The Powerful Magic of Telling Your Story via Video

by Marilyn Wilson on March 26, 2015

Sometimes your children really can teach you meaningful things about how to be more successful in your life. In our case the lesson of the power of telling your story via video came from our daughter Alexandra AKA “Sparkles” Lund. As many of you know “Sparkles” is engaged in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. About four months ago, she set out on a path to build her following among casting directors, agents, choreographers and producers. She deployed three powerful tools. First, she blogs regularly so her voice is being heard. Second, she creates “vlogs” or video stories talking about stretching, interviews with famous choreographers and dance clips from her many dance events. Third, she is working with an amazing video production team that has brought her to talent to the forefront by choreographing “concept videos” that tell the story of the song through dance. Back when we began this adventure in November last year she had just 140 subscribers on her YouTube channel, many of which were our friends in the real estate industry! Today, just four months later, she has nearly 3,000 subscribers, an increase of over 2000% and nearly 350,000 views of her video stories. One of her dance concept videos has nearly 70,000 views and grows every day!  The other good news?   Views on all of her videos increase every time she launches a new one. Why do I tell you all of this? Of course, I’m a proud mom, but more than that I have an insatiable appetite for finding better ways to find marketing tools that break through to customers. Since she has begun this work, we have brought the video idea to our business and to several of our customers. Our video production team has a depth of experience with corporate work like McDonald’s and Walgreens commercials as well as compelling TV like Mythbusters. They bring the innovation that comes from working in the entertainment industry to corporate work. That’s what makes their videos so engaging. One of our MLS Clients, TheMLS located in the Beverly Hills/Malibu area is expanding its footprint by partnering with neighboring MLSs to offer them their proprietary MLS system. They have extremely satisfied customers, which I have written about before. What’s their secret sauce? Customer Service. So what’s the best way to talk about the quality of a company’s customer support: Their customers of course. WAV Group partnered […]

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