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WAV Group will be hosting a free informational webinar next Tuesday 2nd May at 10am PST (register here) to provide information about the new offer from This Old House to allow brokerage firms to display their award winning video content at no charge. Brokers have been benefiting from video publishing on their listing pages and community pages for years – but the process of getting fresh, high production quality video has been painful and expensive. This Old House is seeking to drive video views on their content and is partnering with brokers to achieve that objective. It’s great for brokers and helpful to This Old House – a true win-win collaboration. You are likely to be familiar with This Old House – but here is a primer if you are not. With over 35 years of house and home content, This Old House launched the genre 36 years ago. The crew continues to share their expertise and sense of humor with homeowners as they guide the transformation of two diamonds in the rough. This Old House is proud to present our new Real Estate Network, an exciting and efficient way for real estate publishers to leverage the 35+ year content library of TOH to better engage consumers, keep them on your site longer, increase repeat visits, generate more leads and develop incremental revenue. Panel: Victor Lund Victor Lund is a founding partner of WAV Group and CEO of RE Technology. For more than a decade, Lund has provided research, strategic planning and analyst services to MLSs, large brokerages, technology firms, and investment banks. He is a published author of an body of work that understands the role of technology in real estate. Lund is currently providing services to two key industry wide projects – Project Upstream and the National Broker Public Portal April Chaffee April Chaffee is the General Manager of the This Old House Real Estate Network. Prior to joining This Old House, April began her online advertising career 16 years ago with Homestore (Move Inc.) where she started as a Media Planner, working hands on with the National and Local Sales Team. She also worked for many other real estate related companies such as RealtyTrac, where she handled all large, strategic partnerships including Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL. A large part of her career was helping to build REALM, the first Real Estate Vertical Ad Network.   Prem Luthra Prem Luthra is a […]



In a press release today, Prem Luthra of Elm Street Technology unveiled his latest venture, a partnership with This Old House. You may know Prem from his work in marketing at MOVE, Cyberhomes, Real Estate Digital, Xome, and the like. One of his primary and lasting impacts to the real estate industry was the innovation around helping brokers and MLSs monetize the consumer traffic on their website. Real Estate content around listings has been pretty lack luster from the perspective of the consumer on most broker, agent, and MLS consumer facing websites. Simply stated, firms have lacked the internal resources to develop content that consumers love. This Old House has been a category leader in this area, dominating television ratings for decades. The national underwriting for the content has been powered by advertising sponsorship by GMAC, The Home Depot, State Farm Insurance, Lumber Liquidators, and many others. “The simple premise of advertisers trying to reach homebuyers has not waned,” says Luthra. Advertisers understand that the consumer most likely to be an active purchaser of home improvement products is the home buyer and home seller. Many brokerage and MLS sites have enjoyed significant revenue from advertising partnerships. The industry has learned that belly fat ads from networks like Google do not pay much and diminish the consumer experience on their site. Advertising through the This Old House program are contextual and valuable to the consumer. According to a national research release from Home Advisor, consumers spend between $6000 and $8000 on home improvement when they move ( At a rate of more than 5.5 Million homes traded each year, this totals an enormous addressable market for companies offering home improvement products. But this partnership with This Old House extends beyond advertising revenue for brokers and other property search sites. The consumer audience has long adored and respected the This Old House brand, and now brokers will be able to align their brand with This Old House, and their 62 Million monthly viewers. Many brokerages have benefitted from brand alliances over the years. Firms like Hunt Real Estate and Windermere have had a lot of success with NFL team relationships. The good news here is that the This Old House content has a more promising contextual relationship with home buying and selling. Brokers will be able to publish from the vast library of This Old House library programming. We forecast that consumers […]