Video Marketing – Becoming Mainstream

by Marilyn Wilson on May 7, 2014

With all the marketing tools at your disposable, what should you use to stand out from the competition? Staying ahead of the curve allows you to maximize your marketing ROI and attract new clients. We are all looking for the secret sauce – the way to differentiate our business from the pack and gain a strong leadership position that none of our competitors will ever be able to match. While we can dream, we can never realize this goal unless we continually look for ways to re-invent our business. To be a star in real estate, we always need to be evolving to stay ahead of the competition.  If we simply rely on using the same tools and processes we always have used in the past, our chances of becoming a star are pretty limited. If you take nothing else away from this paper, learn from one of the greatest life coaches of all – Stephen Covey. He said, “Whatever you focus on you will get.”  If we simply focus on the day-to-day issues and never step back and look for big leaps of innovation and breakthrough thinking, our business will never change. In fact, it will probably continue to weaken over time. So, if you want to grow your business and improve your position in the market in 2014 you should read on. WAV Group recently published a paper called Video Marketing: The Secret to More Effective Lead Generation. This paper outlines a simple but extremely important trend you must address in your business if you are going to be successful over the long run.  You must tap into a very important consumer behavior that grows exponentially every year – watching videos. It’s so simple yet so foreign to many in the real estate business. It’s time to start engaging and captivating your audience with video – they are waiting for it. Did you know that 89 million people today in the United States are going to watch 1.2 billion online videos (ComScore)? That’s nearly 1 in 3 people in the United States. In case you haven’t built a mobile strategy yet, here’s a fact that should open up your eyes. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and up to 69% of traffic on certain networks (Bytemobile Mobile Analytics Report). Want your property marketing to go viral? Video is a great way to get lots […]


1 plus 1 Equals Video

by Victor Lund on August 1, 2013

Doing research like our 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study (BWES) helps WAV Group identify and measure a multitude of strategies that brokers may deploy to improve their online performance. One key trend today that is working very well is video. I am not sure how long video will help brokers gain an edge, but today it works. Some of the facts we gathered in the BWES included that Google is the #1 search engine by a significant margin, capturing 75% of all search traffic (see image) If you combine the predominance Google with an understanding of how search results are displayed, you recognize that for every keyword search, Google attempts to display a video search result above the page on the first page of results (see image insert). This has been a keynote strategy that we have long appreciated with virtual tours. Today, virtual tours by most vendors are automated. They rely on data feeds from the MLS or Listhub to acquire the data ingredients, including photos that are stitched together, price, description, etc. In many ways, the information found on a virtual tour webpage today is a comprehensive IDX display. Turn every virtual tour into a video and leverage it! Here are 4 tips for your virtual tour solution. Dynamically publish the tours to Facebook, Twitter, and to YouTube. Do not let your virtual tour provider syndicate Include the virtual tour link in your Listhub, Point2, or other broker listing feed to portals. Make sure that the URL of the virtual tour (both branded and unbranded) resolves on your domain name address rather than on the virtual tour provider’s domain name (By the way, realbiz360 constructs the domain names correctly – do not infer anything from the example). New thinking: 1 plus 1 equals video If consumers like video and google indexes video, why aren’t brokers converting every MLS listing to video? A progressive IDX solution should display video rather than images – or both. Here is another hidden benefit. Video cannot be scraped. That means that a broker’s data would be protected. About the Author Victor Lund is a founding partner of WAV Group Consulting along with Marilyn Wilson and Mike Audet. WAV Group provides strategic business consulting services to enterprise real estate brokerages, Multiple Listing Service providers, REALTOR® Associations, and real estate technology companies. Victor Lund is also the Chief Executive Officer of, the […]