit an exclusive overview and background to a huge new study and report they will be releasing in Washington in May. Helen Hanna Casey, President of Hanna Holdings, is one of the fastest growing large independent firms in America today – representing a full service firm with diversified business holdings in residential real estate, commercial real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, and property management. She has always been among the greatest supporters of our industry and sharpest critics. Few executives in our industry have as much experience in operating comprehensive and holistic service companies at the scale of Howard Hanna. Pamela O’Connor, CEO of the Leading Real Estate Companies of […]


Swanepoel Trends Report Book Review

by Victor Lund on February 4, 2014

If you buy one book this year, make it the Swanepoel Trends Report. It is excellent. Swanepoel took a different approach to his annual report this year and its brilliant. Swanepoel outlines 10 topics and invites industry leaders to write a page or two about their impression. At the end of the chapter he wraps it all up into a summary. Gary Keller on Change and Innovation states that there ”is a battle over who will provide the public with their listing data….brokerages are beginning to realize that if they don’t step up and become the solution they will at some point become expendable.” Followed by Brad Inman “From the bottom, brokers are being squeezed by the growing independence of tech savvy real estate agents….and by portals that control the consumer relationship.” The tonality throughout the book indicated that, by all extents and purposes, the biggest sector of the real estate industry that is likely to change or become extinct is the broker. The chief reason is mostly technology and marketing. Portals, Franchises, MLSs, and even Associations of REALTORS® are providing products and marketing that make the broker less relevant. Budge Huskey has a quote that pulls the entire Trends Report together when he says “historic swim lanes in the real estate pool are increasingly being ignored as others jump in.” Alas, all is not lost, we hear from great leaders like Gino Blefari, Cameron Merage, Harold Crye, and Helen Hanna Casey about how brokers will lead the industry forward. Brokers must step up to serve the agent and consumer better – and they must fight back to keep people in their swim lanes – especially those entities that seek to replace the broker role using broker data. Ian Morris sums up the broker strategy nicely by acknowledging that “brokerage companies who have chosen to provide tools for their agents…..are…providing multi-platform innovation.” The second most obvious tone of the book is focused on the resistance of smaller Associations and MLSs to consolidate. Dale Stinton recognizes this, and articulates the problem nicely. There is also an impassioned plea of support from Bob Moline of HomeServices of America. Perhaps my favorite page in the book comes from Kevin McQueen who outlines the solution – we must detach the Association Membership from the MLS. There are some key insights offered around the role of the portal in real estate. To be sure, Zillow, […]