The Enterprise Network

We have been talking about mobile in real estate for far too long now. Two years ago Trulia, Zillow, and all announced that mobile was passing other methods of accessing their site. As brokers began to adopt mobile solutions, the debate about mobile browser vs. mobile app went on for an eternity until everyone put down their guns and agreed that the answer is both. One of the broker website service providers that we have been tracking is Booj or The Enterprise Network. They offer a good benchmark because of their unique client base. If you are not familiar, here is the scoop. The Enterprise Network only works with one broker in any given market. As a researcher, this eliminates the network effect that can often happen when a mobile solution is adopted by many firms in a given area. No franchise means that the brokerage is standing on their own brand to drive awareness and adoption of mobile. Many franchise organizations drive mobile adoption in local markets, ie. Century 21 Hometown Realty gets all of the mobile traffic in their area for Century 21. The Enterprise Network is geographically diverse. They cover the major market centers across America, mitigating geographic bias. I think that they have 32 brokerages across the nation representing 15,000 agents. Again, the average size of the brokerage is somewhat in the middle or “lower upper” in terms of agent count. Huge firms like Wiechert, Howard Hanna, Long and Foster, and the like can distort research. Desktop browsers are dying in Real Estate Search Having said all of that, it is significant to note that in March of 2015, mobile visitors to their mobile browser exceeded 50% of the total traffic to their customer websites. Desktop browsers are becoming the nursing homes of real estate search. It’s for old people who are not mobile enthusiasts. Think Mobile First The founders of the Broker Public Portal are hell bent on developing the website to be mobile first. This is a model that we expect to prevail in real estate. Last year, most brokerages looked at products on desktop browsers first, then took a look at the mobile solutions to “see if they were o.k.” That is all changing now. It’s a new day whereby if you do not focus on mobile first, you are likely to be investing in technology that is not long for the […]