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Midyear Broker Website Benchmarks

by Victor Lund on September 11, 2014

WAV Group just completed providing our broker clients with a review of their Google Analytics for September. Something rather remarkable happened this month that has confirmed a strategy that we have long suspected, but have not had enough data to confirm. Virtual Tour Videos Drive More Traffic Than Listing Syndication on Broker Websites. Quite a number of WAV Group broker clients have been publishing automated virtual tours to YouTube for a few years now. They are using vendors like Property Panorama, RealBiz, Virtual Tour Café, Imprev, VHT or some other solution. We do not endorse any product over another, but encourage brokers to chose a vendor based on product design, customer service, and cost. The product that tickles one broker and not another is a space that I do not fully understand. They all work as far as we are concerned. Customer service and cost are our key considerations. Through August of this year, brokers who have been publishing all of their listings to YouTube have seen that traffic volume grow to 5th or 6th in their overall ranking of traffic-by-traffic-source.  For most brokers – Direct or None is the top referrer. This means that Google Analytics could not track the referring website or the user typed in the domain name – ie Also at the top is Google. The Google Search result is important for two reasons. First, more consumers use Google than any other search engine. Second, Google displays YouTube results in the search results above the fold. Meaning that the video gets great SEO – usually better than the broker’s listing detail page. This is the driving force behind the strategy of publishing virtual tours on every company listing. A small handful of brokers are creating virtual tours on every IDX listing – but I am not sure that is IDX compliant – so I would not endorse that without discussing it with the MLS first. Some say its ok, others say its not. There is no clear rule. Below Google and Direct traffic come the other search engines. Bing has passed Yahoo in most markets. For some reason, AOL is very popular in the eastern United States. As we have noted before, Bing and Yahoo traffic have more value. The time on site and page views per visit are higher for those search engines – generating more leads and indicating that PPC campaigns may be […]

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RE Technology’s Top 5 Articles of the Week

by Victor Lund on September 23, 2013

Does Your Website Capture Leads or Let Them Get Away? Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle of online advertising. If your website does not convert even the highest quality visitors to leads, your online lead generation efforts are doomed to failure. Your website needs to both engage your visitors with the information they are looking for and ask for their contact information so you can reach out and turn them into clients.  5 Reasons to Use a Virtual Tour In conversation with Tim Denbo of VirtualTourCafe, we asked a simple question: “Why should agents create a virtual tour for heir listings?” Tim obliged with a compelling list of substantive reasons. If you’re not using a virtual tour solution, here are five reasons you may want to reconsider. PPC – Overlooked and Underrated When you talk to real estate professionals or business owners who have been unsuccessful with PPC, they usually say something like “it cost a lot of money and I didn’t have good results or generate leads.” They’re not inaccurate, just uneducated in how to do PPC right, and one other very important bit of information. They’re not aware of Google’s Ad Quality Scoring and how it changes everything. E-Marketing 101 If you asked agents a decade or so ago, most would likely say e-marketing meant somehow placing your listing on a silly thing called the Internet. Just five short years ago, many agents wouldn’t know what a text message was. Yet now, we can’t imagine leaving the house without our smartphone. Checklist: Are You Using These Tools for Customer Service? Our business is all about referrals, and gaining referrals is all about providing optimal customer service. I’ve talked to David Lester of Sequent Systems, an efficiency expert of sorts to get his top tools for customer service – and I’ve compiled them into a checklist so you can see how well your practice measures up.